Modibodi Reviews Australia - An Overview of Most Sustainable Leak-Proof Apparel

Your solution to the best hygiene products for all women is at ModiBodi. From Sanitary apparels, to leak proof garments, ModiBodi is your best choice. This unbiased on Modibodi Reviews Australia covers all its bestsellers so hop on and go through the review to find all your favorites.

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Modibodi Reviews Australia - An Overview of Most Sustainable Leak-Proof Apparel

What is Modibodi?

All of their products are made with keeping comfort in mind, due to which they are among the favourite brands of their customers. Even people hearing about them for the first time are fascinated by their concept and eager to try their products. First-time users have also experienced satisfaction and recommend it to others, as well as repurchasing it for themselves.

The most essential feature of this brand is that they think about women and men too; although it started as a women's brand, they have slowly evolved with time and made products for men; they know men also face problems like leaks and incontinence. However, their brand hasn't stopped there; they curated products for kids too, as pampers are also ended in landfills which adds to the environmental pollution.

Users have tried their baby products for 24 hours and the Modibodi 24 hour review suggests that they can withstand a 24 hour long mark without leaking or causing a mess.

How Modibodi started?

Modibodi was founded to provide a solution for incontinence, which the founder Kristy Chong, also experienced. The already present women's hygiene products offer a solution, but they need to be more reliable and are also bad for the environment.

Then Kristy started a mission to revolutionise the industry with leakproof underwear. Then they came up with solutions for men, kids and teens, solving the problems for maternity products. They created all of these products by keeping comfort in mind, which is not attainable with other disposable hygiene products. They also end up in landfills like other non-environment-friendly products.

Modibodi's focus was to create products that would not add to the landfills, which is why they came up with reusable products for every single purpose. And they are crafted with material made with bamboo along with cotton and other materials.

The top seller in every Category on Modibodi


Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini

Modibodi - Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini Review


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4.9 Rating

Modibodi period underwear review is by the women who have used their products; they have said they feel confident knowing this product is gonna protect against period blood and sweat. It has been curated from soft bamboo with luxe lace for the perfect fit waistband. Keeps you fresh and safe from moderate to light bleeding.

Top Qualities

  • Machine washable
  • Flow 10ml

Seamfree Bikini

Modibodi - Seamfree Bikini Review


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4.8 rating

Modibodi seam free review is written after reading the reviews by the customers; they have mentioned that it doesn't make you feel wet or uncomfortable and gives a perfect fit. A favourite brand among the ladies, with no issues regarding the odour. Seamfree Bikini is a classic cut, has built-in lining looks perfect under your clothes and protects you from accidental leaks or heavy flow.

Top Qualities

  • Won't dig in
  • Absorbs Heavy flow

Reversible Recycled Keyhole Crop Top

Modibodi - Reversible Recycled Keyhole Crop Top Review


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4.8 rating

Modibodi period swimwear review says it has a beautiful range of colours that makes you look gratifying. The matching top and bottom look cute; it gives you security and removes restrictions of moving around. Reversible Recycled Keyhole Crop Top can be worn with the same colour or mixed and matched with other colours and versatile products. Its made with innovative recycled fabric, chlorine resistant and rated UV50+ for stellar protection.

Top Qualities

  • Super Absorbent
  • Fast Drying

TEEN Modibodi Swimwear Reviews

Teen Swimwear Racerback One Piece

Modibodi - TEEN Modibodi Swimwear Reviews


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5.9 rating

Customers say that it gives them the confidence to swim freely during the period, provides a good fit and looks stunning on you. Great style for teens, sporty but not flashy. Performs very well in the water; no need to worry about leaks. Perfect to be used for training, moulded chest cups. Specially designed for younger adults and available in different sizes. Teen Swimwear Racerback One Piece is available in may sizes.

Top Qualities

  • Perfect for swimming lessons
  • Impressive quality

Teen Recycled Swimwear Bikini Brief

Modibodi - Teen Recycled Swimwear Bikini Brief


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4.9 rating

Modibodi bathers review of Teen Recycled Swimwear Bikini Brief, users are happy with the results and recommend purchasing again. They are delightfully comfortable to wear and feel like you are wearing regular underwear. People got it for their daughters and are glad they found this product. Teen Recycled Swimwear Bikini Brief could be worn on its own or under shorts.

Top Qualities

  • Vacation partner
  • Not bulky looking

BABY modibodi nappies review

Reusable Nappy Booster 4 Pack

Modibodi - Reusable Nappy Booster 4 Pack


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5.0 rating

The customers say that all the liquid is drawn to the bottom, leaving the baby's butt dry and happy. Its compact doesn't look bulky even after being fully filled. It can only be left overnight without worrying about the leak. Good addition to the nappies. The reusable Nappy Booster 4 Pack is soft and incredibly gentle on the baby's skin, making the outer layer with the poly brush, which helps resist smell and stains.

Top Qualities

  • Easy to wash
  • Quick dry

Biodegradable Bamboo Nappy Liner

Modibodi - Biodegradable Bamboo Nappy Liner


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4.7 rating

Customers think it's a good product; despite being thin, it doesn't let poo go through, which makes cleaning up easy. In addition, fits in the nappies, doesn't move and is easy to remove. Biodegradable Bamboo Nappy liners are easy to use, managing poo easy to clean and stress-free task. Just lay the liner in the nappy and forget about it.

