Etsy Reviews - Is Etsy Legit Store Or Not

Want to get an insight into handcrafted and customized products in Australia? Then read our unbiased review about Australia’s leading marketplace for countless unique options, that you can purchase to make your occasions special.

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Etsy Reviews - Is Etsy Legit Store Or Not

Shopping has evolved immensely over the years. Also, a shopper's preferences and dislikes have outgrown initially.

And when we talk about online shopping, it has changed too. As far as we know, now several stores and marketplaces are not just offering great products but are also allowing small entrepreneurs to showcase their work and earn money simultaneously.  

According to statics, now there are a number of people who wish to shop and want to sell their products too. And Etsy is amongst those stores which allow purchasing and selling at the same time. 

Since many of our readers requested our reviews. Therefore upon request, we bring to you this excellent Etsy company review, an Australian marketplace that aims to provide creativity with excellence.

Scroll down to get an in-depth insight into our reviews. 

About Etsy

About Etsy

Here we bring our unbiased Etsy reviews, Australia's leading online community e-commerce marketplace. Where people from all cultures and backgrounds come together to sell, buy and collect memories with unique item sets.

It is an online service that provides a marketplace for individuals to show their creativity in terms of handcrafted and vintage items. The company further represents itself as a multiverse or extraordinary and rare commodity.

Their mission is to connect talented sellers within one roof who want to showcase their talent to the world.

Several reviews are available in the market, so you can read to gain more knowledge about their unique idea. But, we’ve also compiled the best possible Etsy reviews Australia for you to make or break your decision of trying out the marketplace.

Why should you try out Etsy for shopping?

We concluded that Etsy is a legit site in Australia that provides customers with products with unique round off prices to keep the pocket green and healthier of customers. The store has over twenty plus custom made categories for different items from millions of sellers and still growing day by day for a better cause.

The idea of Etsy is to promote sellers who are looking for a place to show off their creative skills. Etsy also has video teasers and constant social media updates to grasp customers. Etsy reviews for buyers can be availed through their website or app from which a buyer can make up their mind to make a purchase. Just invest $0.20 to show the world your creative side because Etsy encourages entrepreneurs to achieve extraordinarily. 

Essential Guidelines For Etsy Australia

You can visit Etsy on this website link

Etsy Categories: Etsy is constantly working with buyers and sellers over the years to update and further categorize their current categories. Etsy has an impressive range of types that you can go through according to your need.

From clothing to custom made products, Etsy has everything for you. If you want to know more about this fantastic marketplace, do check out these Etsy shopping reviews.

Etsy top sellers: Check out the given top seller list if you doubt about Is Etsy reliable or not?

Planner Kate, Bead Boat, Modparty, Yakutum, Nicole de Burin Charms, Cl Beads, Yummy Treasures, Prettygrafik Design, Gold Swan, and counting


Etsy customer service is exceptional. You can contact them through their website help centre page.

Tried & Tested Etsy Products

Check out this Etsy reviews 2022 section to learn about the best products that the store has for you.

Beauty And Bath

Beauty and Bath

  1. Natural Lip Balm Pink Lemonade | Vegan Lip Balm Stocking Stuffer By Charlotte's Lab

Natural Lip Balm Pink Lemonade | Vegan Lip Balm Stocking Stuffer By Charlotte
Price: AU$8.95

While we were exploring the website, we found this amazing lip balm. After testing this, we found it quite reasonable. The lip balm itself has a very fine texture, and you surely will love this beauty balm.

Our Rating: We’ve given it 4.5 stars as the price might be slightly more for a lip balm. But the quality of the product speaks up for itself.

  1. CROCHET FACE SCRUBBIES Hand Crochet 100% Cotton

CROCHET FACE SCRUBBIES Hand Crochet 100% Cotton

Price: AU$10.63

We just love this fantastic set of scrubbies. They are soft and knitted to perfection. They are incredibly smooth in application and does not harm your sensitive skin. Plus, we’ve tried washing them up after using them, and the quality was still as new. We highly recommend these amazing scrubbies to all.

Our Rating: We’ve given it 5 stars because of the product quality and reusability feature.


