B2C Furniture Reviews Australia: A One-stop Home Furniture Solution

This comprehensive B2C Furniture review covers all the important aspects that a confused shopper may need to come to a buying decision, we have gone through some of their best-selling products to help your search easier, and we hope this will serve as a valuable guide. In addition, the highlighted B2C furniture reviews will help you select some of their popular furniture items that otherwise would have been daunting to look through without this review guide.

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B2C Furniture Reviews Australia: A One-stop Home Furniture Solution

For those on a hunt for Furniture with beautifully intricate and contemporary designs which have come across B2C, perhaps take a few minutes to read these helpful B2C furniture reviews that may guide your buying decision. An extensive amount of research has gone into finding the best products on their website just for you.

This unbiased review covers all their policies, mission, purpose and what they serve, especially their collection of non-stop best-selling furniture products that highlights all the valuable aspects everyone looks for while buying Furniture. These B2C reviews might be what compel you to make your first purchase from their website.

Every time we come across a new store, there is always a hint of doubt whether to go through with the transaction or not. At the same time, online shopping is all the rave and has considerably peaked since the pandemic. Nevertheless, we still want to ensure whether the money we spend is worthwhile. This review on B2C will help you take that first step and clear your moments of uncertainty.

About B2C Furniture

B2c Furniture prides itself on being sustainable and affordable. Its mission is to empower consumers to use products that do not cost the essence of our planet that is currently a target of climate change. The range of products available at their store consists of a profound list of bedroom furniture, kid’s furniture, dining and living area Furniture, as well as outdoor lawn and courtyard furniture.

All their products are made from hardwood timber, manufactured with Malaysian Rubberwood. Hardwood is considerably known to have a larger life span and is known to be one of the most naturally renewable energy sources.

B2C Furniture Customer Reviews on Internet

HeadquartersWebsite: b2cfurniture.com.au

Melbourne: 94 Frankston - Dandenong Rd, Dandenong South VIC 3175

Employees: 51-200 employees

Sydney: 494 Gardeners Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015

Contact: 1300-78-94-95

Warehouse: Unit 3, 132 - 142 Bangholme Rd, Dandenong South 3175

Email: info[@]b2cfurniture.com.au

What you will find at B2C Furniture Online Store?

Upon entering their website, you'll find a vast collection of furniture products highlighted with functional descriptions and explanations of what materials were used. In addition, their product descriptions provide all the valuable information you will need related to the product.

On B2C, you'll find a collection of the following furniture item:

  1. Bedroom Furniture: B2C has a remarkable range of bedroom furniture, with modern designs and comfort at its core.
  2. Living room & Dining Furniture: Your living room is your house's most lavish and decorated area. B2C Furniture has an exquisite range of living and dining furniture that will add elegance to your house décor.
  3. Rugs: Rugs are not only trendy but also provide an element of comfort and warmth to the overall house aesthetic. B2C offers beautifully woven rugs with different textures and styles.
  4. Kid's Bed: The trendy and soft kid's bed will put a smile on your children, and B2C provides the most aesthetic designs of kid's beds available in their store.
  5. Baby Furniture: You can build a beautiful nursery with a B2C baby furniture collection and fill your newborn's life with endless happiness.
  6. Occasional Chair: Place an intricately designed occasional chair around your house to add an overall feeling of aesthetic. B2C has beautifully crafted occasional chairs to fulfill your interior decoration needs.
  7. Outdoor Furniture: B2C has a beautiful outdoor furniture collection that will enhance your experience of spending quality time with friends and family when the weather is sunny and pleasant.

B2C Product Review, Non-stop Bestsellers

In this B2C Furniture reviews, we will go through some of their best-selling products that will serve as a valuable guide for you to make your buying decision. In addition, the highlighted B2C furniture product review will help you select some of their popular furniture items that otherwise would have been daunting to look through without a review guide.

A little disclaimer before we dive into our review, this is still based on our personal experience and the excellent customer service we were provided thanks to B2C, which is why we feel compelled to share the valuable information as it aided us in becoming one of their long-term customers. We want to share this helpful knowledge with everyone out there.

Myer Triple Bunk Bed with Storage | Kids Bed

B2C Furniture Myer Triple Bunk Bed with Storage

Look no further cause we have found the best and the most enjoyable bunk bed for your kids. One of B2C's top sellers, this bunk bed is carefully crafted with hardwood into a purposeful design, promising safety to your kids.


