Fashion Trends 2021 - Best Haute Couture Looks for Spring/Summer

From outfits to guide, find serious style inspiration with the top fashion trends spotted this spring/summer 2021 and hunt out what best suits your personality.

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Published On: January 19, 2023

Fashion Trends 2021 - Best Haute Couture Looks for Spring/Summer

Fashion trends are not permanent. They keep changing every year! Check out the best haute couture looks for spring/summer this 2021.

The fashion fraternity always comes up with something extraordinary every New Year to wow and attract its customers. They make sure that trends endeavored are more colorful and fashionable than those seen last year, which means there`s always plenty of fresh new looks to try throughout the year. From runway to street style fashion to neutral color combination, there`s still something for everyone. 

This year, some of the past influential decades have played an enormous role in the season`s looks for 2021. Trust us, we`ve looked at every single one of them, and you`ll also see why.

So how will you decide which trend is best for you?

Fret no more; we have gathered some of the most relaxed new looks you can wear this season. The street style this season will surely inspire every one of you and will give you a taste of the trend that will be hitting the street and stores this season. It offers a perfect blend of classic and futuristic style for everyone. 

Take a look at some of the best haute couture looks for spring/summer emerging trends that are coming your way in 2021.

Fashion Trends 2021

So today, we`re sharing the most prominent 2021 fashion trends along with shopping guide that can help you to buy cheap branded clothes and shape out your personality. Believe us, it`s an easy and effortless way to look wholly on-trend for the season ahead, and these all trends are from the upcoming Australian fashion week.


 1. Exuberant Dressing

The playfulness trend!

Looking for stylish clothes for women? Fashion trends 2021 can be a welcoming escape when the world is turned upside down. The boldness and the whimsy of The City Beach collection of trendy dresses will bring joy to you and your loved ones for seasons to come. 


2. Sheer Delights

Try something sheerer this summer!

These are the best outfit for girls to embrace a traditional and romantic look, especially for an outing or night out. It can provide girls with a gorgeous look with a colored gown and a stylish handbag while bringing a more contemporary modern moment with colorful layering.


3. Puffer Piece

Don`t depend on your outwear solely for warmth!

Take a cue to make a fashion-forward puffer jacket an integral part of your outfit. Try to look for details like deep-set side pockets and cinched waists that will help tackle sub-zero temps with style.


4. Premastered Trench Coats

Kind of cheap trendy clothes!

From asymmetrical to romantic, and even wholly unstructured, the wardrobe classic has been revamped for a new generation—double duty along with an extra-roomy piece that goes from coat to dress. Cinch loose sleeves at the wrist to create a unique silhouette.



You can find all the men`s clothes online at any store. If you want cheap clothing, you can opt for The City Beach.  

1. Vertical Stripes

Similar to 90s outfits, stick to classic stripes!

The reasons for embracing the vertical stripe designer clothing has twofold. Firstly, it looks great and presents a simple, refined way to experiment with prints. Secondly, it has the appearance of summer outfits for men, making them appear taller and slimmer. 


2. Noughties Revival

In 2021, however, things were on the turn for vintage clothing men!

The 20-year trend clock is still ticking to the nanosecond, and as a result, we`re going to be seeing a resurgence of millennium style. Exactly what shape this will take is anyone`s guess, but as long as it doesn`t manifest itself, we`re happy.


3. Garments For Layering

This summer will be the time to dig out your singlet!

The vest is back with a vengeance men`s clothing, but this time it`s all about creating depth with your summer shirting. While planning for budget friendly trip, you can save a lot on Cuban-collar shirts. It can be worn over a vest to set your new favorite thing once the warm weather finally returns.


4. Warm-Weather Layering

Tie around your waist, shoulders, or torso to retain the visual element!

When the sun is shining, piling on layers may not sound like the most practical move to make, but it can still be an option if done cleverly. Swap out the heavy outerwear for lightweight jackets and overshirts worn over plain tees or polos. 



1. Patchwork: Over The Top Prints

For summer fashion!

Why not make yourself the center of attention on every occasion? There is a massive collection of patchworks consisting of stylish looks with heavy belt buckles and faded denim. Craft-inspired pieces let the meticulous shine bringing the perfect look for brisk summer outfits.


