Budgeting For Travel - A complete guide

The ultimate guide will help you plan your travel in the budget when you have no money. We`ve done our searches and have bought you a comprehensive guide for your travel budget.  


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Published On: December 29, 2020

Budgeting For Travel - A complete guide

Be a traveler, enjoy the excitement, and explore the big world out there with budgeting for travel instruction. Here`s an ultimate guide to travel cheap.

Is your travel bug triggering you to go on for vacations? When you get such vibes, trust it. These are signs of picking up your travel bags and going. Perhaps, the saddest part is that we hardly have enough money in our accounts to fulfill all these dreams and plan an exotic destination journey. 

Since every problem has a solution, and so does this one. You must be wondering that it can`t be possible. Then, let us guide you, well this is possible, and you can do it responsibly without breaking and robbing the bank. Now, there are tons of ways with which you can travel the world on a budget. It`s best if you`re bombarded with millions of questions right now. Then, worry no more. We have all the answers for your questions.

We have done all the searches for you and gathered the most reliable ways to travel the whole world in the budget. Thus, if you`re having trouble in how to make a travel budget here`s a complete guide that will lead you to an exciting travel journey within budget. 

 Quick Tally before you plan to travel

The first and the foremost question that often people ask and that comes to the mind is, “how do you afford it? Or isn`t travel expensive? Though these questions might seem scary and complicated, the good news is that there are answers available for each confusion. Through this blog, we will guide you with the best possible information that will help you out with Budgeting for travel. But, before you head out, make sure all the necessary things are sorted before you go.

Checklist to remember before you book & plan your travel

  • Check to ensure is there enough money in your account
  • Gather all your savings and set aside
  • In case of emergency, will your bank allow you to withdraw money? What shall be the charges? 
  • Recheck is your online banking setup working? Will you be able to book flights/accommodation online while you are on board?
  • Set up a direct debit for your credit card minimum payment

Where to begin from “budgeting for travel”?

If you`re not sure where to start from, then we suggest that you gather all the information that includes the cost per day? Your expenses, meals, and transportation, etc. 

How much you need to carry in hand and have to keep with yourself in your credit card? Once you`re through with your searches, define your priority and start saving for the trip as early as possible. Don`t forget to prepare your travel budget planner so that you can enjoy wholeheartedly. Moreover, you can even prepare a spreadsheet and start with calculations, keeping everything in mind. 

Where you intend to go? 

Another most important thing is picking out the destination. Because when you close your eye and dream for that perfect vacation. You can easily see yourself enjoy every moment of it. The best you can do is list down all those places where you wish to go and search out to gather all the Budgeting for travel info or all those destinations.

This will help you figure out how much you should plan on spending. Because traveling around in Southeast Asia will have a different cost of living than staying in Paris, and the same goes for Australia and Turkey. Thus, if you`re looking for recommendations, given below are some extremely beautiful places that you can consider for vacations:


Recommendation: The best countries for traveling on a Budget:

Here are some of the best travel countries that are amazing for destination vacation. A list is shared below that you can have a look at: 

  • Thailand: If you haven`t been to Southeast Asia, then our top choice would undoubtedly be Thailand. It`s a place that is probably popular amongst international travelers. You get the jump-off point to so many other destinations, including Bali, Malaysia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and India. 


  • Destinations in South East Asia: Thus, if you have visited Thailand, then you can consider other fantastic options in South-East Asia for vacation. Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, all these just a few hours light away and are super unique destinations full of different exciting and surprising cultural destinations and coastal lines. 


  • Eastern Europe: Another best holiday place that has terrific beaches and coastal towns. Besides, Austria is also well known for its breathtaking landscape, and Poland is famous for its rich cultural heritage. 


  • Portugal: If you`re looking for cheap traveling & affordability in Europe, then forget about it. Whether the UK, France, or Germany, all are super expensive and cost you a fortune. However, you can plan to visit PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain). These places are affordable, and you can find many cheaper destinations if you know where you want to visit.


  • Central America: Central America has plenty of exciting destinations, from Cancun`s sandy beaches to the tropical jungles of Costa Rica and Belize. But, be aware of the risk of kidnapping is relatively high in these areas. Therefore, know where you are going. 


  • South America: In South America, the best affordable destination places are Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru. Besides, you can even take on a hiking trail for two weeks through the Andes, or you can even wander the Northern beaches of Brazil. 


  • Turkey: Turkey is also another super affordable destination. In here, you get to enjoy beaches galore, delicious food, historical and architecture treasure chest. Its welcoming hospitality offers travelers a better experience of the country.  