Top Qualities

  • Disposable
  • Good grip


Reusable Toddler Day-Time Training Pant 2 Pack

Modibodi - Reusable Toddler Day-Time Training Pant 2 Pack review


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5.0 rating

The reviewers said their kids loves them, plus the star pattern is too cute. The material used is high quality with double stitches which makes them skilfully constructed. The padding absorbs the liquid quickly sur to their thickness. This washable diaper is good for the environment as it will not end up in landfill. Reusable Toddler Day-Time Training Pant 2 Pack is the best product for potty training your kids, you will not have to constantly worry about leakage like you do with other standard disposable diapers.

Top Qualities

  • Washable
  • Happy kids


Men's Trunk - Black

Modibodi - Men


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4.8 rating

Reviewers say they have tried many brands before, but this has been the best for them. They are pretty comfortable and do the job well; you just need to find the one that fits you perfectly. For example, it can use as swimwear for men. Even men with surgeries have suggested that it works well for them. In addition, Modibodi pants for men are designed to be reliable and leakproof; the front pouch provides moisture control and locks it inside so you can stay cool and dry.

Top Qualities

  • Sweat control
  • Leakproof


Breastfeeding Bra

Modibodi - Breastfeeding Bra review


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4.5 rating

Reviewers say they feel comfortable wearing in hot and cold season, a top for summer and an undershirt for winters. It can be worn under the shirt and make it very easy to breastfeed not leaving you exposed every time. A great hands-free nursing bra, a life saver when outdoors. Breastfeeding Bra is very comfortable to wear, anti-microbial lining, front clips for one handed feeding.

Top Qualities

  • Anti-Odor
  • Fast Drying

Postpartum Control Brief

Modibodi - Postpartum Control Brief review


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4.2 rating

Customers say the best thing in these postpartum undies is their compression; it helps in feeling secure while working or moving around. People like the quality of their products as they give a comfortable fit, not tight if you get the right size. This Postpartum Control Brief combines the shapewear with period underwear; it absorbs the liquid quickly so that you may feel safe all the time.

Top Qualities

  • Nylon Fabric
  • Provides back support


Waterproof Bag Large

Modibodi - Waterproof Bag Large review


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4.9 rating

As per reviewers, the bag's quality is quite good and does what it claims. Used to keep my wet swimwear stored with other clothes; it doesn't leak at all. But keep it in mind store items when they are scorched or leave an odour. Good size bag, dense and flexible. Waterproof Bag Large seals completely, easy to store in your handbag, a must-have.

Top Qualities

  • Decent size
  • Washable

Biodegradable Gym Towel

Modibodi - Biodegradable Gym Towel review


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4.0 rating

Users suggest it is good at absorption and soft even after several washes. Not only suitable for the gym but can be used for yoga, sports, travel or other activities. It can be easily stored in the Modibodi waterproof bag. Biodegradable Gym Towel keeps you dry and cool. Fight odour and bacteria; its compact design fits perfectly in any sports or gym bag.

Top Qualities

  • Soft
  • Breathable

Modibodi customer Reviews

Modibodi customer Reviews

What is the Modibodi sizing chart?

They have provided sizes for your convenience with each type of garment. Also, define how to measure yourself for taking, and if you are still trying to decide, there is a recommended section for you. Sizes range from 10/s till 26/6X for women, whereas for men, it starts from small to 3XL.

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Modibodi for incontinence reviews

Yes, Modibodi creates products for incontinence; everyone has quite a variety of products to choose from, both for men and women. The products have good reviews from the users, making them a good choice. In addition, their products are leakproof, making them suitable for incontinence; wearing these will give you the confidence to walk around comfortably.

What is Modibodi's return policy?

The first-time purchasing customer can make a claim after one-time use as a part of their 60 Day Risk-Free trial. According to this policy, you do not have to return the product, you just have to fill out the 60-Day Risk-Free Trial Request Form, and you will be refunded for your claim. But certain products can be claimed through this policy, such as Accessories including washbags, laundry bags, and hair, face, body and home items. Other items include Nappies, Socks, Towels, and Clothing, including Pajamas, Activewear, Dancewear, Bras, and Maternity Cami-Bra. Also, if the products are being returned due to a change of mind, then the product must be returned within 30 days of making the purchase, and it should be unopened and unused. Whereas the products which are on sale cannot be returned.

What is Modibodi's shipping policy?

They ship their product in Australia and worldwide; Australia shipping usually takes 3 to 5 days for the metro area and 5 to 7 days for regional areas. Whereas for International shipping, DHL ships within 5 to 12 days.

What are Modibodi payment methods?

Modibodi uses a Visa card, master card and PayPal. And Afterpay for buy now and pay later. Klarna for payment in instalments.

PROs and CONs


  • No need for extra protection with them
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Australia Originated


  • Not true to size
  • Sometimes return is impossible.


Do Modibodi offer student discounts?

Yes, Modibodi offers a discount of up to 50% off on Selected Styles & Absorbencies to students registered with Student Beans.

Do Graduates get discounts too?

Yes, if you have graduated within the last five years, you can also benefit from this offer. Just login into Student Beans and verify that you are a graduate now.

Modibodi has a referral program?

Yes, Modibodi is offering 10% off to all who will refer a new customer to them.


With all the Modibodi reviews we have read, it is a trustworthy brand with many loyal customers. It started as a company willing to revolutionise the world by making a small but significant change by producing hygiene products that are useable, comfortable and eco-friendly. They are continuously working on themselves to bring out the best of products to the world. People are already pretty happy with their products and services, and the company is growing swiftly.

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