How to save money on clothes in Australia

If your wallet is getting empty and you don't know how to save money on clothes? Then, worry no more. Here are some pretty useful tips that you can check out, if you really wish to keep wallet your ever green. So, start with saving money and track down your additional spending in no time. 


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Published On: October 28, 2022

How to save money on clothes in Australia

Saving can quickly help you spare a lot of money aside. It might be challenging in the beginning, but once you get the hang of this. It becomes an addiction.

 In this era where the economy is increasing and things are getting pretty much over rated. Saving is the only excellent way to secure your backbone. It's a wise way to become self-independent. 

Are you struggling with saving money? If, yes then no need to panic and slump your head after spending money on useless clothes. Don't let the panic mood get you. Take a minute and look at your spending habits and keep track of what you spend and why you spend. It will guide you in a better way.  

So, if you are a regular shopper and want to know the secret of how to save money on clothes, then you are at the right place. And guess what, you don't even need to ask anyone to guide you. 

Simply read and practice. We have gathered Aussies guide to save money on clothes shopping to spare your hard-earned cash easily. So, check them out right now. 

Tips to save money on clothes

1. Sell off Clothes

If you have a bunch of clothes that aren't of any use then, we suggest that you drop them off at the consignment shop. As there are several shops that sell-out secondhand clothes and once they are sold out, they hand over a small portion of the profit. It's amongst the essential tips to save money on clothes you no longer wish to wear that you can try.  

2. Shop Cheap online store 

shop cheap online store

Wondering how to get discounts on clothes shopping? Several cheap online shopping stores like Gazman, MISHA, The Swank Store, and Decjuba offer affordable clothes to save your hard-earned cash easily. These stores always have sales and discounts deals going on their outfits and accessories. So, check out these stores and avoid wasting more on your desired outfits.  

3. Search for online coupons 

search coupons online

Another best way to save money on clothes shopping in Australia is to redeem coupons. There are several store coupons pages and apps where you can find exclusive and latest discount codes that you can avail before checking out and quickly get discounts on your purchases. But make sure that you avail it from a trustworthy site only.  

4. Go through the tag

check the tag

Before purchasing any outfit, check the label. If you shop a dry cleaning outfit every time, you need to clean it. You will have to pay for pulling up to cleaners. Therefore, try to stick to machine-washable clothes. Trust us; it's the best hacks to save money on clothes and probably can even help you keep aside more than you expect.  

5. Good quality clothes

Instead of shopping, again and again, invest one time on the right quality clothes. It’s a tried and tested ways to save money on clothes, because outfits of good material last long and does not fades off after worn or washed many times. Whereas cheap quality clothes hardly last long and you have to replace them and buy new clothes. 

6. Look for off-season sales

The best idea to save money on clothes shopping is to look for clearance sales as many retailers apply the strategy of putting up clothes on sale to clear out their stock from the store. Therefore, taking benefits from these sales is a best way to stop your money going down the drain. Beside this it can help you stock up clothes in your closet for the next seasons.   

7. Redesign or mix and match clothes

redesign clothes

If you have excellent stitching skills, then turn your old clothes into new designer clothes. Moreover, you can even mix and match outfits and redesign a new outfit. To get ideas, you can watch DIY videos and tutorials. In this way, you can minimize the cost of buying new clothes. So, if you haven't tried this method, then you should give it a try. 

8. Think twice before buying 

Just because the clothes are on sale and have a good deal of 30% off on it still, do not purchase them until you need them. Buying them and not wearing those 99.9% of your time shall be useless to purchase clothes from the sale. Therefore, if you want to save money, then think twice before heading out on spending money. 

9. Take care of clothes 

If you desire to keep your clothes last longer, then take proper care of your clothes. Avoid washing them quite often and using harmful detergents and powder. Fold and keep them in your closet in an appropriate manner. This way your clothes will last longer, and you won't have to spend money purchasing new clothes.  

10. Skip buying branded clothes

Spending a massive amount of money on branded clothes isn't worth it, it's better to do some research on how to save money on clothes. And get good looking outfits from cheap retailers like Esther and Co, Just Fashion store, and Catch  for more affordable and quality clothes. 

11. Borrow from a friend

borrow from a friend

If you know that, you want to wear a particular outfit for once. Instead of spending money on purchasing a new one, borrow it from your friend or loved ones, and save your money. This way, you can keep 100% of your money to yourself, and there won't be a useless dress occupying space in your closet too. 

12.  Stick to basic outfits

Clothes in fashion are often quite an expense, and once that wave of way is over, you are left with clothes that you don't wish to wear them again. Therefore, stick to basic garments that are always in style like jeans, tops, T-shirts, jackets, and much more and save your money by redesigning outfit by yourself.

