15 Smartest Ways to get Discounts in Australia

Get to explore fascinating Ways to get Discounts in Australia and browse to hunt down best deals and promotions from thousands of top-notch stores and brands. And save your cash. Thus, accept the save money challenge and enjoy deals of wellness, beauty, restaurants, entertainment, and much more.

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Published On: October 28, 2022

15 Smartest Ways to get Discounts in Australia

With time, people have now found online shopping to be more comfortable and reliable in Australia. It is the most easy-breezy way to make purchases, redeem discounts from the desired stores as we all are always in hunt of deals such as Black Friday deals and other discount coupons. So, if one is getting it, who wouldn't love to redeem a discount?

But, searching for it can be a pretty hectic task. Perhaps, people may assume that there are always coupons and discount websites around the corner, just because of extreme couponing Australia and other frugal living shows.

But, let us guide you, it might be easy for the ones who usually redeem it, but if a person is new, it can be pretty tricky. Hence no more to worry, there are some ways that you can follow if you are hunting discounts.  

Here are some of the best ways that you can practice if you are in looking for Discounts in Australia

Hopefully, if you choose to follow any of these, you will, for sure, get your desired discount and coupon. 

1. Coupon Apps in Australia

If you are a gadget Greek and are using your smartphone 24/7, then finding online Discounts in Australia won't be difficult for you. Search all the best coupon apps in Australia and download them. It will help you in getting the best discounts, deals, and promotions from all the top-notch stores.

All you require is to click on the activation and get your hands on the discount through them, and it will notify you with the best deals and coupons. 

Given below are some of the best apps if you are looking for Discounts in Australia.

  • Groupon 
  • Sky scanner
  • RetailMeNot 
  • Red Laser
  • Cashrewards
  • Honey 
  • Wikibuy  
  • Coupons

Hopefully, these coupon apps will help you in finding the latest and exclusive coupons from the A-1 stores, without any hard work. 

Coupon Apps in Australia

2. Coupon Sites in Australia

Another best way to find coupons and other Discounts in Australia can be though by searching on coupon websites. As there several trustworthy Australian Coupon Sites that can even help you in your search for discount deals. 

As it is time and energy-consuming to find the best deals because getting the hand on the best deals is not always possible. Luckily, we have gathered all the possible site that you can browse to discover what new deals and Discounts in Australia are available:

Given below are some of the best website that you can explore: 

  • Honey 
  • Cash Reward
  • Revounts 
  • Groupon 
  • RetailMeNot
  • RedLaser

Moreover, there are many other platforms that you even consider, but these are some of the trustworthy websites.

Coupon Sites in Australia

3. Newspapers

Newspapers are one of the most convenient ways if you're a person living and searching for Discounts in Australia. Relatively, many of the stores of top brands refer to publishing deals and other coupons in newspapers.

Thus, the retailer believes that if people are skipping the notification, the newspaper can be another medium to grab the attention of the peoples who love to read it on their daily bases. Thus, before you read and consider newspaper trash make sure that you utilize the coupons and other discount deals from it.


4. Blogs & Articles

Many of the blogs and articles by social media influencers and bloggers have great discounts, coupon codes, and many other special offers. There are several excellent blogs that you can browse using your search engine that can even help you search for Discounts in Australia. 

Reading these blogs by social media bloggers and influencers can be quite helpful. It tends to keep you up to date will all the latest happenings and how lower price shopping in Australia can be done, thus, if on a tight budget and finding tips to save money.

Blogs & Articles

5. Social Media Platforms

Finding Discounts in Australia was pretty tricky in the beginning. Still, with the exposure of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other platforms, Avail Discounts in Australia is easy breezy.

Thus, you haven't tried any of these social media platforms, and then we bet it's probably the right choice, where you can search for your desired store discount coupon. No doesn't matter where you are sitting and searching for a coupon and other discount deals.

Social Media Platforms

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6. Receipts

We often neglect to notice, but most of the superstores and other stores at the mall offers discount coupon at the back and bottom of the receipts. You can usually find a discount on food, groceries, movies, electronics, and much more. 

So, you have to make sure whenever you get your receipts, do give a quick review of your receipts to look for your desired coupons and deals. You can redeem this discount code at the time of purchases. It will eventually help you in your savings money game. 


7. Search Engine: Google

Before you get your hand on any of the coupons and Discounts in Australia, make sure that you do a quick search on Google. It is the best search engine and helps you to find all the latest and exclusive deals of whatever brand you considering to make purchases.

Moreover, it can even help you to find the current discount codes for what you are planning to buy. Perhaps, if you don't know how to hunt down, then using your search system Google, type in the store name or the discount code or any other and search for all the possible results. Hence, you will get the idea, what are you looking for? 

Search Engine: Google

8. Signup or Subscribe with email

Some platforms provide you with the option of signup or subscription with email. Retailers and other online stores offer discounts and other coupons to their loyal customers to keep them happy so that they do not consider any different stores for shopping. 

