Social Media Engagement - Best Proven Ways To Increase More Traffic

Upgrade your social media engagement by getting the ideas of the best social media tips that uphold the audience’s visual flow and generate more viewership

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Published On: October 28, 2022

Social Media Engagement - Best Proven Ways To Increase More Traffic
In old time’s business were promoted via newspapers and postcards. Currently, things have been changed.

Before launching a business, the first thing that haunts the owners is the generation of heavy traffic on their pages or sites. Many people search about how to increase social media engagement but get confused after seeing multiple results.

There are different kinds of social media engagement strategies, but the rapid increase in innovative social media marketing tools is making it a bit challenging for newbies.

To help you out, we are serving you the most incredible ways to boost viewership on your social media. Read thoroughly before diving into the e-business market because you might get stuck in the cluster of different agencies claiming to provide the best social media engagement services.

Advertise And Get Sky Scrapping Social Media Engagement

There is one thing you need to ponder. What exactly you want for your business?

Excessive marketing techniques do not guarantee you increase sales if viewers don’t get anything from you after connecting to your brand.

So to guide you, we’ve rounded up some advertisement techniques that are given below to facilitate that will help you advert your brand most effectively.

1- Be Social With Various Social Media Platform

For boosting social media customer engagement, you need to get socialized first on different social media platforms, even if you are a lurker. Try to use social media to engage with others and practice the concept about usage and features of different apps. This will help you promote your business.

Numerous platforms are being used in different ways for branding. You will be amazed to know the metrics of research conducted in 2019.


  • 2375 million people are using Facebook
  • 1600 million people are using WhatsApp worldwide.

The ratio of people using Messenger and Twitter decreased gradually after WhatsApp came into existence.

Be Social with Various Social Media Platform

These are some demographics statistics that can help you target your audience according to their usage of the apps.

2- Upgrade Your Site/Platform Gradually

Social media users are not marketing geeks, so if they jump on to some sites or profiles, they need those sites to look more authentic.

So to attract users update your account daily. Add precise information, good infographics, photos, illustrations, and eye-catching posts regarding your brand. Create interactive posts for social media to enhance the outreach of the audience.

3- Design Shareable Content

Make things easy for your viewers as the most straightforward things are always appealing to most people. Make mobile-friendly content as most people prefer the mobile phone to socialize due to its portability and user-friendly interface. Sharing content via phone on different apps makes your content spread out on various platforms to the masses that lead to effective branding.

4- Post Daily

For the multiplication of engagement, you need to post 3 to 4 posts on a daily basis. This will help in engaging your audience with you. The most important thing is that you need to post on every social media platform you want to grow engagement.

Avoid posting repeated stuff; it will bore the users, and they will scroll down the post without even checking it. You can take help from google to explore social media engagement post ideas for a better experience. Do not post too much it will annoy the audience as every time they open their social media profile, and your posts will just pop up in their newsfeed.

5- Add Relevant Hashtags

Add relevant hashtags and keywords into your posts as these enhance engagement. Use appropriate keywords that will help to rank your post. Avoid excessive use of keywords/hashtags, as this will mix up your post with so many other posts from different brands and break the flow of your content.

Keywords play a vital role as they show your post and content when the user puts a relevant keyword in a search bar. So, use this tool smartly to engage the audience. If you don’t have any idea how to put relevant hashtags and keywords, you can explore examples through google.

Add Relevant Hashtags

The image illustrates how you can engage your audience by using the proper hashtag.

6- Promote Other People’s Content

Sharing is caring. As the saying goes, share other people’s content and show your support and care for others. In return, they will be grateful to you and will promote your content with their followers as a token of love and appreciation. This will make a good and beneficial relationship with other people. Other people care about their content as you do, so post their updates and material wholeheartedly, and you will surely get your profit.

7- Share Positive Messages Through Your Content

Share public service messages via your content. Spread positivity and show charitable acts to promote good moral values among your users. Show what’s good for society or community through your post. Don’t be a money-minded person who always thinks about his benefit. Trust us, and you’ll be astonished by this noble cause when you’ll see more engagements. As people always follow those who are beneficial for society and other humans.

8- Best Time To Post

Find out the best time to post on social media. Different mediums have different timings, like a good time to post on.

  • Facebook is from 08:00 am to 12:00 pm on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • While 11:00 am is sufficient to post content and updates on Instagram on Wednesday

Whereas on other days, you can post at any time or when it’s convenient to you. Plus, you can also post at this suggested time and enjoy the highest engagement on Instagram. You can use Google to check out the efficient time of any social media app for publishing and plan your posting time accordingly.

Best Time To Post

9- Catch Trendy Topics

Grab trendy topics to generate

  • Posts
  • Images
  • Videos

And other content to grab the masses. Humorously present the current issues because humor appeals audience.

