16 Of The Best Online Furniture Stores in Australia for 2023

Are you looking for the best furniture store in Australia to make your home a piece of heaven? Here, all of your concerns are addressed. By reading this guide, you can find the list of all the best online stores in Australia. So be ready to grab the best furniture and make your home a bit more classy!
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Published On: January 18, 2023

16 Of The Best Online Furniture Stores in Australia for 2023

Designing a new room or the whole house is fun but undeniably tedious. It's certainly rewarding to start anew and create a home to reflect your personality, but it's not always easy to know where to start, curating your vision and, of course, your furniture.

Where do you buy furniture? It sounds like a ridiculous dilemma with the world of the internet, but it takes time to sift through Google's turmoil and find high quality furniture and retail stores that reflect the aesthetics you were thinking of!

Decorate and enjoy!

If you have an affinity for beautiful furniture, You know the frustration of finding beautiful pieces. Whether you want a striking rug, a middling sofa, or you're looking for a small piece to spice up your decor. This guide has got you covered. In the further reading, you will find complete knowledge with a list of 16 best furniture stores in Australia to buy both in stores and online.

Best Online Furniture Stores Australia

Are you looking for the best furniture stores Australia? then your search is over because here we have a list of some best furniture stores that are quite affordable and offer you a best quality furniture.


Adairs has prepared a complete home kit. Brands in stock include the Home Republic, Mercer + Reid, Mark Tuckey and in-house brand Adairs. Every season, Adairs introduce collaborative collections with various Australian artists and designers. Parents and children alike loved their selection of furniture, bedding and toys specially designed for little ones. So when you build a new home, you may get a gift to celebrate your new home. This fantastic furniture is included in the category of best furniture online Australia.

adairs best furniture online


  • Harmonious living style
  • Returns and refund
  • Discount offers

Shop now at adairs.com.au

Great Dane

Whether you are in the phase of decorating your home or ready to get started, Great Dane Furniture is one of the top choices when buying furniture in Australia. Specializing in Danish and Scandinavian design, Great Dane Furniture is a curator, unlike other brands that create their designs. Designers such as Hans Wegner, Nanna Ditzel, Børge Mogensen, Verner Panton and Space Copenhagen are a few of the works in this uniquely designed gold mine place. This store is listed under the top furniture stores in Australia

great dane top furniture stores


  • Designer specialized fields
  • Warranted items
  • Returns available

Shop now at greatdanefurniture.com

West Elm

West Elm is a must-check high-end furniture retailer. Most of the brand's collection is designed in-house. In short, it's doing well for the planet as many of the materials used are sourced in a sustainable way that can't be found anywhere else. Moreover, you can also join the company's interior design services to make your home shine the best.

west elm high-end furniture stores


  • International orders
  • Returns and refunds
  • Buy now, pay later

Shop now at westelm.com

Freedom Furniture

This Australian retailer is familiar with the ever-changing colour, style and finish trends. Freedom has considered the best among all other vintage furniture stores. Find the perfect collection of most rooms in the house, including living, dining and office, with a children-only area. Freedom has covered you all with a class. You will be more than happy decorating your house with freedom furniture.

freedom furniture vintage furniture stores


  • Luxurious furniture
  • International delivery
  • Discount offers all year

Shop now at freedom.com.au


Jardan is an Australian staple and has undoubtedly influenced a more contemporary Australian style than any other brand. The new showroom opens design possibilities for you and makes your choices bolder. If you don't know how to handle Curvaceous works, Jardan is a place to educate yourself by combining sensual shapes with clean, unobtrusive ideas. It is always comfortable and the vintage furniture store.

jardan comfortable furniture store


  • Beautiful and vibrant
  • Global Expertise
  • Handcrafted furniture

Shop now at jardan.com.au


Ikea is a furniture powerhouse that combines aesthetics with practical and functional work that can be used in any room or home. But the biggest attraction is the affordable and easy-to-assemble parts, which are much more accessible than other brands. As a result, each piece of furniture looks great when it fits into your living space and serves its purpose well.

ikea best affordable furniture australia


  • Unique democratic design
  • Low cost, discount offers
  • One-year return policy

Shop now at ikea.com

Best Furniture Stores Sydney

The market is full of ordinary mass-produced goods everywhere, but who wants a home that looks like someone else? By guiding you through the best furniture stores in Sydney and finding furniture that is definitely worth the money, you can be assured that you will get the best.

Amart Furniture

At Amart Furniture, you will find a wide range of high quality products that will last longer than many other competitors in furniture. In addition, here you will find the best affordable furniture that can be assembled without headaches and is as logical as magic. Not only this, but during our Amart Furniture reviews, we also find out that this store is categorized as a high-end furniture store.

amart furniture high quality furniture store


  • Lowest Price, Best quality
  • Decorate your home like a pro with stylists
  • Great deals and offers all year round
Go to Amart Furniture
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Mcm House

Mcm House has built an unparalleled reputation in Australia for its classic contemporary furniture and household items. Inspired by the classic, stylish design and classy simplicity, MCM House offers a modern combination of furniture, lighting, textiles, carpets, decorations and carefully selected artists worldwide.

mcm house furniture store sydney


  • Designer furniture store with affordable prices
  • Warranted items
  • Organic simplicity
Go to MCM House

Best Furniture Stores Melbourne

Whether you just shifted to a new home or are looking to renovate a current home you've lived in for decades, the task can often be overwhelming and demanding. Don't worry. We did all the hard work for you. Here are some of the top modern furniture stores shortlisted in Melbourne where you can find great items for your home.

