Frank Green Reviews Australia - Reliable or Not? A Comprehensive Guide

The time has come to stop using single-use plastic goods and start using Eco-friendly alternatives. If you are looking for a more sustainable way to incorporate reusable products, Frank Green is one of the best brands as they offer their customers products that are durable. Explore this informative Frank Green reviews to get a good idea on their products and services.

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Frank Green Reviews Australia - Reliable or Not? A Comprehensive Guide

Reusable bottles are practical, simple to use and money since it saves you from the hassle of investing in plastic bottles. But with so many options available the market it is hard to choose the best one for you.

Frank Green was initially born in 2014 by an environmental enthusiast and motivated entrepreneur Benjamin young. Ben always cared about the objective towards a sustainable and healthy earth.

However, you could have some inquiries. Although they are attractive, do I really need one? My coffee will it stay warm? Should I hold off till they are sold? How challenging is cleaning? Do not let this deter you from upgrading. We'll explain everything there is to know about this renowned brand!

Scroll down to read honest Frank Green reviews;


The brands slogan is simple ‘to stop the use of non-reusable plastic.’ Frank Green was initiated to support the cause of saving earth from plastic pollution and by adding a reusable bottle in your life, you potentially prevent the consumption of 150 single-use plastic bottles yearly and enjoy continuous benefit to a sustainable option.


The owner of frank green, Benjamin young, had a connection to the natural environment as a child but soon as an adult he realized he was not doing enough to protect it. So as an inspiring entrepreneur young set out employ his newly business talents and as a result, he produced a multi-award-winning, well-known product that has received recognition for its creativity, usability, and design.

The aim is to promote sustainable drinkware and incorporating different attractive colors and design that would attract their clientele. Moreover, providing their customers with good quality reusable products with guaranteed product longevity.


There's a good reason why reusable bottles and travel mugs have become so popular in Australia and around the world. In addition to being incredibly functional and attractively made, Frank Green products have assisted millions of people in moving away from single-use plastic cups and toward reusable ones on a regular basis.

Every piece by Frank Green was precisely created and designed over many hours. They equip you with plenty of features to keep your eco-friendly lifestyle easy.


frank green Australia review

If you are not sure about frank green bottle review or frank green cup review, go through this table to be aware of wide variety of products in a single category listed below;

REUSABLE BOTTLES: ceramic bottles with straw, chrome bottles with straw, insulated bottles.

REUSABLE CUPS: party cups, ceramic cup, chrome cup, coffee cup, travel mug.

HOMEWARE: insulated food containers, steel bowls with glass lids, bento box, silicone storage box, utensil sets.

PET SUPPLIES: stainless steel pet bowls, pet poo holders, pet collars, pet lead, pet squeaky toys, pet bandana, pet safety light

ACCESSORIES: reusable straw, tea infuser, scooper, reusable bags, microfiber polishing cloth, French press.


After a thorough research we listed down some of the store’s bestselling products;


Frank Green Ceramic Water Bottle Review

Price: $64.95

The stores ceramic bottle review is one of their bestselling product, as it is spill resistant and its eloquent design keeps your beverage desired is entirely made of ceramic and available in different colors and sizes.

Frank Green Chrome Reusable Water Bottle Review

Price: $69.95

Frank Green chrome reusable water bottle comes in three signature colors, golden, silver and rainbow. It is considered one of the most stylish addition to their collection. The high shine chrome collection works with biggest trend in the fashion called ‘liquid metal’ which exclusively present the title.

Frank Green Original Reusable Water Bottle Review

Price: $39.95

This water bottle is lightweight and the most reliable water bottle in their store. The original and sleek designs gives a chic appearance moreover it is with push button lid that makes an easy accessible for students or active people.


Frank Green Ceramic Cup Review

Price: $27.95

One of the largest collection with different fun shades of neon and chromatic colors with small micro fibre cloth and push lid button. This frank green reusable cup review are positive since many customers rely on it when it comes to storing beverages.

Frank Green Travel Mug Review

Price: $42.95

Frank Green travel mug comes in different sizes and colors. The inner protective layer maintains the beverage temperature. Frank Green mug review is simple and portable to use.