Twitter is one of the powerful platforms when we talk about trend following. You can grasp some gripping trends and topics like

  • Global affairs
  • Social issues

And more from Twitter and other social media platforms and create the best social media posts for engagement. 

10- Create Personal Links

Make career opportunities for yourself by creating personal links with people in your surroundings. They can market your brand by recommending it to their circle. Ask their opinions as a viewer to take a little insight of viewer’s intention. This will indicate where you lack to gain more engagement and help you work on it simultaneously. 

11- Get Updated About All Platforms Of Communication

Social media platforms are modernizing every passing day. You need to get updated on the transmutations that happen on these platforms. Marketing agents take out all knowledge of updates that occur at these platforms regularly so they can use it first to mark the impression as an expert to their clients or viewers.

12- Arrange Q&A Session

Delivering relevant information about your brand makes your brand stand out in the crowd and will help you engage more people on your social media platform. Remember that, good piece of information makes your message/brand or content more understandable for people. Arrange Q&A sessions for your followers and provide them with the proper guidance and alternate options for any queries they ask, showing that you are a trusted brand and want to help them. 

 Arrange Q&A Session

13- Make Your Customer Feels Engage

Arranging a session is all good but don’t just stop there. Share your customer’s valuable feedback and posts on your page to make them feel that they uphold great importance. Respond to their every basic query even if it is mention in the brand description that depicts your authenticity and helps to gain more traffic. You can mention links in the comments while replying to be a helping hand for people.

14- Get Public Opinion Of People

Create a poll for different things and let your audience choose. It helps your followers to engage on your profile for much longer. Also that, this poll thing makes viewers curious to know the final results. It’s human nature that we are interested to know the results with immense desperation.

Besides that, it will create an emotion of trust and belief in your followers that you prefer them to decide what to choose, and that will help engage more traffic as trust is a must to build your audience.

Get Public Opinion

The image is showing the percentage of public opinion through a poll.

15- Extensive Research To Gain Massive Following

This one is the most effective strategy for getting a massive audience. Detail research can help you to grow the audience rapidly. Research any social media platform you use the most that suit your area of interest and expertise. Find related groups and conversations to get the firsthand knowledge that expands your methods of handlings your social media platforms.

Involve yourself in social network engagement and read about other’s people experiences

  • Queries
  • Answers

You can find new ways and tools, therefore, engaging the audience. You can implement new ways and methods to escalate the audience, but those ways should be relevant and authentic.

16- Video Ads Are Effective For Social Media Engagement

Branding through video ads is quite helpful as it upholds the visual flow of your viewers. According to research, about 5 Billion videos are being watched every single day. You can utilize the different platforms for advertising as YouTube is the largest platform to boost social media engagement. These are some statistics about the popularity of video ads. 

Video Ads Are Effective For Social Media Engagement

17- Digital Influencers

Endorse your brand through the new trend of digital influencing. You can hire influencers who got more followers and ask them to endorse your brand to their audience. This will eventually help you boost the traffic on your site and increase sales.

18- Rewards And Giveaways

Come up with the best reason for viewers to stop and shop from your site/page at any cost. Arrange rewards and giveaways to generate traffic organically. This technique will help you as to what’s attract the viewer more than a gift or giveaways?

19- Collaborate With Popular Brands

Collaborate with famous brands. It is a bit expensive, but the number of followers you get and the sales you generate are worth it. Survey what kind of age group you have on your page as an audience, and after measuring the ratio, find out the brand that is popular among them and try to make a partnership with them. This will uplift your public engagement on another level.

20- Utilize Social Media Management Tools

After making a profile, the question arises. How to increase engagement on social media?

Use social media management tools for better user experience and maintain profile and page in a better way. To facilitate you, we have given a list of some best social media management tools that will help you handle the audience effectively.
1. Trello
2. Buffer
3. Sprout Social
4. Monday. Com
5. Sprinklr
6. Falcon. io
7. Facelift Cloud
8. Eclincher

So many tools are available for social media management, but the above-stated are the best ones. It will get out the most from social media with less effort and inspire the audience you have. You can use any other tool but always go with the one that has a user-friendly interface. Additionally some more social media management tools you can use to maintain your online appearance.

Utilize Social Media Management Tools

Final Thoughts

Everyone has a different experience and expectation from social media. Some use it for killing their time, while others prefer to make the most out of it. There are hundreds of tools and thousands of types of social media engagement strategies available for your ease and convenience, but the question to contemplate is what do you want from it? Why is social media engagement important to you? Initiate a startup is not a big deal but running it with complete dedication through thick and thin requires a lot of hard work. Use the ways described above to boost social media engagement and build opportunities for yourself.

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