2. Dominating knits: A Soft Touch 

Best summer outfits!

Even designers have leaned into working from home casual, but they don`t want to compromise on style. Dominating knits not only relevant during summer. They have emerged onto the beautiful men`s and women`s clothes in spring while staying comfortable and cozy.


3. Check Mate: The Stunning Look

Checks are to the winter season what floral is to spring!

For the upcoming colder months, fashion continues to keep its obsession with the linear check pattern pretty much alive. The color palette sticks to the classics, whereas we see many color variations such as red and black on shirts or skirts.


4. Corset Corner: All Things Leather 

Leather, leather, and more leather!

This trend is about color blocking to the max and infusing the whole silhouette. You can wear the movement in an all-over look to confirm your aesthetic clothes fashion. These winter outfits are beautifully reinterpreted across haute couture look flourishing evening appearances. 


5. Cut-Outs: Never go out of style

Showing skin has never gone out of style!

This season, it plans to brave the cold. So, strategically place garments to show off a hint of skin gain dominance on the Summer/Winter fashion trends 2021, from showcasing a bit of the waist over dresses to sliced shoulder details.


Fashion Tips to Ensure You Always Look Stylish

Here are the cool tips for spring-summer 2021 fashion trends. 

Tip-01Choose The Right Color Combinations 

To look stylish while staying warm during the summer/winter takes talent. That`s why we collected the very best examples of color combinations, which can help you better understand all the nuances of choosing the right colors and end up with a stylish, modern look. Here is our simple guide for you!

Color Combinations For Women


Color Combinations For Men


Tip-02The Flattering Dress Ideas For Your Body Shapes

Understanding your body type helps with mapping clothes and tweaking them to match your style. The idea is to make sure the dresses we choose sits beautifully and proportionately and enhance the looks for an even better-looking silhouette. Short, tall, slender, curvy, etc. Do not determine your body type. The body parts do. Since we almost have a distinct shape, our bodies fall under more giant buckets. We need to delve into this a little.









Tip-03The Right Colors To Wear For Your Skin Tone

Let`s talk about what looks best with your skin color. Color and complexion are pretty essential topics! If you`re spending time picking out some nice clothes to wear, why not take that extra step to pick colors that look best with your skin tone. 

There are plenty of ways to figure out the best colors for your skin tone, but it doesn`t have to be complicated. Here are some tips.


Take note!

  • If you have a lighter, paler complexion, avoid stark black and white.
  • If you have a medium face, the modern fragrances and bold colors will suit you well.
  • If you`re a darker skin tone, you have more freedom with whites and pastels than most.

Tip-04Choose Appropriate Styles As Per Your Age

Dressing as per your age means feeling comfortable in your own skin and working with what you`ve got. Here is a simple guide for you!


Tip-05Wear A Dress In Multi Ways

Wearing the same dress every day is boring, but changing the way it looks is enjoyable. Plus, you never need to search for discount clothing if you know the right ways, have a look!


What`s the best platform for getting updates on fashion trends?

City Beach is one of the fastest-growing fashion sites. The City Beach`s fashion designers offer non-stop fashion, with new pieces hitting the site every day. The majority of styles on offer are under discounted prices, and some are even on sales. Wait no more, fill up your wardrobe without any pesky spending guilt using the city beach promo code.

What are the coming back fashion trends in 2021?

Get ready to update your wardrobe with these coolest fashion trends and shopping tips on discounts. They shall be spotted during the Spring/Summer 2021 fashion weeks.

  1. Shoes worn over pants.
  2. Oversized Victorian sleeves.
  3. Chunky boots with plus size men`s clothing. 
  4. Money saving clothes such as Maxi faux leather coats.
  5. Pastel bucket hats.
  6. Faux leather jumpsuits and boiler suits.
  7. Matching printed tops and stockings.

At The End

A handful of fashion trends in 2021 are already popping up all over the fashion industry. That`s why we have provided you the trends that are the most ongoing drives for this year. Along with that, we have shared our tips so that you can get perfection in your iconic style. You can also find cheap clothes online by following our advice. So get in your comfy shoes and hit the stores near you to grab the latest and exclusive trendy outfits.

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