How to plan your travel budget?


Planning a vacation and Budgeting for the travel isn`t challenging. It just requires the right budget and the right mindset to make your traveling dream come of reality easily. Yet, still, you can travel, even though you don`t earn a lot or with your saving, there are plenty of ways that you can use to travel overseas. Although you`re traveling might not be as luxurious or fancy that way you have dreamt of, perhaps, if traveling your ultimate goal, you can make anything happen. 

Specific budgeting tips for travel that you need to consider:

Here is some best options that you can consider and shall help you plan your perfect travel journey. 

1.     International transport: 


Of course, if you`re planning to travel overseas or continent, you will surely need to start with airfares. To search out airfares, you can use 
Qatar Airways site for this. Just input your destination, approximate date, number of travelers, and then press search. This will bring up a bunch of flight details and tickets with different charges. 

Besides, there are many other sites like Budget air, skyscraper, and much more that you can use in your research while hunting out the cheap travel deals that fit best to your budget. Using these, you will not have to go into a specific organization, scroll through the provided list, and find the average cost. 

2.     Accommodations:

Once you`re down with your airfare, the next important thing, or you may say travel expense is accommodation. As you can stay, spend your nights wandering on the street. 
You need to have some sort to place to stay and spend you night. Let`s take a look at the most reliable option for Budgeting for travel accommodation on your vacation. There are different types of accommodation, ranging from high to low in luxury and prices. Some of them are Glamping, camping, hostels or chains, hostels, and sharing apartment rentals.


 Accommodation for travelers in Budget:

1.      Hotel CombinedYou can find about every type of luxury accommodation in the hotel combined. It guarantees to provide the best hotel deals around the world.


2.     AAT KingsAt AAT king, you can also find unique apartments and rooms worldwide at low prices. Moreover, you can even avail a coupon to grab extra discounts. 


3.     KlookIt even guarantees to offer the best prices along with seamless and safe booking. With Klook, you can stay and save on unique places to visit. Besides, you can even explore unique experiences.

Once you`re done with research on one of the sites as mentioned earlier. You can easily find an average price from the options available and add it to your travel budget app or the spreadsheet that you are maintaining. 

         3.     Local transport: 


Local transport expenses can also add up. So, make sure that you factor this even. Traveling and exploring a new city in cabs can cost you more. Therefore, you should travel by bus, metro, subway, trains, tram, etc. And, the best part is that you can easily find local transportation prices via Google or either contacting the local tourist office of the place you`re planning to visit. However, If you want to travel on the cheap, then nothing can better than Local transportation. 

            4. Food and Beverages:


Planning out your food budget depends on what type of food experience you wish to have. Thus, if you want to stay within budget and yet enjoy, then you can go for local street food, but if you want to experience fine dining along with lavish cocktails in some flashy bar, then your food budget is undoubtedly going to go high. And, going out of the account can end you up with taking loans. 

  5. Entertainment Activities & Shopping: 


If you`re not aware of how much it will cost in shopping and other fun, entertaining activities, make sure that you do your research beforehand. So, you can stick to your budget and avoid spending extra money. Besides, you can even visit and perform free of cost. Whereas shopping is a concern, you can look out for sales. But remember, too much shopping means the extra weight on luggage along with hefty duty charges. Because at the end of the day, travel budgeting is the motto.

6. Health & Wellness:

The most significant major expense you will have to manage in this is health insurance. Because you may not know when you might need it. Therefore, while budgeting, you also have to keep this in mind

          7. Miscellaneous Expenses: 


In the long term, travelers also have to deal with other categories of their spending on managing their travel. Most travelers have to factors in cell phone expenses, Subscription (Netflix, prime, etc.). Moreover, books, music, and movie purchases might be possible on the road. Besides, some travelers even like purchasing additional transformational gears (for instance, if you`re traveling by a full-sized bike).

Bring it all together:


We believe that the spreadsheet must be prepared in your mind and shall be looking full. Hopefully, the above Budgeting for travel guide has solved all your confusion. So, before you head out, make sure that you have rechecked everything to avoid any last-minute chaos. Moreover, you can consider and take guidance and see other people`s budgets how they plan and spend on their vacations. 

It is all on your choice of how you plan to spend and manage all your savings on your vacations. In addition to this, remember to make sure that you stick to the budget and avoid oneself from paying more. So wait no more, pick out your travel destination, book tickets, and enjoy the fascinating experience. 




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