Check out these best Etsy clothing reviews to satisfy your attire needs


  1. Wide Leg Corduroy Overalls For Women/Casual Jumpsuit/Winter And Spring Jumpsuit

Wide Leg Corduroy Overalls For Women/Casual Jumpsuit/Winter And Spring Jumpsuit

Price:  AU$90.55

We liked this attire a lot. The seller is extremely responsive, and the product itself has a great stitch quality. The fabric is highly stretchable and does not look unjustified on the body. The fitting of this jumpsuit is great. You certainly should try it on.

Our Rating: We’ve given it 4.5 stars as wearing it will make you feel delighted. The fabric is soft and comfortable.

  1. White Hooded Poncho With Hood Cashmere Wool, Earthy Tribal Pattern Festival Gypsy

White Hooded Poncho With Hood Cashmere Wool, Earthy Tribal Pattern Festival Gypsy

Price: AU$129.78

This product is also amazing.  First of all, the finish and design of this poncho were unique. We’ve also tried it up and was amazed by the look and feel. The tribal design is exceptional, and the hoodie will keep you warm in the winter. The texture is smooth and, overall, fantastic. The price is premium, but you will love the decision when you try it on.

Our Rating:  After testing, we’ve given it a 5 out of 5 stars.

Jewellery & Accessories

Jewellery & Accessories

1. Set Of Seven Gold Minimalist Crystal, Beads Bracelets, Women's Bracelets Details

Set Of Seven Gold Minimalist Crystal, Beads Bracelets, Women

Price: AU$36.19

We landed on this exquisite bracelet set while looking for something unique. We personally loved this amazing product. When you’ll wear this item, the quality will speak for itself. It is so light and durable at the same time.

Our Rating: So we’ve given it 4.3 stars out of 5. 

  1. Keychain Made of Wood Personalized With Coordinates, Name, Engraving, Letters, Family Pendants, Pendant With Leather Cord

Keychain Made of Wood Personalized With Coordinates, Name, Engraving, Letters, Family Pendants, Pendant With Leather Cord
Price: AU$16.29+

Another star seller product showcasing on their site. So, we have to try it by ordering one from the seller. And the keychain was undoubtedly unique in terms of built quality and design. It also has a name engraved within with perfection.

Our Rating: Because of its customize features and durability. We have to give it 4.5 stars out of 5. 

Best Categories You Can Try Out At Etsy

We are sharing these reviews to further guide you about the products that we tried and like to share our experiences with you. 

Vintage Items

Vintage Items

If you are a vintage lover, you certainly will love this massive category. It has everything from a 1997 classic magazine to a classy yet vintage suitcase. The sellers are cooperative and skilful. Here is our Etsy Australia Review for this remarkable vintage category. 

Vintage Items reviews

Electronics And Accessories

Electronics and accessories

Etsy has it all for you in this excellent category. From a custom made Mobile phone case to a superb gadget and vintage video games.

Here is our Etsy product review and rating for you.

Electronics And Accessories reviews

Craft Supplies & Tools

Craft Supplies & Tools

Master the traditional and ancient art with fantastic craft supplies and tools that Etsy offers. Here is our review and rating for the specific category.

Do check out these items and provide your Etsy online shopping reviews on the website to facilitate other customers. Furthermore, Etsy offers excellent deals and discounts that you can check throughout their website. To get more knowhow to look into Etsy deals reviews.

Craft Supplies & Tools

How easy is it to order from Etsy?

Etsy has managed to make its website as creative as possible for people. The order and overall procedure is simple and can be done quickly. Although we personally found it easy to explore, but too many categories and options are confusing at the same time. However, the cart option is helpful if you have multiple products.

Like we did when we were reviewing the marketplace. Plus they have proper guidance in every step to ensure customers can order their desired item correctly. Furthermore, you can check Etsy website reviews to get more insight about the website structure and even how can you become a member and sell your creative item, among others.

What do people say about Etsy?

Here are some Etsy customer reviews for your betterment and satisfaction. That we have collected from genuine sources.

etsy customer review

Etsy Shipping And Delivery Policy

Etsy has a seamless delivery and shipping policy for sellers and buyers. 

