Dyson Review Australia: Your Go-to Destination for Advance Tech Products

Dyson's vacuums, hair dryers and headphones are popular, but which products are best for you? Read the Dyson review of their latest budget products now.

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Dyson Review Australia: Your Go-to Destination for Advance Tech Products

Although Dyson sells various types of products. With our analyses, it seems like they’re popular among customers for their vacuums, especially the cordless ones. In this Dyson review, we’re diving deep into Dyson’s advanced vacuums with tremendous features and their other daily life products according to your budget and needs.

First of all, we’re going to compare the popular Dyson vacuums, and then we’ll discover other advanced products by Dyson, such as headphones and hair care products.

Cordless vs Wired Vacuums:

Wireless vacuums don’t require any wires to wander around. You can easily clean any corner of your home. They also don’t have heavy bags; you can clean and dump the dirt in the dustbin.

On the other hand, wired vacuums need wires to be connected to the cord. But they are beneficial because you don’t get any limit on battery timing while cleaning, and the suction power of wired vacuums is strong.

Dyson Cordless Vacuums:

Dyson v15 Detect:

Product Details:

  • Price: $1,449
  • Ratings: 4.6
  • Variations: Two, Extra and Absolute
  • Colours: Exclusive Prussian Blue

With so many choices ahead, we thought to add the Dyson v15 review to our list because this Dyson vacuum model fits all the cleaning needs if you are a person who likes to clean every nook and corner of your home.

Dyson v15 Detect not only cleans hard floors but also carpets and other types of rough surfaces. You can even thoroughly clean your seat for a pet because Dyson V15 Detect is an expert at detecting and sucking hairs.

The model comes without the cord and can even turn into a handheld version, which helps you clean the complex parts like roofs or corners of windows.

If you have quite the budget and are the one who loves cleaning, this model of vacuum is powerful enough for your cleaning needs. It can work non-stop for 60 minutes with its battery.

Dyson v12 Detect Slim:

Product Details:

  • Price: $1349 - $1399
  • Ratings: 4.7
  • Variations: Two: Complete and Absolute
  • Colours: Gold colour and Floor Dok

This model of Dyson is almost similar to our Dyson model of v15 Detect, but the only difference is the slimness and lightweight. This one has the same capacity for suction power and 60 minutes of run time. If you want, the same power of cleaning but have a smaller home. This model is best suited for you; you can hang it on the wall after use, throw the dirt in the dustbin, maintain it and even remove the battery easily. 

Dyson v11 Torque Drive:

Product Details:

  • Price: $799
  • Ratings: 4.5
  • Variations: Three: Torque Drive, Animal and Absolute
  • Colours: Nickel & Blue, Copper, Nickel & Purple

This version is older than we mentioned, but we added a Dyson v11 torque drive review due to its unique feature: its adaptability to different floors.

Dyson v11 torque drive has an exceptionally high torque cleaner head that can adapt to any floor. Other lower models don’t have that feature. You had to change it manually. This feature helps the vacuum lower or increase its suction power when needed, which helps save the battery and doesn’t harm delicate surfaces like carpets.

There are many other reasons you could buy this vacuum, but the number one reason is that this model is cheap; you can get this model for almost half of the price of other models and even get some discounts with Dyson discount code deals.

Dyson v8:

Product Details:

  • Price: $599-$799
  • Ratings: 4.5
  • Variations: Three: Absolute, Extra, Origin Extra
  • Colours: Nickel & Blue, Copper, Nickel & Purple

The highlighting feature of the V8 model vacuum is its low noise capability while giving you the same suction power as other models. It’s also called Dyson v8 animal because it’s popular among pet owners.

With feedback and Dyson v8 animal reviews, this model is best if you are on a budget. The vacuum is still available despite being launched in 2016, but it is Dyson's budget and powerful cordless vacuum.

You get a strong cleaning of hairs and small dust particles for $599 on the absolute variant. It’s also very lightweight and survives for 40 minutes of cleaning.

Wired Vacuums:

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal+:

Product Details:

  • Price: $649 - $999
  • Ratings: 4.0
  • Variations: Basic, Absolute, Multi Floor Extra and Origin
  • Colours: Gray, Clear, Purple, Red and Silver

If you clean your home on a weekly or monthly basis. You can stretch the stick of this wired vacuum for up to 125cm, helping you easily clean even the corners of your room without moving the vacuum too much.

As it is a wired vacuum, you don’t have a limit on battery timing; you can conveniently spring clean for hours long!

You get extra features with this vacuum as you can remove the parts easily by detaching them. It has a lag bin meaning you can keep cleaning your sweet home for a long time and easily throw the dirt into the dustbin.

The ball feature of this vacuum will help you easily steer the vacuum to even thoroughly clean the corners. The stick also bends so you can easily turn that around for more convenience when cleaning.

Which Vacuums Should You Buy Based On Need And Budget?

So, after our Dyson vacuum cleaner reviews, which one suits you best? We separated our vacuums based on their price and functionality to help you decide which one to buy.

  • Buy Dyson v15 detect and v12 detect slim if you are on a heavy budget.
  • Buy a Dyson v11 torque drive if you are on a mid-level budget.
  • The Dyson v8 or Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal+ basic model is best for you if you want a powerful vacuum on a low budget.

Advantages of Dyson Vacuums Over Competitors:

Just like many tech products, you’ll find many competitors in the market when it comes to buying vacuums. But what helps Dyson stand out is that it’s the manufacturer and pioneer in cyclone technology in their vacuums.

