Privacy and Policy

Therefore, we have managed to arrange the best possible clauses that can provide you the satisfaction of your security. All of these policies are developed for your own good so if you consider following these regulations you will sure get the most out of your visit on Revounts.

We appreciate your concern and by keeping your precious time in mind we have concised our explanation of the following privacy and policy.

Everything you want to know about Revounts privacy and policy is explained below.


Your personal credentials such ad your name, address, and contact number, credit card details is secured with We never reveal your data to anyone.


The third party only has the access to your non personalized data available at Revounts. Our highest priority is to secure your personal information to so that you shop with us with complete confidence and satisfaction.


Revounts services are applicable to the customers above 13 years. We do not promote children below 13 years to use this website as it may lead to buying the goods related to adults’ usage.

Explore the word of coupons and discounts of your favorite brands and avail all the benefits by keeping your data secure with Revounts.