12 Genius Hacks to Save Money on Groceries in Australia 2023

Looking for ways with which you can save money on groceries? Here are some tried and tested hacks that you can utilize to slash your grocery bills and save your hard-earned cash.

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Published On: January 18, 2023

12 Genius Hacks to Save Money on Groceries in Australia 2023

Staying in budget and shopping is not difficult anymore. Thanks to savvy shoppers who keep on finding new saving hacks. Saving money is pretty straightforward now.

We all know that cutting down on grocery bills is not as easy as it seems. But, now there are tons of hacks, and by using these, you can save tons of money on groceries and other stuff. 

So, are you aiming for any strategy of spending less and saving more? What ever the reason, we have some tried and tested tips that will surely help you save money on groceries.

Thus, if you’re racking your brain for ideas, then worry no more. We have gathered the best genuine hacks that you can consider and save money on groceries. 

Why are money-saving hacks so important?

Making all corners meet and fulfilling the need within the budget is quite a challenging piece of work when you have to pay for bills: groceries, kid’s school fees, and much more. As spending freely with both hands becomes nerve-wracking. When each penny is worth more. 

That’s the time when these money hacking tips come in handing. According to new research, it has been proven that people spend more on groceries and tend to purchase products that are more fantasy and unhealthy rather than shopping healthy organic products. 

But, luckily making use of these hacks. You can at least save money on groceries. These money-saving hacks help to protect in events of financial emergencies. It even reduces your stress and secures your backbone, giving you a much greater sense of financial freedom and security. 

How to find Genius hacks to save money on groceries?

Wondering how you can find the best possible genuine hacks. Then do a bit of research and explore the internet and read blogs, articles. Moreover, you can even interact with people to better understand what ways they are using to save money on groceries. Thus, you can List these down and implement them.

To guide you more, let’s look at some of the best hacks of money-saving on groceries. 

How to save on groceries using these money-saving hacks?

Are you searching for ways to save on groceries? Then worry no more. We have done the complete research that you can consider. We assure you that you can keep your wallet evergreen using these hacks, flowing with money: 

1. Grocery saving apps

use grocery saving apps

The reliable way to save money on groceries is by using apps. As there are several grocery apps that you can use and avail massive discounts in Australia on purchases. These apps keep you more focused and make you only pick necessary items. It even saves more of your time and energy. We’ve snipped some of the best apps that you can utilize and save money while grocery shopping.

Buy Me A Pie!






Out of Milk





2. Make the list of items that you need to purchase

make a list of items you want to buy

Listing down all the products and preparing a grocery budget makes shopping much more manageable. Because when you have a list prepared with, you can quickly pick out products instead of wandering the whole store and picking out items that are of less use. 

As staying in the budget help you save more and makes you leave aside unnecessary purchases. So, whenever you rush to the market, make sure that you have your list ready with you. 

3. Avail discounts with brand coupons

avail discounts with coupons

Find your favorite brands coupon from trustworthy online sites and avail then while purchases. It can help you by saving a massive amount of money on products that are too expensive. Moreover, you can explore many top-notch sites and apps and grab your discount coupons, codes, and vouchers. A list of coupon site is given below: 


GROUPON Australia.




Cuponation Australia.


4. Buy seasonal products

buy seasonal products

Avoid purchasing products or items that are off-seasons and go for the things that are cheap and on the season. As season products are not only in abundance, but are available at cost valid prices too, whereas the ones out of seasonal go rare and become expensive. 

A typical example to help you understand better is Mangoes. The moment they are about to go out of seasonal, they become more expensive. Therefore, if you wish to have them, you can either take them in bulk and preserve, freeze or use them later. It will not only help you save money on the grocery bill, yet you can enjoy your mangoes the whole year.

5. Pay with cash for your purchases

pay with cash

Having money in hand helps you to stick to your budget. It is not only an incredible hack, but it’s tried and test too. You can even apply the cash envelope method. These methods help you set aside money in the envelope for different expenditures such as groceries, gas & electricity, clothes, fees, etc. And, then you can invest the saved money on new cloths or travel to your dream destinations.

Thus, these grocery saving tips should be brought more in practice. Perhaps, if you are habitual of carrying a credit card for shopping, avoid it and be more particular about your purchases. 

6. Shop products on sale

shop products on sale

Wait for the sales offer, go up, and then rush out for grocery shopping. As retailers put out deals on products to clear their stock. So, that they can bring in new products. Trust us; it’s the best way to save on groceries. You can shop them in bulk and stock your cabinets along with saving your cash. So, whenever you feel the item is about to finish, you can quickly grab the extra item from your cabinet and enjoy it. 

7. Don’t go much for organic products

organic products

We all know that organic products are right for health, but they are quite expensive when you are on budget grocery shopping. But when it about saving, you can buy regular products, believe us these healthy and taste the same. So, if you desire to save your money, then shift your taste palates to regular products.  

