GoPro Reviews Australia - An Overview of Australia’s Largest Cameras Retailers 2023

GoPro cameras are the best and the most used cameras around the world. They offer a collection of top-knotch products and high quality brands, for up and rising photographers as well as special cameras and gears for travelers. You can get their camera from their store and get amazing discounts as well for an ultimate visual experience

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GoPro Reviews Australia - An Overview of Australia’s Largest Cameras Retailers 2023

What is GoPro?

Per customer reviews, GoPro has constantly been improving its product and software and listening to its customer's feedback. The founder of GoPro was also looking for a reliable and handy product that could capture professional footage but should not be bulky so that it becomes a burden. GoPro cameras and gear allow users to indulge in their activities and not worry about their camera being heavy or socked in the water while filming. This versatility of GoPro makes it easy to carry and attach to different surfaces. Although GoPro hero 4 review and GoPro hero 3 review has not been mentioned in this review because they are no longer available on their website anymore but they have been great products and deserve an honorary mention.

What's GoPro's story?

GoPro was designed compactly to help people record their exciting life and share it with others. They believe in sharing these moments and cherishing these experiences to make life more memorable. It was started in 2002 by Nick Woodman, a sports enthusiast who wanted to record himself but needed help finding a feasible solution. So they came up with GoPro, which sold its first camera in 2004. In 2006 they transferred to digital. Fast forward to 2011, they acquired CineForm in 2015, acquired Kolor in 2016, partnered up with Periscope and spent $105 million on obtaining Stupeflix and Vemory.


HERO10 Black

Gopro - HERO10 Black Review


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4.5 Rating

This is a GoPro 10 review in which HERO10 reviewers suggest that it gets hot when shooting at 4K for more extended periods, something GoPro must consider fixing. However, it performs excellently while recording any activity in rich colours. GoPro 10 is waterproof for up to 33ft, plus its built is rugged, shoots with 23MP with low light photo enhancing qualities.

HERO10 Black Creator Edition

Gopro - HERO10 Black Creator Edition Review


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4.4 Rating

This GoPro hero 10 review is written based on the customer's thoughts, which suggests an excellent product with excellent services and great visual quality. Buy during the holidays if you don’t want to pay extra money, but instead get a discount. Delivery is fast and arrives on the doorstep without hassle. And if you are already a GoPro user and want an upgrade, then upgrade to GoPro HERO10 Black Creator Edition, which is fantastic camera gear to fulfil all your photography needs. GoPro hero 10 is waterproof for up to 33 feet, records in 5.3K with video stabilization of 4.0 and LED lightning.

HERO9 Black

Gopro - HERO9 Black Review


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4.8 Rating

GoPro Hero9 black reviews suggest that it's a good product; motion capturing quality is fantastic. The image stabilization is exceptional, and audio quality is delightful; coupled with GoPro 9 waterproof case help take breathtaking pictures underwater as well. HERO9 Black comes with the camera, carrying case, batteries, curved mounting buckle + thumb screw and a USB-C cable.

GoPro max review

Gopro - GoPro max review


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4.4 Rating

GoPro max reviews are written after accessing all the customer reviews, which suggests that it's a kind of product perfect for capturing activities or just regular life that fits nicely in every situation. Its waterproof properties make it an excellent companion during underwater diving. MAX is a 360 camera that could be used for vlogging, spherical footage or taking HERO-style photos and videos. Time lapses and panoramic is a child's play for Max with stabilization sound from 6 different mics, and the waterproof design saves it from accidental falls in the water.

Accessories for GoPro

Protective Housing

Gopro - Protective Housing review


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4.5 Rating

According to the customers, this protective gear is doing a great job protecting it from water. Ideal for deep diving, you don't have to worry about minor knocks with this protective case on. It can work perfectly as GoPro Hero 10 waterproof case and GoPro Hero 9 waterproof case. Protective Housing can protect you from mud, dust, and debris while you enjoy extreme activities. It is waterproof to 196ft and has a skeleton backdoor for audio capturing and accessing the touch screen.

GoPro 8 review

HERO8 Black Media Mod

Gopro - HERO8 Black Media Mod review


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4.4 Rating

GoPro hero 8 reviews of Media Mod where customers have said that they are delighted with the product, it works as it is supposed to and playing video and pictures on TV gives an incredible feeling. It's a versatile product with a mic and wireless Rode GO2, and a mic can be placed on it. HERO8 Black Media Mod features a built-in directional mic, a port for an external mic, and the HDMI port playback on screen.

GoPro hero 7 black review

HERO7 Black Floaty

Gopro - HERO7 Black Floaty review


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4.5 Rating

GoPro hero 7 reviews by customers saying they wish they had it before. Many GoPros have been lost back, but this is a true lifesaver or, should we say, GoPro saver. Great for capturing water footage from the surface as Floaty stays excellent for capturing your underwater footage. Works just like it says on the box; no complaints so far. HERO7 Black Floaty easily attaches to the Frame Backdoor, Super Suit, Hero4 and all the previous GoPros waterproof housings. Great for all water-related sports and comes with an adhesive anchor and camera tether for additional security.

