Stylerunner Reviews Australia - An Overview Of Largest Women Activewear Store 2023

This Style runner review is written without being biased towards the company and states all the facts and relevant information regarding the company. Along with saying what their customer's reviews and thoughts are.  This review is going to help you in making a decision that making purchase from Style runner is a good idea or not.

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Stylerunner Reviews Australia - An Overview Of Largest Women Activewear Store 2023

Stylerunner Website Review:

Style runner is an Activewear brand specially made for women; people are happy with their products and are willing to buy again from them. Customers are aware that Style runner will provide authentic products and not a copy. All the products they listed on their website are from a well-known brand and their own products. Per the customer's review, the product's quality is top-class and comfortable to wear.

What is Style Runner?

Style Runner was Founded by two sisters, Julia and Sali Stevanja, in the year 2012 on account when found a problem that women were looking for a place where all luxury Activewear brands could be found and weren't able to find it. So they devised a solution and opened an online store catering to the premium luxe Activewear niche category. Style Runner has sportswear from around the world of the top as well as emerging brands. So you don't have to worry about finding new Activewear; Style Runner will do all the work for you. In 2020 they opened their first Physical store in Armadale, Victoria. ;

Top performing products in Style Runner each category



Reviewers have mentioned that since they brought these trainers, they have forgotten about other ones they owned. However, it has surpassed all the others in terms of quality, comfort, and ease on your feet. Solar glide comes in various combos of colours, and the wider toe bed makes enough room for athletic socks. They consist of Plush Boost cushioning technology which gives back all the energy you give, so you run a little faster, a little further with comfort.

Stylerunner Solarglide Review

Price: AU$340.99

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4.4 Rating

Top Qualities:
  • Recycled material
  • Vegan


Customers have mentioned that Astir's are super comfy, great fit, and neither bulky nor can have a comfortable walk in it. Versatile can be worn around the city, and is the perfect partner for the gym. The EVA midsole keeps the foot comfortable throughout the day. And Astir combines retro style with futuristic elements, inspired by 2000s era eye catchy runner. ;

Stylerunner Astir Review

Price: AU$160.00

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4.4 Rating

Top Qualities:
  • Comfortable
  • Great fit

Sandals & Slides

Midform Universal Holiday

According to the customers, sandals have the most comfortable bottoms, which do not make you feel tired at the end of the day. Straps are pretty stiff, leaving you scratchy if wearing them for more extended period of time by adding moleskin strips under can help. The springs inside make it comfortable to walk in. Midform Universal Holiday adds sparkles to your already hot summer. Wear it with any outfit; engraved crystals elevate the look.

Stylerunner Midform Universal Holiday Review

Price: AU$99.99

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5.0 Rating

Top Qualities:
  • Sparckle
  • Crystals


Ripple Shorts

Stylerunner reviews regarding their Ripple Shorts suggest they are comfortable to wear when you spend the day near the pool. Although the side pockets come in handy when you are busy with other things and unable to hold your phone in your hands at all times, these pockets can come in use with your other essential items too. Style them with a matching T-shirt for an organised look. ;

Stylerunner Ripple Shorts Review

Price: AU$89.99

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4.8 Rating

Top Qualities:
  • 90% organic cotton

Sheba Nicola Jacket

Reviewers suggest that the Nicola Jacket provides warmth due to the insulation, and the pockets help keep hands warm too. A high collar neck eliminates the need to carry extra accessories such as scarves and gloves to keep you warm. Sheba Nicola Jacket is made with organic cotton, fully insulated and has twin pockets. A zip is also provided, which can be closed fully to provide protection from cold weather. In addition, the reversible feature allows the jacket to be worn inside out, making it a versatile piece of clothing. ;

Stylerunner Midform Universal Holiday Review

Price: AU$149.99

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5.0 Rating

Top Qualities:
  • Long sleeves
  • High-stand collar neckline

Adicolor Heritage Now Flared Leggings

Stylerunner reviews for Adicolor Heritage Now Flared Leggings suggest they can wear a blazer to work or casually. Very comfy, high wasted, and stays true to its size even after several washes. Adicolor Heritage Now Flared Leggings come in funky colours made from stretchable velvet fabric that is soft and flattering for the eyes.

