Target Reviews Australia 2023 - Our Verdict

Target is more than just the world's largest retail corporation. It is an economic force with a competitive chain of stores in the world. To know more about this store. Find out through our phenomenal eye-opening review that will tell you it’s key to success.

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Target Reviews Australia 2023 - Our Verdict

Target always strives to make shopping experiences better. But do you know the brand lacks in offering good customer service? Our verdict is based on personal experiences & other online Target reviews. 

Target reviews are everywhere on the web. We have researched many sites and tested a few products to experience the quality, customer service, delivery, and other fine points of shopping at Target. 

Target has taken retail shopping to another level. Here people can buy anything on a shoestring budget. 

From baby diapers to outdoor goods, the choices are endless. But, with some benefits, there are a few pitfalls that you can’t overlook. 

Since we've read many target online reviews, so we decided to experience everything firsthand. 

Without squander any further ado, let’s delve into our impartial review.

About Target: 


Target is the 8th largest retailer with numerous chains of stores located in almost every state of America. It has more than 1,800 physical stores currently working in the US. 

It’s extremely noteworthy and has everything in stock that a family may need; from average vendors to top-notch brands, there is a big list of products. 

Target is even ranked as No.37 on the 2020 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. 

Moreover, the hypermarket, super target, and small-format stores were previously named City target and target express before they were consolidated under the Target branding.

Moreover, if you’re a Target lover and want to know more, read target store reviews and make some substantial life-changing decisions. 

Critique rating & perspective:

During our survey, we observed certain positive and negative things about Target. So, we thought to share it with our beloved readers. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed after reading our comprehensive target review.

Excellent User Experience

The best thing about Target is its online shopping hub; it’s the website. The page speed is quite fast, and the design of the site is simple and straightforward. Our experience with its website was neat. However, if you plan to browse it from your mobile phone using the Target app, we guarantee you that it’s going to be even better.


After observing a lot of target delivery reviews, we analyzed that target provides several delivery options. You can either enjoy the same day delivery or demand a pickup of the product from the store. You can either wait for regular shipping or next day delivery. Simultaneously, the standard shipping offered by the store is free and takes around 2 business days.

Product information: 

You can review that Target tried to provide the most. However, yet still, much of the product information isn’t available. But, if you contact their customer service team and ask them for help with the manufacturer's required information. They are going to do it for you.

Product images:

They have plenty of options available for review for its loyal customers, which becomes quite convenient to see the products from every angle and make the best decision. Besides, they even have added videos to the gallery section for a better view.

Customer support:

While exploring customer service reviews, we figured out that its customer support team is sadly a bit lazy when it comes to resolving issues. On the other hand in case of emergency, the team usually hand you a different number and email so that you can connect to another specialist and concern them regarding your problems.


The store does not state anything about a warranty on its product page. So you have to double-check with the store while purchasing.  

Returns & Refunds:

Our target Australia reviews clarify that customers only get 90 days to return any used or damaged item. Suppose you plan to refund or exchange a particular product. To return, you need to follow specific steps. Moreover, the store has all the rights reserved to cancel the return and refund if it does not meet the requirements. 

Discounts / coupons: 

This giant store also has other sales and offers to go throughout the year. You can easily hunt down other discount codes and vouchers in store. Besides, you can also regularly check coupon sites for target coupon code Australia for deals and discounts 

Payment options:

They also accept payments through visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Zip, and has its gift card too.

Highlights of the Customers’ favorites: 

Furthermore, in Target reviews, you will find all the possible aspect that will help you grab more exciting benefits:

Target RED Card:


Since it’s a mass-market, it even offers a Red card to its customers. This gift helps you get a 5% discount on your purchases. This red card has no annual fees for debit or credit cardholders. By using this card, you can also get an opportunity to increase your return days. For instance, you get the usual 90 days return, but you can get up to 120 days by using this card, which means extra 30 days to return your item. Along with two days of free shipping on

Gift Card:


Target gift cards are available in both digitals as well as plastic. And you can get this at the various price range. Moreover, this gift card has no activation or subscription fees. And by using this card, you can quickly rack up many dollars’ worth of saving on each purchase. 