The bed comes with:

  • 1x Hardwood Triple Bunk Bed Frame
  • 2x Under-bed Storage Drawers
  • 1x Ladder

Myer White King Single Bed with Storage | Kids Bed

B2C Furniture Myer White King Single Bed with Storage Review

This is an all-purpose bed with a built-in storage system in the form of a bookshelf, this bed is carefully designed with intricate craftsmanship and is sure to add fun and happiness to your child's life.


The bed comes with:

  • 1x White Hardwood King Single Bed Frame
  • 1x Bed head with Built-in Bookshelf Storage
  • 2x Large Under-bed Storage Drawers

Rome Bedside Table | Bed Furniture

B2C Furniture Rome Bedside Table Review

This bedside table is a mid-century hardwood timbre, has a 5-star rating on B2C's website, and will be a valuable addition to your bedroom.


Hibernate Bedroom Buddy Package | Bed Furniture

B2C Furniture Hibernate Bedroom Buddy Package Review

While we were on a hunt for a sturdy and gorgeous looking bed-frame, we came across this attractive package offering 2 in 1 deal on a bed frame with a mattress and couldn't help but share it with you.


This hibernate bedroom buddy package includes:

  • An exclusively designed queen bed and a warm and soft mattress that will give you a good night's sleep.

Paris Hardwood Coffee Table | Living Room and Dining Furniture

B2C Furniture Paris Hardwood Coffee Table | Living Room and Dining Furniture Review

In our search for coffee tables, the Paris Hardwood Coffee Table stood out with its modern innovative design, durable and long-lasting, crafted from the most delicate hardwood timber frame. The delicacy of this coffee table will add an element of elegance to your living room.


Bella 7PCE Glass Table Dining Set | Living Room and Dining Furniture

B2C Furniture Bella 7PCE Glass Table Dining Set | Living Room and Dining Furniture Review

We chose this glass dining table as one of B2C's top sellers, and people couldn't stop praising its strikingly lustrous design in their reviews. The dining table is built on hardwood timbre, providing sturdiness and a solid foundation to its clear tempered glass top.


The dining set comes with:

  • 1x Bella Glass Top Rectangle Dining Table - Natural Hardwood
  • 6x Bella Natural Hardwood Dining Chair

Shiloh Outdoor Hanging Chair | Outdoor Furniture

B2C Furniture Shiloh Outdoor Hanging Chair | Outdoor Furniture Review

Grab a book and enjoy a peaceful morning out in your courtyard while being in the comfort of this intricate design, a hanging chair crafted for your convenience and relaxation.


This chair includes:

  • 1x Hanging Chair with Stand

Micah 2 Seater Outdoor Lounge | Outdoor Furniture

B2C Furniture Micah 2 Seater Outdoor Lounge | Outdoor Furniture Review

Lounge on your deck in the morning sun or enjoy warm tea. This 2-seater sofa will add a gorgeous enrichment to your outdoor area.


Gaudi Hardwood Chair | Occasional Chair

B2C Furniture Gaudi Hardwood Chair | Occasional Chair Review

This item has a 4.7-star rating out of 5, a remarkable discovery we are glad we made. The Gaudi Hardwood Dining Chair is the perfect addition to your dining table, which is comfortable and will let you enjoy your meal to your heart's content.


This chair comes with:

  • 1 x Gaudi Walnut Hardwood Dining Chair - Green Fabric

Paris Beige Hardwood Chair | Occasional Chair

B2C Furniture Paris Beige Hardwood Chair | Occasional Chair Review

A 5-star rated item and its positive reviews from customers should be enough to put you at peace that this Paris Beige Hardwood Chair will be a beautiful addition to your living space.


Welina Natural Coir Door Mat

B2C Furniture Welina Natural Coir Door Mat Review

When we came across this Welina Natural Coir Door Mat, we were instantly hooked. Woven with coir fibres and its deep black trimmed design, we think it will enhance the entrance of your home. The reviews and the 5-star rating of this product are a testament to that.


Arizona Grey Aztec Pattern Rug | Rugs

B2C Furniture Arizona Grey Aztec Pattern Rug | Rugs Review

This Moroccan-inspired geometrical patterned designed rug has an aesthetically pleasing aspect that attracted us so much that we couldn't help but add it to our review.


