Sheet Society Reviews Australia - An Overview of Largest Bedding Provider 2023

Are you looking for bed sheets that provide comfort and an amazing look to your bedroom? Then visit Sheet Society, where you will find high quality bed sheets, quilt covers, and pillows made with natural materials such as linen, silk, cotton and many more.

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Sheet Society Reviews Australia - An Overview of Largest Bedding Provider 2023

What is Sheet Society?

Sheet Society believes in sleeping comfortably, so they started this company which produces products with materials that are friendly towards the planet. Using ingredients that are naturally found. Their manufacturing processes are also good for the environment. Their packaging is recyclable and plastic free. According to sheet society reviews, the customers are happy with the quality of their products and say that their packing is cute. The sheets are amazing to sleep on, and quilts help sleep because they are so comfortable. 

The journey of Sheet Society

Sheet Society was started by Hayley and Andy Worley in 2017 when their two children, Jake and Mila, came into this world. They realized what is essential for a good night's sleep. They started working in a shared space and then moved to Brunswick, where all the fulfilments were completed. Their bedding catered towards trends driven as well as those colours which are timeless. They only work with natural fabrics such as Eden Cotton, French Flax Eve Linen etc. Bed sheets matter a lot whether you will get good sleep or not. People are different and sleep differently; in this case, if the bedding is not comfortable or breathable, you won't get a good night's sleep.

The sheet society product review

Bed Builder

Sheet Society - Bed Builder

Price: AU$500 AU$780

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Make your customized bed by selecting the product, your desired size and the fabric you would like. All the different options are given on the website to choose from. It comes with fitted sheets, flat sheets, Quilt Covers, Pillowcases and Euro-size pillowcases. The price might differ according to the choice of fabric for each of the products.

Sheet society reviews of Bed Sheets

Teal Flat Sheet

Sheet Society - Teal Flat Sheet

Price: AU$60.00

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Elegant-looking teal flat sheet is modern, with double layers composed of 100% natural fibers. These sheets come pre-washed so that you can use them right away. In addition, Eden cotton is odour resistant and hypocaloric.


  • No harsh chemicals
  • Breathable material

Blush Bed Sheets

Sheet Society - Blush Bed Sheets

Price: AU$60.00

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Frankie Flannelette is double-brushed to make it twice as softer on both sides. The extra fluffiness of the sheets makes you experience more comfort. These sheets are not treated with any chemicals. Blush has a certain amount of grey undertone, which neutralizes the pink colour. The thick band is quite aesthetic in its feel and look.


  • High quality
  • Elastic band

Moss Quilt Cover

Sheet Society - Moss Quilt Cover

Price: AU$650.00

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Moss Quilt Cover is made with 100% Mulberry silk, sand-washed for a softer matte finish. This Fleur silk will change the look of your bedroom and take it to the next level. Silk does not let your hair get frizzy, and good for the skin and reduces wrinkles. It comes with an invisible zipper and no plastic wrapping.


  • 100% Mulberry silk
  • Anti-ageing

Bowie Gingham Quilt Cover

Sheet Society - Bowie Gingham Quilt Cover

Price: AU$230.00

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Bowie Gingham Quilt Cover comes with a zipper to easily change the covers. They are made with Eve Linen which consists of thermo-regulating properties. Linens can be used throughout the year as they're suitable for summers and winters. They get even softer with each wash, are natural dust replants, and resist bacteria.


  • Zipper
  • Easy wash 

Musk European Pillowcase

Sheet Society - Musk European Pillowcase

Price: AU$30.00

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It's a European-style pillow case made with soft eve linen, withstands wear, and is breathable. It's built with sustainability in mind from French flax linen, which is 100% certified. Although this pillow is best known for its temperature-regulating properties, these pillowcases will keep you warm but make you sweat due to overheating.


  • Lightweight
  • Fluffy

Beige Pillowcases

Sheet Society - Beige Pillowcases

Price: AU$30.00

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It's made with 100% natural fibre and gives a subtle sheen off when light is reflected. It comes in 26 solid colours, and nine patterns mean you have a lot of choices to choose from and match with the rest of your bedding style. As you know, Upland cotton yields more strength and uniformity, which makes it the best kind for weaving high quality pillowcases.