Adventure Kit

Gopro - Adventure Kit review


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4.6 Rating

GoPro Hero5 black reviews according to customers regarding this kit is that it has made their life easy; it has all the essentials in one place they don't have to worry about forgetting any gear before traveling. Although the software needs some work, it only works on smartphones sometimes. Perfect for giving as a gift. Adventure Kit consists of a Floating hand Grip, Hand Straps, a Quick Clip and a carrying case. This customizable case can work with GoPro 5 and all that came after it.

Lifestyle Gear

Daytripper Backpack

Gopro - Daytripper Backpack review


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4.8 Rating

According to customers, this bag is good at storing small items, including GoPro batteries. Good quality, bad, either used to keep your accessories or clothes or both, plenty of space. The stretchy loops for the side pockets are missing, which were present in the previous versions. Other than that definitely recommended. Daytripper Backpack is specifically for adventures. Its soft-lined compartments are a good fit for a 15-inch laptop with a 2L bottle. Weather-resistant material, including the zipper.

Sparrow Lightweight Water Resistant Windbreaker

Gopro - Sparrow Lightweight Water Resistant Windbreaker review


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4.9 Rating

It looks sleek and stylish, true to its fit. Lightweight with just a logo, an excellent windbreaker is exquisite for bikers to protect from the wind but does not make you feel hot. Sparrow Lightweight Water Resistant Windbreaker is available in sizes ranging from small to double XL. Water-resistant fabric, anorak-style cut, structured rim with matte finish eyelets.

Alpenglow Neck Gaiter

Gopro - Alpenglow Neck Gaiter review


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5.0 Rating

According to customers, it keeps the neck warm during winter and protects from the sun being SPF 50. It could be worn while skiing, a well-made product that is very comfortable to wear. Alpenglow Neck Gaiter can be worn on the head, face and neck. Stretchable fabric with anti-microbial properties, not itchy at all.

GoPro subscription review

GoPro subscription starts at AUD 69.99 per alum, along with unlimited cloud space and automatic uploads. These subscriptions also offer 50% off at and save USD 100 buying new Go Pro. Plus, replacing cameras wouldn't have been more accessible with this subscription; you can return your camera with no questions asked. 

GoPro Customer Review

gopro customer reviews

Want a Discount on GoPro?

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What makes GoPro unique?

GoPro is a camera-selling brand that can fit right into your fist. Its compact design makes it easy to travel and even wear in different sports. It can also be used as a vlogging camera. The quality of the pictures is the same as most professional cameras comparatively. GoPro has created a separate section for activities where you can buy gear according to the activity you will use it for, which is an advantage for many. For those who need to learn more about cameras and which equipment they should take for this specific trip, these options can be of great help.

What is GoPro's shipping policy?

All the locations where they ship internationally are available on their website. Duties, as well as taxes, are added to your total. Same-day shipping is offered for US and other than EU shipping, and an option is also given at the checkout for selecting UPS 2-Day or UPS Overnight. 

What are GoPro's Warranty and return policies?

GoPro's Warranty can only be claimed if the product is in new condition and not damaged due to any reasons can be claimed by Warranty with the period of 30 days. The GoPro return policy states some conditions that are RMA# should be present to get your return accepted. It should be adequately packed, and RMA should be attached along with writing the RMA number on the outside. You must drop the item to the shop and receive a receipt for further processing. 

PROs and CONs


  • Fast Deliveries
  • Compact and stylish


  • Underwater does mean that it can get damp


How to check my order status?

Just visit their website then, scroll down, click on support, and then 'Order Status' there, you can fill out your order details to check the status of your order.

What is GoPro for a cause?

GoPro for a cause was started in 2015 to create awareness for causes that connects with GoPro's core value. Their mission is to create engagement through their products for non-profit reasons. GoPro is ready to support your non-profit organization by giving a grant to them.

What are the GoPro Awards?

GoPro itself awards its users by giving those awards for their best shots. The process is simple just shoot and submit your favourite photo, raw or edited clip, to their website. Once your shot is selected, it will either be featured on their social media, or you might win cash price or some GoPro gear. There are several challenges available to get started with. 

GoPro Affiliate Program?

There are 10 countries where people can participate in their Affiliate program, whose list is available on their website. With their affiliate program, you can get a 3% commission rate, Continuous Product Launches and Deep Linking.


This GoPro review has been written by considering all the facts and figures related to the brand and the customer feedback we have encountered. This review is not biased towards the company; it has been solely written to help you in any way possible to make an informed decision. GoPro has been around for 2 decades now and has improved a lot.

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