Rio Hardwood Baby Changing Table | Baby Furniture

B2C Furniture Rio Hardwood Baby Changing Table | Baby Furniture Review

To all the mothers, you don't need to look anywhere else now because this changing table has all the storage space for your newborn's clothes and other essential items, you won't have to worry about being disorganized anymore.


Rio Hardwood Toddler Side Guard Rail | Baby Furniture

B2C Furniture Rio Hardwood Toddler Side Guard Rail | Baby Furniture Review

One of the dilemmas for a mother with their newborn is the fear of leaving them unattended on the bed, which puts them at risk of tumbling down the side. This guard rail is designed with the most delicate hardwood timber frame that is sustainable and durable to provide all the protection for your newborn needs.


Why should you trust B2C Furniture?

B2C is on a mission to provide the best quality furniture products that promise sustainability and last for a long time. Their customer service is exceptional, and the check and balances on their products are top-notch. They are a 100% Australian-owned business, and these helpful B2C Furniture reviews Australia is catered for the people living all across the country.

To further convince you, B2C Furniture was awarded as The Best National Furniture Store of 2020 by Product Review due to their exceptional services in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. B2C Furniture also averaged around 4.9 out of 5 stars, making it's position in the list of the best online furniture stores in Australia.

Lastly, their showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne allow the consumer to visit so they can touch and feel the Furniture and get total exposure on their products.

Discounts On B2C Furniture

While B2C introduces monthly sales campaigns on their online store, they also offer incredible discounted deals that you don't want to miss.

Revounts offers several promo codes that you can use on B2C's website. When you search B2C on Revounts, a list of B2C Furniture discount codes and promo codes will help you make your selection.

B2C Furniture Warranty Timeline

B2c Furniture provides the customer with a warranty period in case of any problems that may arise, and you can contact B2C Furniture customer service, 24/7, available to cater to your need.

Whatever question you may have regarding the warranty policy of their store, you can read these helpful B2c Furniture warranty reviews and find out their supplier warranties against any defects.

Their warranty timeline persists for two years if there has been any damage to the timber structure of the Furniture.

However, in case of any discoloration or fading due to coffee stains or any other similar type of spillage, B2C furniture will not be liable for such damage. In addition, they provide warranties on structural damages for their Furniture for example an unhinged bed frame or a cracked wood piece.

B2C Furniture Afterpay Service

During our B2C Furniture reviews, one of the most valuable pieces of information we would like to share is B2C Furniture's AfterPay service. With this service, the website allows you to make payments in instalments and offers you a buy now, pay later option, which gives enough time for consumers to test out the products they have bought.

Pros And Cons Of B2C Furniture


  • Discounts and promo code deals.
  • Ensures privacy.
  • Promises sustainability and durability.
  • Showrooms allow consumers to get an on-site experience with the products
  • Consistent mission to work for the betterment of the environment


  • High rates on some products
  • Low on stock sometimes

Shipping Policy Review:

B2C has the best delivery team, offering delivery services across the country. Their delivery timeframe consist of 4-7 business days for their Eastern states of Australia, and for all across the country, their approximate delivery timeframe is from 10-14 business days and during the entire delivery process they are willing to stay in touch with you throughout the timeframe.

  • B2c will be available with all their services during the delivery timeframe, so request any special requirement you may have related to your order, for e.g. access to property, authority to leave, request for a delayed dispatch etc.
  • In case of delays B2c keeps their customers informed at all times.
  • For any reason B2c is unable to deliver the goods, any money paid will be refunded to you
  • In rare circumstances B2C Furniture reserves the right to cancel any order without limitation. In this event, a full refund will be paid.

B2C Shipping Policy Review

    Product Quality Review:

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    What people say about B2C Furniture?

    B2C Furniture Customer Reviews 1

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    B2C Furniture Customer Reviews 3

    Final Thoughts

    With this brief and unbiased B2C Furniture reviews, we hope you got a good idea of B2C Furniture and its services. Being a top-selling furniture online store that operates all across Australia, B2C is constantly on a mission to provide you with sustainable and durable furniture products at affordable prices. In addition, the store offers exceptional deals and discounts, protects your information and promises complete transparency with its customers. You can take a look of our best couponing site Revounts if you are on the hunt of best deals and discounts. This one-stop furniture shop is your solution to all your home décor needs.

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