  • Odour resistant
  • Hypoallergenic

Charcoal Stripe Quilted Blanket

Sheet Society - Charcoal Stripe Quilted Blanket

Price: AU$84.00

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Charcoal Stripe Colour for a quilted blanket is an outstanding choice. It's lightweight, breathable and long-lasting. It can be used both ways and has 100% polyester filling, which keeps the blanket soft, and makes it dry quickly. This Colour is not too dark nor too light and will bend in with the rest of your bedding. This colour can be used in all seasons.


  • Neutral Colour
  • Natural fibers

Warm White Blanket

Sheet Society - Warm White Blanket

Price: AU$170.00

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The eve linen recycled warm is made with 50% of recycled flax linen, and the rest 50% is made with traditional flax linen. Warm white is lightweight, and keeping it in the room will automatically brighten up your space and act as a contrast if held in darker places.


  • Non-bleached
  • Natural look

Sheet society reviews of Kids bedding

Sheet Society - Midnight Kids Bedding

Price: AU$60.00

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Available in 23 colours and patterns, wholly elastic and comes with an invisible zipper and stylish double-layer top edge on the sheet. These sheets are breathable and made of 100% cotton. They are naturally made with no issue of being hypoallergenic and odour-resistant. These sheets are delivered to your pre-washed ready to be used.


  • No harsh chemical
  • No dyes

Camel Stripe Kids Quilted Blanket

Sheet Society - Camel Stripe Kids Quilted Blanket

Price: AU$84.00

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Quilted blanket for kids, which is exceptionally lightweight, durable and breathable, suitable for kids as they will not feel the weight on them while sleeping and move around freely. It's completely reversible, and the filling is 100% polyester, which makes the blanket soft and flexible.


  • Good quality
  • Deep fold at the sides

Customer’s reviews

sheet society customer reviews

Discounts for Sheet Society:

Find more Offers and Discounts at Sheet Society Discount Code.

Sizing guide:

Like any other regular clothing website, Sheet Society also provides their customer with a sizing guide which will help in measuring because sizes are different in Australia from other countries. Sizes for Quilts, bed sheets, and pillowcases for your convenience. And if you still need to figure out the size, you can read the most common questions asked before.

Why choose Sheet Society?

Sheet Society is not just a brand but a movement in itself; they make all of its products with natural ingredients, and its packing is biodegradable. In addition, they focus on providing comfortable sleep to their customers and making an impact on the planet for future generations to take advantage of. 

Sheet Society has a dedicated page for their customers from where they can get inspired for their bedrooms and choose the best colours and materials which suit their style. They have also introduced a new type of botanical sheets, which are plant-based. Plants are utilized to dye these sheets, which result in a natural and unique colour. 

What is the Sheet Society Shipping and Delivery Policy?

All the orders made before 3 pm from Monday to Friday are shipped on the same day, and the orders made on the weekend are shipped on business days too. They offer free shipping and use Australia Post Parcel Post, whereas Australia Post Express is used for express shipping.

What is the Sheet Society Return and Exchange Policy?

They are offerings returns on products bought within 30 days of purchase for the month of November and December. In addition, they will give a free return label for the products which are unused and unwashed until the 31st of January, 2023. 

What are the Payment options given by Sheet Society?

Sheet society uses the following Payment methods: Amex, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa card, and Shop Pay. And for delayed payments, After Pay and ZIP are used. 

Is this store authentic?

By looking at the reviews of the customers it seems like an authentic company which has been serving in the industry for many years. And giving the people most needed sleep which they are lacking now a days.

PROs and CONs of Sheet society:


  • Comfort first
  • Eco friendly
  • Zero Carbon


  • Quite simple design


Free fabric swatch

Sheet Society has several kinds of fabrics and different materials, and people with no experience using these fabrics sometimes need clarification about which one to go for. Sheet Society has allowed its customers to feel the fabric right from the comfort of their homes just by ordering a free sample of the product. This service has solved many customers' problems who needed clarification about their products.

Will the product's colour show on the screen match the real-life look?

Sheet Society cannot guarantee that because it is mainly on the screen, you are looking at the product with, and some screens show more vibrancy while others might make it look not very interesting. It's not in their control to fix this situation. Please note that returning a product due to this issue will be considered a change of mind return. 

When will my desired product be back in stock?

It's hard to tell when a product will be back in stock because sometimes the demand is too high. However, there is a notification on each product you can make it on, so you get the notification when the product becomes available for purchase.

Does Sheet Society sell Gift Cards?

Yes, they sell both E-gift cards and physical ones with lifetime validity. They start from AUD 50 and go to AUD 300. Your voucher will be emailed to you with instructions on how to use them and redeem it, even for the physical gift card. 

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