Coupon shopping in Australia is widespread now. Therefore, to keep their loyal customers attracted, they are often given freebies, coupons, and other deals. Whether it on household products, kitchen goods, gifts, and much more.

Signup or Subscribe with email

9. Staff Coupons

Another most fantastic way to use Shopping Discounts in Australia is through staff coupons. If any of your family member or friend is working at a store, tell them to check if they can profit from the staff discounts. As stores often offer discounts to their employees. It can vary from 5% to 50% on any sales or promotions.

But, before you rush to make sure to double-check all the terms and conditions as many of the stores do not allow their staff to share their discounts coupon with anyone, be it, friend, or family member.  

Staff Coupons

10. Bonus points or VIP Clubs

When you talk about discounts coupon in Australia, the first thing that strikes the minds are the clubs. As there are many stores, companies, and clubs that offer you discounts and other great deals and coupons. 

Moreover, points that you can collect to convert into cash or shop with their catalog. So, if planning to make use of bonus points, then it's probably the right choice that you can practice. 

Complete list of VIP, Reward Clubs, and Programs offering a discount.

Major stores in Australia

1: IKEA: It is offering exclusive, offers and Discounts in Australia

Food stores in Australia

1: Baskin Robbins: It provides free scope on birthday and regular bonuses

2: Subway: It too offers with free lunch on birthday along with other deals and discounts

Bonus points or VIP Clubs

11. Entertainment Book

Entertainment book helps you to discover and excites you about thousands of offers on the thing that you would love to purchases. This book is more of a restaurant and activity guide that provides exclusive 25 to 50% off, along with a 2-for-1 offer from all the top-notch stores and best restaurants, hotels, and much more. 

Thus, if you haven't availed this, then give it a try, or you can either get entertainment memberships that are instantly available with valid one year if accepted. Thus, diver all the latest coupons and Discounts in Australia with this entertainment book.

Entertainment Book

12. Choose to Shop on the right day

The best way to grab Discounts in Australia is to wait for particular days. As most of the online shopping networks offer out the best deals and other discount coupons for their customers. Some of the best days are Wednesday to Fridays, as you get to grab good deals. 

Most of the Couponers consider Sunday as the best day, but it's the worst shopping time. Sundays are considered to be the fun day, and people often get lazy and rest or go out for an outing and avoid shopping. Therefore, Sunday is a big no for shopping. 

Choose to Shop on the right day

13. Useful discount tips

One of the most common strategies that customers follow is not checking out. Thus, if you want to get a discount place the thing that you need to buy in your cart from that online store you are shopping. And, check out the minute you put in and save your email, and leave before finalizing the purchases. 

As many stores will automatically send you a discount on your registered email. Within 24 to 48 hours to get you to complete the sale. Therefore, you should at least look at it a try to utilize discounts.

Useful discount tips

14. Student discount

Whether you are a student or not, you can still utilize a student coupon. All you want is your student ID or EDU email address. Thus look for stores that offer these Discounts in Australia. Hence, use your ID ad grab you a discount coupon and start with purchasing your desired items. 

There are several stores. Thus if you aren't able to find them, you can use a search engine for hunting down all the stores. To help you more, here are some of the stores offering Discounts in Australia.

  1. Apple discount 
  2. Optus discount 
  3. JB Hi-Fi discount 
  4. The ICONIC discount 
  5. Spotify discount 
  6. Microsoft discount 
  7. Vodafone discount 
  8. Netflix discount 
  9. Officeworks discount
  10. Telstra discount 

These are no just all. Moreover, several other stores are offering discount codes that you can get your hands on. 

Student discount

15. Referral Codes

Perhaps, if you are in the same business of making and saving money. Then, get it done by using these codes. These stores have an automated referral system. All you would want to do is visit you're setting page to put in your info (My account- Edit –Referrals). 

Most of the stores even have such programs that offer both the new user as well as a referrer. A discount, payment, or special offer and much more. Given below is the list that you can explore if looking for these Discounts in Australia

List of some of the stores offering these codes: 

  1. Wirexapp.com
  2. one.one – wrap 
  3. 1Cover 
  4. Ace Airport Parking 
  5. Adore Beauty 
  6. Airbnb
  7. AliExpress

Eventually, the stores, as mentioned earlier, will guide you in your code searches.

Referral Codes


Thus, if on a tight budget, moreover, on a mission to save money. Then, perhaps the given above are the easy-breezy and most convenient ways to hunt down Discounts in Australia. And, if you're an extreme Couponer, then it would be difficult for you, but if new to it,  our guide to stay on budget will probably help you in finding discounts, deals, and other coupons.

So, focus on every minor point and concentrate on redeeming and finding more of the discounts. Eventually, it will help you in saving a lot of your hard-earned cash along with hunting down deals and discounts. So, no need to put in a second thought and start with hunting down all the latest and exclusive deals and discounts. 

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