13. Pay cash for your purchases 

pay cash for your purchases

Planning how to save money on clothes, then here is another most tried and testing strategy with which you can easily save you money is by paying cash and asking for discounts. Researches have proven that paying from the credit card. You pay twice as much in extra charges. Therefore, stick to go green approach and save your money. 

14. Wait for the right time to shop

Don't rush to the stores; instead, know the best time to buy. Often when an outfit is in demand, it's quite expensive. Therefore, wait for the perfect time for the costume prices to get low, then you can easily shop and save your money and wear your desired outfit at a pocket-friendly price. 

15. Benefit from friendly saving

Pick a store and become loyal customers and shop from only a single person. Once you become a recognized customer, you can effortlessly redeem discounts on your purchases. You can get yourself invited to the pre-sale period that is a phase before the sales signs go up in any store. It's also the best way to save money

16. Subscribe and secure your money 

Are you in search of finding the best way how to save money on clothes? Then, quickly sign up with your email address to a store where you always refer to do shopping. Subscribing will help you stay updated with the latest seasonal sales, discounts, and promotions. So, you can quickly rush to the store and get clothes at a discounted price. 

17. Shop from the kid's and men's section

Women's clothes are often expensive than compared to kids and men. If you're a small S or M woman and looking for basic T-shirts or jackets, you can explore the kid's rack and save your money as you can easily find cute printed shirts and jackets without any hassle. 

18. Stick to what you want to purchase

After visiting the store and exploring the new eye attracting collections, we often forget what we had planned to buy and waste money on buying clothes of less use. Therefore, when heading out for shopping, try to stick to the list and shop accordingly, and avoid oneself from spending much.   

19. Keep a track of your size

know your size

Items on discounts are not returned or refunded. Therefore, know your exact size and select outfits that you are 100% sure. Consequently, deeply discounted items online are not returned. Thus you need to make sure that you pick the right fit. If not, then consider that the deals are a complete waste of money.  

20. Buy a bit bigger

Want to know how to save money shopping for clothes. Then, get used to weaning and buying clothes plus size. As, clothes after washing shrink in proportion or with the time you even gain weight, having a plus size clothing can save you from wasting your money on purchasing new clothes. 

21. Tease the retailer online

Online retailers hate abandoned carts. Almost 60% of the purchases aren't completed at web stores, as it tends to distract the shoppers when the purchase button can't be hit. In return, the store sends follow up emails and discount codes to remind the shopper about the forgotten cart. Thus, if you practice this strategy of abandoning the cart, you can effortlessly receive useful discount codes. Isn't it genius, right?

22. Shop directly

Try purchasing directly from the official site instead of any other site. As, it cut out the extra hidden charges, that aren't visible to us. Shopping directly from the store can help you easily save money as discounts. Just in case if you don't know then let us guide you, there are many stores selling products of some other brand on their sites.  

23. Secondhand gift cards

second hand gift cards

Redeem secondhand gift cards usually selling around 10% lower than their face value so, if you have already decided which store you are planning to make purchases and what. Then you can effortlessly snap up your gift card and secure your own personal 15% promo from it.  

24. Don't rush and purchase new clothes 

Don't get attached to purchasing from a single store. Explore all different stores and review their reliability, prices, terms & conditions, return & refund policy, free shipping, etc. As many stores do not offer return and refund on clothing, you find the same dress at a lower price on other stores.    

25. Use credit

If you have an American Express account log into it and you'll see offers and discounts related to your spending, you can easily add to your card and utilize it at the time of shopping. It can provide you automated refunds and help you save more on shopping

26. Take cautions at the outlet malls

Another, best tips from how to saving money while buying clothes are that you should proceed with caution when you hit the outlet mall. Make sure that you read the excellent price, and you'll get to know that the discount is on the suggested price and no actual retail price. It's one of the marketing strategies. Therefore check out the label on the outlet store clothes and skip the one that says factor line and do your calculations on deals before you rush to buy. 

27. Wear secondhand clothes

If you want to save your money, feel no shame in wearing second clothes or borrowed clothes. Plenty of online sites are now available where you can buy these clothes online in Australia. Trust us, clothes available here are all in the right conditions and also at affordable prices. So, take a look at yourself and save your money. 


Saving money on clothing is not as difficult as it seems. But if you're serious about it, then you can seamlessly do it. Hopefully, the above guide can help you out with saving money on clothes shopping efficiently. So, start practicing new tips and tricks and turn on your money saving mode.  

But make sure before you head out to the market for shopping, explore each brand, prepare your list, and then do you're shopping. And don't forget to say no to yourself on extra spending of money on new clothing.

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