Target circle offer:


Another exciting feature is the circle offers. It requires no membership fees. Besides, you get free next day shipping if your order is above $35. We also discovered that using this feature. You can grab 1% return on every purchase and a 5% reward discount on a shopping trip around your birthday.

A diverse range of elite & chic products:


We just wanted to highlight some more unique features in this target Australia reviews. So we opened and explored each category. It wide broad categories included the following that is listed below:

  • Christmas 
  • Better buys
  • Women
  • Men
  • Kids
  • Baby
  • Home 
  • Toys 
  • Entertainment

Our experience with each category was quite smoothing. It felt like there’s a separate website inside a website. After landing in its categories, we were bombarded with deals &offers and exclusive subcategories. 

We found almost everything in these sections, from sofas to tables, clothing to accessories, kitchen appliances to electronics, toys to Christmas decorations, and much more. All of the products were at reasonable prices. 

Smashing Mobile App to rejoice customers:


You might have read about the Target reviews of its mobile app online. Target offers a shopping app for both Android and iPhone users. You can easily download it from the App Store or Google play store. Besides, the most fantastic feature is that using the app, you can scan the barcode present on the product packaging, and it will provide you with its current offers and bargains that are available with the product. 

Additional perks:

  • It even provides you free drive set up to the store without a signature.
  • You can enjoy exclusive offers with Target RED Card and Target Circle.
  • Unlimited coupon access with the app. Just tap on the “View Coupons” option. 

Customer reviews: 

In addition to this, their customer support team is highly dedicated and deliberately working 24/7 to provides its customers with the best support they need. Moreover, its customer rating of 3.9 stars from approx. 1706 reviews. This indicated that most of the customers that shopped from the store were generally satisfied with their purchases. If you’re still not satisfied, you can read target customer service reviews at the site. Besides, we have sorted out the pros and cons of user’s reviews and ratings. 


Pros, as indicated by customers: 

  • Pocket-friendly prices/ quality ratio 
  • Vast catalog with affordable prices 
  • Numerous deals, sales, and special discount offers
  • The store offers many delivery options (same day, next day, regular, etc.) 
  • According to target product reviews, Statistics show that every American has a Target store in 10 miles zone. 

Cons as indicated by customers: 

  • Their worldwide shipping for some products isn’t available. 
  • Due to massive inventory, it becomes hard to perform a quality check on every single product available in the store. 
  • Since it’s an enormous company with thousands of undergoing issues with customers, therefore dealing with every single customer becomes hard.

Why we recommend/ not recommend to you?

Here are some of the best point that you can consider that will give you more insight about target performance review:


We recommend:

  • At target, you can hunt for reasonable prices /quality ratio and much more 
  • You can effortlessly find affordable furniture and home good in no time 
  • Everything they provide is aesthetically pleasing.
  • You can enjoy access to an exclusive table that is available only at Target
  • It’s a one-stop-shop solution, as you can find everything here.
  • Products available at the store are high in quality 
  • You can also look at the products you’ve picked in the offline store before you buy them.

We don’t recommend: 

  • You can’t find luxurious furniture pieces with custom-made features
  • After target shipping reviews, we can say that when it comes to the delivery of specific products, there might be a problem for the people living in Alaska and Hawaii
  • You end up purchasing more than you have planned.
  • Ways too many options can be confusing at times.

What makes this store stand apart from the rest?

  • With target furniture reviews, we disclosed all the bestselling furniture and home good products are available online as well as offline 
  • We even discovered trustworthy brands with complete details and pricing 
  • No hidden charges or taxes that are hard to spot on the store is available. 
  • High quality exclusive & unique products for men, women & kids, etc. 

Is this shop legit or not? 

Yes! Of course. It’s a well-known and the most reputed brand with several stores that generate billions of dollars in revenue per year. Moreover, there won’t be a single person that does not recognize and knows Target store by name.

The Final Verdict:

As per our experience regarding Target online reviews, we would say that every penny spends at the store is worth it. The brand has many surprising things we came across during our review. So if you’re planning to shop, we would distinctly recommend you this phenomenal store to go shopping and avail of the hidden privileges. Besides, if you wish to share your Target reviews, we warmly welcome you.

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