8. Try out samples first

try samples first

Instead of blindly purchasing items just because you like the packing or texture does not mean that you will redeem. It is better to try a sample of it if available, especially for cheese, sauces, dips, etc. Trying out sample can save you from regretting and wasting money after purchasing. 

As often, the products that look temping does not taste as good as it seems. So, whenever you plan to try out a new item, go for the sample first, then decide whether you need to purchase it or not. 

9. Scan the damaged products

scan damaged products

Some grocery stores can be a bit sneaky too. Instead of throwing away items or products, they lose it up in packages to be sold. So, instead of purchasing rotten products or items, make sure that you carefully scan each item you are buying. And don’t be carried out by their packing. It is also a fantastic grocery saving hack. 

10. Avoid visiting the grocery store when you are hungry

avoid visiting grocery store when hungry

It might sound a bit cheesy to you, but seeing the store when you’re hungry can buy products that you did not need. As hunger makes you scarves more and everything that you know, you wish to eat it. 

It also leads to purchasing unhealthy items like chips, chocolates, donuts, cakes, pizzas, and much more. And makes your grocery bill reach from $1 to $50 and so on. Thus, if you plan to save money on the grocery bill, visit the store after having a meal. 

11. Get more socially active

get more socially active

Planning to save money on groceries, follow your local store on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To stay updated with new promotions and offers on food and beverages and sales insight. Moreover, you can even sign up newsletters. Many local stores use this strategy to attract customers and increase their sales and market presence. Besides, this strategies not only goes best for grocery products as well as for cloths. 

12. Choose the right store to shop

shop at the right store

Some grocery stores that offer good quality products and services charge extra more than other stores. The reason why it is said to explore around before your show and discover where you can find great deals. And offers on products. 

The right places that you can browse our retail store. This store makes shopping easy for customers providing low prices, products, sales, and other promotional deals. 

Which stores to explore for best deals on groceries? 

Sticking to a single retailer and avoiding comparing prices and exploring new stores can also cost you more. Therefore, it is necessary to explore different stores to check out categories, prices, offers, etc. 

Relying on a single store and waiting for offers or sales to go on can be pretty much time-consuming. So, if the products are not available or not on sale on your desired store, you can at least refer to the other store and grab your desired item. It will not only help save your time and cash but will help you discover new products and grasp additional benefits.

Want to save money at the grocery store, then below, you will find the best sites that you can consider for online grocery shopping within budget: =

1. Catch

catch store

One of the most popular stores with eye attracting collection and low prices. Given are some of its features: 


Easy to access site

You can redeem Catch coupons

A massive complete comprehensive collection 

Club Catch Membership for additional discounts

Availability of gifts cards

2: Target

Target your desired item at the only target store. A list of key features are below that you can check out:


Secure shopping experience 

Target Coupon code Australia, and other daily deals.

Free home delivery for orders above $45

Order tracking available

Target e-gifts cards 

3. Amazon

A considerable retailer that has everything in the store, from electronics to groceries to personal care products. Few unique features are listed below: 


Return and replacement 

Same day delivery with prime is $9.99

Same day deliver without prime $12.99

Add and edit payment methods 

Track or cancel orders 

4. Woolworths

When it about saving money on groceries, nothing can be better than Wool worth’s store. Discover its amazing features:


$0 checkout 

Broad online categories to explore 

Low prices 

Woolworths gift cards 

Fresh, genuine products  

5. Coles

Get fast delivery of groceries with Coles at your doorsteps. So, if you haven’t checked this store, then we suggest that you must: 


Mobile app available 

Fresh groceries delivery available 

Click and collect options

Satisfactory products

Coles insurances 

Coles Credit cards 

Coles personal loans

Good customer service support team.

Do money-saving hacks work?

People usually ask the question, are money saving hacks legit? Let us clear the misunderstanding. Yes, they do, most of the time. But it’s not that you can 100% save money through these hacks. Yet, still using these hacks, you can increase the chances of saving more. 

However, at the same time, these money-saving hacks even have some drawbacks. To help you understand more, we have discussed some of the pros and cons that you can check out.  

Pros Of Money Saving Hacks On Groceries

Helps you to stick to your prepared budget and purchase those things that are necessary

Maintains a healthy friendly budget 

Spend and save easily 

You can invest more of your saved money 

Cons Of Money Saving Hacks On Groceries

Your kids will nag about you for being a conservator of money 

You will become a money saver freak

Every time you plan to spend, your brain will start calculating money

Highly obsessed with saving 

The Final Word

Save money on groceries by utilizing the tips mentioned above. Hopefully, if you practice these hacks, we guarantee you that you can easily save much. So, get started with your budgeting list and keep a fair amount of money aside. To have a secure financial backbone. Moreover, don’t forget to explore other stores to find the best deals on products and offers.

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