Frank Green Coffee Cup Review

Price: $42.95

Frank Green coffee cup is the most portable of their cup collection, there is a push button that opens the seal and allow the flow of coffee and it can be pressed back to seal it again. These cups are available in different colors and sizes.


Frank Green Stainless Steel Pet Bowls

Price: $94.95

Frank Green stain less steel bowl is perfectly sculpted for our furry friends. Moreover, an anti-slip silicone base resists even the most determined nose nudges and the sleek designs is perfect for every house aesthetics.

Frank Green Pet Collars with Name Tag Review

Price: $69.95

The stores staple pet collar is designed for daily rough and adventurous life of our animals, the quality is outstanding and the minimal and clean look completes it plus with the attachable name tag that can also be personalized. You can also buy pet asseccories such as the pet safety light for a sturdy flash and style.

Frank Green Pet Squeaky Toy Review

Price: $15.95

Frank Green’s squeaky toy is made with durable fabric which is designed for your pet with an element of fun.


Frank Green French Press Review

Price: $59.95

Frank Green exclusive French press is made with innovative ceramic layer that will keep your coffee tasting just perfect! The way you like, the stainless steel plunger ensures that your coffee stays delicious and smooth without any compromise

Frank Green Straw Lid Review

Price: $12.95

The most popular product of the store is their straw lid, it comes with a handy ready to go strap and a removable stainless steel straws and tight lid that prevents no spills while in your bag, this detachable lid can be mixed and matched with both ceramic and original frank green reusable products. Furthermore, Frank Green push button lid is similar to this product, which is good for handling you daily coffee.

Frank Green Reusable Bags Review

Price: $19.95

Frank Green reusable carry bag comes with a detachable hook that can fit anywhere, made with quality material and perfect style this bad is a go to carry bag for every occasion.


If you are looking for Frank Green's discounts than you are at right place. Our website offers tremendous offers make sure to avail them to save you money!

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  • Diversity of products available water bottles, cups, pet supplies, homeware and other accessories
  • BPA free, FDA and EU safe materials approved.
  • Attractive bright colors and encaptivating designs
  • Fits in standard size of cup holders
  • Customizable products
  • Helps keep your drink warmer or cooler for long periods
  • Tight lids and leak proof.
  • delivers all over the world
  • Shatter proof and easy to clean
  • Significant deals and discount codes
  • Excellent customer service


  • Delivery may take upto 7-10 days for certain areas.
  • Too many promotional emails
  • Expensive than normal products


  • Shipping rates vary from different countries and cities.
  • Frank Green Ships all over the world (Europe, USA, AUSTRALIA, UK, New Zealand).
  • It usually take 2 working days (it may take upto 7-10 days for monogrammed orders).


Frank Green is currently accepting return or exchange for new unused products in their priginal packaging. If you wish to return your product, Within 14 days of receiving your order, you must contact their customer service if you want to return a frank green product for a refund.

Where Can I Buy Frank Green?

Given that, if you're often on the run, this reliable brand is a good investment. Are you ready for a change? You may explore our WEBSITE and avail discount codes or go their website to get some of the most popular Frank Green in Australia!

Frank Green Customer Reviews

Frank Green Customer Reviews on Trustpilot


How to contact frank green?

Don't be afraid to get in touch with the company via the email if you still have any inquiries:


Where is it based?

Frank Green is based in Australia, read the above frank green reviews Australia to get accurate information about the brand.

What is the size of Frank Green reusable water bottle?

Size of Frank Green reusable water bottle

What is frank green's warranty policy?

There is a 12 month warranty period for frank green products. Items that are broken or damaged upon arrival are covered by Frank Green's repair, replacement, or refund policy.

How can I track my order?

Once your order is dispatched, you’ll get a shipment notification email where you’ll find a tracking number specific to your order.

Is Frank Green durable?

Frank Green proves to be durable when it comes to their products quality. However if you still have doubts you can go through their websites and scroll through about frank green’s ceramic review.


If you're used to carrying beverages with you, switching to reusable water bottles is a great approach to help reduce the plastic pollution disaster. Now is the time to ditch the single use plastic products and switching to eco friendly products.

Frank Green is one of the most convenient brands when it comes to sustainable products. They make sure to provide their clientele durable products which is a better option. Frank Green is surely a brand worth to try as they won’t disappoint you and leads beyond your expectations.

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