·       For Sellers

  1. The seller is responsible for delivering the goods to the buyer at the required date and time. It is the seller's responsibility to provide accurate dispatches from address and postage cost plus processing time in the listening of items. 
  2. The seller should dispatch each item within 30 days of purchase, until or unless they have a time constrain for specific buyers regarding shipping or anything.
  3. Dispatch address should be listed on the Etsy receipt.
  4. Should charge an appropriate amount for postage of items.

etsy customer review

    ·       For Buyers

    Before getting onto the buyer's perspective, Etsy has given its seller a choice to make their policies regarding the return of an item.

    Many sellers accept returns on delivery. You should check the return policy of each merchant in their store. Moreover, if you want more insight on shipping or delivery from buyers perceptive, examine Etsy shipping reviews.

    etsy customer review

    Pros And Cons Regarding Etsy

    Pros And Cons Regarding Etsy


    Everything in this world has good and bad features. However, the store even had some. After visiting and experimenting with the website and the business itself. Here are some features listed below. So, read our unbiased perspective about Etsy Australia and make your conclusion wisely.

    Great Platform

    Etsy is an excellent platform for creative people. They have provided creative people with a platform to communicate and market their products to generate sales. Furthermore, Etsy offers an Application that can be downloaded on various devices to assist the seller and the buyer. Also, Etsy has immense web traffic to boost your business if you are a new seller.

    Product Reviews

    Etsy has the best and honest product reviews for millions of products. From Etsy furniture reviews to Etsy vintage craft reviews. The store has many considerations that will help the buyer to justify the seller's credibility and product features.

    Unique And Rare Items

    Etsy has many categories for its customers. Millions of sellers worldwide choose Etsy to promote their small businesses and market their products. This is why Etsy has rare and unique items in the store. 

    Easy Access Website

    The store undoubtedly has one of the best user interfaces for ease of access. For example, a seller can make an account with a few simple steps. Similarly, a buyer can purchase the desired thing easily.


    Price Ranges

    Because of its popularity, Etsy is an ideal platform for sellers. However, you can sometimes find it confusing to find the perfect price match. This is because there are many competitors present on Etsy for many items. But Etsy coupon codes are there to help you sort out this small con too. 

    Etsy Shares Your Profit

    Every retailer in the market shares their percentage of the sale. And Etsy does it too. So once you have managed to make a benchmark sale, Etsy will take 3.5 per cent of that money as a service provider. But that is not a bad deal if you are running well.

    Is Etsy a scam marketplace for product trade?

    Etsy is a pure legit store, for sure. It has trusted sellers with proper reviews and ratings to provide more security and satisfaction to customers. 

    As far as sellers are concerned. Many Etsy sellers are honest entrepreneurs looking forward to showcasing their skillset. Many good sellers are skilled craftsmen and the store provides them with an online presence to help them carry on their business.

    Even if you are not convinced, you can further readout seller's reviews from the website and their policy for better guidance. As there are many best Etsy shops Australia where entrepreneurs are doing their job seriously.

    Wrap Up

    Etsy is the best and creative marketplace for you people. You can get everything within one roof. Millions of sellers offer billions of items to choose from. Provide your soul mate with a meaning of life and appreciation with unique customized items from Etsy. We hope that you like our detailed review of Etsy Australia. If you ask us, we highly recommend you to try the store for exceptional items. You can check out this wedding planning guide that sums up some essential tips with products from Etsy at reasonable prices. The store will surely provide you with the value for your money with excellent quality that will speak for itself.

    Some Etsy Questions That You Have In Mind

    ·       Can everyone sell on Etsy?

    Yes, Etsy provides you with the platform to showcase your skill above 20. In addition, there are some policies afterwards that you might check on Etsy.

    ·       How to contact a shop?

    You can contact the seller through your purchase and review page if you already have purchased an item.

    ·       How can you track an order?

    You can check your order through Etsy website or application, Additional you can contact the seller for further assistance.

    ·       Do you need credit for account opening on Etsy?

    No, Etsy offers free account opening for customers

    ·       How to purchase an Etsy gift card?

    You can check out the Gift cards for Just sign in and head to the Gift cards at the bottom menu for availing of exciting offers.

    ·       How to find the best items for your bucket?

    There are many ways for doing that. For example, Etsy offers best sellers, top picks and free shipping tags for customer ease.

    ·       How can you check a seller status?

    You can check for the star seller tag for best sellers on Etsy.

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