Stylerunner Adicolor Heritage Now Flared Leggings Review

Price: AU$149.00

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4.8 Rating

Top Qualities:
  • Fun colours

Always Original Laced Hoodie

Reviewer, and we personally like this product. The lace detail sets it apart from other hoodies, and at the same time, it is comfortable too. Oversized but looks cute when you wear it. People love its quality and design; only some have bought the whole set. Adidas is presenting another fantastic product where traditional hoodies come with a zip. In addition, they have introduced a lace hoodie. ;

Stylerunner Always Original Laced Hoodie Review

Price: AU$99.99

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4.4 Rating

Top Qualities:
  • Great fabric

Rising Top

Reviewers say it doesn't rise up and stays in its place even after a lot of movement. It looks flattering on them and has received many compliments while wearing it. Thick fabric makes it the most comfortable Bra. The rising top is just like a crop top, consisting of a racer back and scoop neckline; pair it with any of your favourite tights, and it will work with anything.

Stylerunner Rising Top Review

Price: AU$34.99

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5.0 Rating

Top Qualities:
  • Soft material
  • Good colours

Accessories & Beauty

Compact Styler

According to the customers, the bristles are way more flexible this time than the previous versions. They help in detangling the hair without breaking it. The brush will work better o dry hair, as wet hair is more prone to breakage. People have got satisfying results with this detangling brush and will continue to use it along with their other products. Compact Styler is a two-in-one brush with a mirror and detangling brush. It's a very compact design that can fit in your bag easily; it has long and short teeth, long for detangling and short for smoothing the hair cuticles. ;

Stylerunner Compact Styler Review

Price: AU$32.50

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4.4 Rating

Top Qualities:
  • 2 in 1 a mirror and a brush
  • Compact design

Maximal Bag

Customers suggest it's a versatile bag compatible with the gym and suits your casual wear. You can pack your Gym clothes, towel and water bottle all in it, and it will still not appear as a bulky bag. It has also been used as a baby bag; pack all your baby's stuff in it, including their 1 or 2 toys; easy to carry, so there is no need to take an extra baby bag wherever you go. A maximal bag is a big bag that can hold many things simultaneously, and the extra pockets outside can carry small items. Whereas side pockets are made to fit bottles.

Stylerunner Maximal Bag Review

Price: AU$199.99

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5.0 Rating

Top Qualities:
  • Bottle Pouch
  • Fit for GYM

Bala Bars

stylerunner reviews of the customers says that it is as trendy as it is functional, consistent overall forms a pill shape. Easy to work out with, comfortable grip leaves no strain on the hand. Great if you wanna work out on Pilates or some lightweight workout. Giving a modern look with chic colours comes in a zip lock bag. The soft silicone coating on Bala Bars gives a firm hold, unlike regular steel bars.

Stylerunner Bala Bars Review

Price: AU$89.00

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5.0 Rating

Top Qualities:
  • 3LB each Bar

Reusable Bottle 1L

Customers think this bottle is of perfect size, but it becomes heavy to carry around after thoroughly filling. Elegant looking and does not spill even when laid down, perfect for my work desk. The metal body keeps the water excellent for longer but keeps it away from the dishwasher; its skin might peel off. Reusable Bottle 1L will keep you hydrated always; it is designed to maintain the temperatures of the liquid inside, wheatear it be hot coffee or cold drink. The straw helps you drink even on the go.

Stylerunner Reusable Bottle 1L Review

Price: AU$59.95

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4.5 Rating

Top Qualities:
  • Spill-free

Stylerunner online reviews

stylerunner online reviews

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What are Stylerunner Shipment Policies?

All of their orders are shipped within 2 business days. Shipping can be free if the order costs more than $150, while a $10.00 shipping fee will be charged if the orders are less than $150.

What is Stylerunner's Payment method?

They use Visa and Master cards, PayPal, American Express and Afterpay for payment in instalments. ;

What are Stylerunner Shipment Policies?

Item can be returned within 60 days of purchase, but the things on sale cannot be returned or exchanged. For returning the goods, certain conditions should be met, such as the product must not be used or opened and should be in original packaging. While returning the footwear, it must be protected in a satchel bag. No seals should be broken, and stickers on the product must not be removed.

PROs and CONs


  • Swift Delivery
  • Helpful staff in a physical store


  • Bad customer service for website
  • Return not guaranteed
  • Pay for returns shipment if required


Do they offer a discount for students?

Yes, they have teamed up with to provide discounts to students.

How to track my order?

Just visit Style runner's website, scroll down and click on Track my Order. Then, write your order number and order email there to find out.

Can gift cards refund?

Gift cards can only be returned to get a new one, reloaded, or used to buy different gift cards. ;


Stylerunner reviews Australia has been written to give you all the information regarding their store, how they deal with their customers, the kinds of services they provide, and the solid reason why you should consider using their service.

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