B2C furniture

B2C Furniture offers beautifully designed modern solid wood furniture designed for maximum storage space. If you are looking for stylish, modern solid wood furniture with innovative storage solutions, B2C is your only choice among all other good furniture stores! Their range from white tables to traditional rustic furniture styles is incredible. Check out our comprehensive B2C Furniture review that covers all the important aspects that a confused shopper may need to come to a buying decision.

b2c furniture good furniture stores


  • Exceptional quality
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Warranty on all furniture items
Go to B2C Furniture
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Living Style

Living Styles is an expert in providing top-quality furniture at competitive prices. As a top retailer of only the most refined décor and furnishings to beautify your home, Living Styles has made it a priority for years to provide our customers with only the highest quality products. This brand's catalogue contains thousands of items from domestic and international premium brands. In addition, the company offers some of the best deals and prices. This amazing store is listed among the best affordable furniture stores.

living styles affordable furniture stores


  • Premium high end items
  • Discount offers all year
  • After pay
Go to Living Style
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Best Furniture Stores Brisbane

Brisbane has many furniture and interior design stores. Shopping for your home can be exhausting when you roam the shops and towns looking for what you need. However, the truth is that some companies stand out from others. To help you find the most beautiful furniture and decorations you want, we have lovingly edited the list of the top places to buy furniture!

Modern Furniture

A new furniture treasure inspired by Scandinavian design, Modern Furniture Store is designed and manufactured in solid wood to create quality products intended to be used and cherished daily in your home or workplace. Find beautifully crafted furniture. You can also shop for a wide range of homewares from brands such as Marimekko, Iittala, Architect Made and Norman Copenhagen and carpets from all over Australia.

modern furniture store australia


  • Humility and simplicity
  • Extensive range
  • Two years warranty
Go to Modern Furniture

Franco Crea

furniture is based on a timeless and sophisticated design language. The refined architectural lines and forms, combined with a deep connection to memory and place, create elegant furniture suitable for private and public spaces. With a minimalist approach, each piece is proof of wise concealment of complex manufacturing techniques, including all the small details and attention to quality.

franco crea luxury furniture store


  • Luxurious
  • Elegantly designed projects
  • Storage warranties
Go to Franco Crea
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Best Furniture Stores Perth

If you're looking for new household items, do yourself a favour and look a little wider than your usual trip to these following stores. We have listed Australian best places to procure the perfect store to buy furniture in Perth. Here we put together this incredible designer on Perth furniture, lighting and household items. Go shopping! You won't regret


A single visit to the Editeur showroom will give you an idea of ​​why this shop makes a list of places to buy furniture in Australia. Editeur moves in the opposite direction of minimalist design and is for design enthusiasts—a carefully balanced collection of rare and unique vintage pieces curated in combination with the most delicate contemporary designs. There are plenty of gold tones, bold animal prints, abstract coffee tables, and individual special household items.

editeur modern furniture australia


  • Savvy designs
  • High-end furniture quality
  • Excellent services
Go to Editeur


Zanui offers a wide range of products to help Australians change their homes. From colourful rugs to designer lighting, decorative accents and a large selection of children's furniture, you'll find everything you need to decorate your entire home online. For example, if you want to buy a sofa online, there are many things Zanui offers. From two-seat sofas to chaise lounges and modular lounges, you can find the one that suits your needs in various sizes, colours and fabrics.

zanui top furniture store australia


  • Stylish designs and ideas
  • Returns
  • discount offers
Go to Zanui
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Best Furniture Stores Adelaide

Fortunately, the City of Churchs has some great furniture stores that offer everything from indoor to outdoor furniture that is functional and stylish. If you want the most beautiful home in the area, you should visit one of the best furniture stores in Adelaide. A house is just a house, but what makes it a home is the taste and style of furniture.

Matt Blatt

For almost 40 years, Matt Blatt has been the go-to source for Australian furniture buying. Matt Blatt is known for quirky designs and rare pieces and is always a good place to buy paint. In 2020, Matt Blatt became a fully online company. This makes shopping even easier from anywhere in Australia. The site is easy to follow, with all items sorted by room and subcategory and many items regularly put up for sale.

matt blatt furniture store adelaide


  • Attractive pieces
  • Returns Discount offers
Go to Matt Blatt
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Bo Concept

Born in Scandinavia, the premium lifestyle brand has become a popular name in Denmark and now internationally, especially in Australia. The company designs, manufactures and sells modern furniture, accessories and lighting for living, dining, sleeping, working and outdoor areas. From BoConcept retains a Scandinavian touch but with a perfect selection of both eye-catching and understated décor and furniture.

bo concept best furniture stores online australia


  • Modern furniture
  • Interior design stylists
  • Traditional quality
Go to Bo Concept

Last words

Cheer up! You can quickly find the perfect hairpin coffee table with our lovingly selected list of online furniture stores.

Fortunately, technology makes purchasing furniture much more effortless. In addition, the best furniture stores generally have a decent online presence, so it's easy to find what you need.

Hope the above reading is helpful for you if you are looking for the best online furniture store in Australia.


What are the best places to buy furniture in Australia?

Here are some of Australia's best furniture stores voted by consumers in the latest research reports shared.

  1. Freedom
  2. Adiars
  3. Ikea
  4. Jardan
  5. West elm
  6. Great dane

Freedom outperformed its competitors after being ranked top in overall terms and conditions.

Is Coco republic the best place to buy outdoor furniture stores in Australia?

Yes! Coco republic is convincing. Buy elegant and stylish furniture online. It's like New York celebrities meeting the terraces of downtown Sydney, scattered across the Vogue Living page.

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