This cyclone technology helps their vacuums sift dust from dirt, making the suction more powerful, which we cover in this Dyson Review Australia. Furthermore, their vacuums even have the LED to tell you about the smallest particles it sucks.

What Other Products Does Dyson Sell?

Vacuums are popular with Dyson, but other high-quality and advanced products will surprise you. Here is the list of our picked products you’d love from Dyson.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryers:

Product Details:

  • Price: $649
  • Ratings: 4.6
  • Variations: Two: Ceramic Pop, Blue Blush, Nickel/Copper, Origin
  • Colours: Iron / Fuchsia, Black / Nickel, Rich Copper / Bright Nickel

Among all Dyson hair dryer reviews, the supersonic model stands out. It’s designed to dry your hair faster and has a heat temperature analyser that measures the heat temperature 40 times in a second to help avoid extreme heat. This hairdryer can make your hair smooth in seconds!

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener:

Product Details:

  • Price: $699
  • Ratings: 4.0
  • Variations: Only one
  • Colours: Black Nickel, Fuchsia

If you are looking for the best hair straighteners and have quite a budget, we added this straightener model among all other Dyson straightener reviews. Corrale hair straightener helps you make your hair stylish without hair damage. It can help you style your hair like a pro in less heat. It's cordless, and you don’t need to take it around with heavy wires.

Dyson Zone Headphone:

Product Details:

  • Price: $999
  • Ratings: 4.3
  • Variations: Two: Ceramic Pop, Blue Blush, Nickel/Copper, Origin
  • Colours: Ultra Blue/Prussian Blue and Prussian Blue/Bright Copper

This headphone by Dyson is not just a headphone but has two purposes. It can work as an amazing headphone and cancels the background noise. You can have clear voice calls with an advanced noise-cancelling system and a dedicated microphone. Whether you’re a game or music lover, the crystal clear audio of this headphone will enchant your listening experience. We added this Dyson zone review as the features of this headphone are amazing. It’s one of the best high-budget headphones out there.

Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde:

Product Details:

  • Price: $899
  • Ratings: 4.4
  • Variations: One, pro edition
  • Colours: Ultra Blue/Prussian Blue and Prussian Blue/Bright Copper

This Dyson purifier is designed to remove harmful chemicals from the air like formaldehyde, allergens and other types of gases. It also removes the dust and purifies the air in the room. Not only does this purify the air, but it cools down the room in summer. It also has a night mode to dim the noise. The filter is easy to remove, and you get alerts for the health of the filter life.

Dyson Solarcycle Morph Desk Light:

Product Details:

  • Price: $899
  • Ratings: 4.1
  • Variations: Only one
  • Colours: White and silver

Dyson’s table light lamp is one of the most advanced table lamps in the market, with lights lasting up to 60 years. Not only that, but you can change the light mode to ambient, task light, feature light, and indirect light based on your needs and mood. You can control all these with the Dyson app. But it can automatically adjust the light based on the day cycles. You can charge the lamp with a USB-C charger.

Why Trust and Buy from Dyson?

Just like a giant tech company, Dyson is a reputable British brand and manufacturer of products with advanced technology. They have their customer service centres in Australia and provide you with free delivery and a guarantee of over 2 years of repairs.

Pros & Cons Of Dyson:


  • Quality and innovative products with advanced technology.
  • Get your items repaired from their service centres in Australia.
  • 45 days easy returns.


  • Prices are a bit heavy on products.
  • Limited product range.

Online Shopping Experience of Dyson:

Although Dyson’s advanced products are available in other stores, you get incredible benefits when you buy from Dyson’s official store.

2 to 5 Years of Guarantee:

You get 2 to 5 years of guarantee of their vacuums, hair dryers and all other products and your product gets registered when you buy from them.

Easy Instalments Available:

You can buy your dream vacuums or hair dryers in easy instalments.

FREE Standard Shipping:

You get free shipping if you buy any vacuum as they cross the $10 limit. So, the vacuums and other products we added in this Dyson review are available for free shipping in Australia.

Guarantee of Price:

If you find a lower price elsewhere for Dyson’s products, Dyson will match the price for you.

45-day Refund Guarantee:

You can contact Dyson, return your product in case of dissatisfaction, and get a full refund.

Shipping Policy:

Dyson will ship your order depending on different Australian regions; the lowest time is 2 days, and the maximum timeframe is 10 days. The fee for the delivery is $10 if you order under $99, but the delivery is also free for orders over $100.

Return Policy:

Dyson's return policy is very convenient. You can return your order within 45 days to the nearest Dyson service centre, contact their customer service, or send the item through the nearest Australia Post service. You can send your product for guaranteed-covered repairs.

Payment Methods Accepted by Dyson:

  • Klarna
  • Afterpay
  • Debit/Credit cards

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did We Pick the Best Dyson Vacuums?

Our staff curated the vacuums and other models based on user reviews and feedback in this Dyson Review Australia. While looking at the feedback, we found that people have left mixed reviews about the vacuum cleaners they purchased.

Some face issues with fragile vacuums when they feel they have ordered the wrong vacuum. All these issues are based on the personal preference of an individual.

But Dyson’s vacuums are equipped with advanced technology, and many people are enjoying the ease of their vacuum in-house cleaning. We have selected these vacuums based on the most loved and people’s favourite models. That surely does not mean others are not worth buying.

We would’ve added a Dyson v7 advanced review Australia of that vacuum model, but unfortunately, this model has become older and, therefore, isn’t available on Dyson’s official website. We only recommend buying from the official website to get a complete warranty and support facility.

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