Woolworths Promo Code & Discount Code in Australia July 2024

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$10 Off On Orders Over $100

Make purchases over $100 and get $10 off right away. Exciting right!




Free Shipping On All Order

Shop without any stress and save shipment charges. Avail of the deal of free shipping on All orders




$20 Off On Order Over $200

Surprising discount offer is waiting for you. Place an order Over $200 and enjoy the $20 Off on your favourite items.




$15 Off On Orders Over $140

When you shop for over $140, you can easily enjoy $15 off on your order. So start off with shopping and saving.




Up To 90% Off On Pantry Products

You could crave yummy food at night. So always have a backup, buy unlimited pantry products, and get up to 90% off.




Up To 60% Off On Dairy Eggs & Fridge

Fan of extra cheese or addicted to scramble egg breakfast. Then get them with a discount of up to 60% off.




Up To 50% Off On Bakery Products

Now you can shop for bakery items at low prices with up to 50% off.




Up To 50% Off On Hair Care Products

Have healthy, shiny, and glossy hair by taking care of them ideally with the best hair care product and get up to 50% off.




Up To 40% Off On Household Products

Buy everyday essentials at a reasonable price and get up to 40% off on household products.




Up To 40% Off On Meat, Seafood & Deli

Meat, seafood, or deli are now available at low prices with 40% off.




Up To 35% Off On Drink Products

Love juices or coffee or soft drinks. Then here is the deal for you, buy any drink product and get up to 35% off.




Up To 25% Off On Freezer Products

Shop for frozen products and claim the massive 25% discount.




Up To 21% Off On Baby Products

Give your baby more care and buy him something different. Shop for baby products and avail of 21% off on all baby products.




Up To 20% Off On Liquor Products

Have some me time and enjoy your day. Now stock up the liquor products and save 20% on your purchase.




10% Off Your Grocery Shop Once A Month

Shop for the groceries and fill up the cart with all the necessary items. Then, enjoy 10% off your grocery shop once a month. Amazing! Right?



Get One Sticker Pack When You Spend $20

Do you love stickers and want to grab one sticker pack. Then spend $20 and get it for yourself.




Gift Cards As Low As $5

Exclusive offer featuring on-site. Rush to grab gift card as low as $5 right now.



Sign Up And Get Deal And Coupons

Get updates on all the new offers and discounts. Sign up and get deals and coupons.




Get Low Price Items

Be a smart buyer and get items at a low price to save your hard-earned cash.

Expired Coupons Try these recently expired coupons, they may still be valid!




Orange Friday! Up To 50% Off On Deals Are Here




Up To 80% Off On Chirstmas Sale

Popular Woolworths Coupon Code & Discount Codes for 20 July, 2024

Discount Description Code
50% Off

Up To 50% Off On Hair Care Products

No Code Required 2023-12-31

21% Off

Up To 21% Off On Baby Products

No Code Required 2023-12-31

20% Off

Up To 20% Off On Liquor Products

No Code Required 2023-12-31

35% Off

Up To 35% Off On Drink Products

No Code Required 2023-12-31

25% Off

Up To 25% Off On Freezer Products

No Code Required 2023-12-31

90% Off

Up To 90% Off On Pantry Products

No Code Required 2023-12-31

More About Woolworths Promo Code & Discount Code in Australia

Shopping for groceries and pantry items is a hassle. Roaming around the whole supermarket and gathering the stuff in a cart is tiring. Making a shopping list before going to the market is another problem. And the frustration when you forget some products. It means another trip to the store.

But for your ease, there is an online supermart working for the convenience of the Australian citizens named “Woolworths”. Where you can shop and stock up your fridge and cabinet while saving money by using the Woolworths $10 Off $140 promotional code.

woolworths promo code

What is Woolworths?

Woolworths is an Australian online store under the Woolworths group with everything from groceries to health and beauty items. The brand is on a mission to deliver the best in convenience, value, and quality products.

They have more than 3000 stores country-wide with 2000,000 team members. The brand serves over 29 million customers across the brands every week. They are business partners with trusted farmers and manufacturers.

Woolworths is a discount store. So you can get products at discounted prices. And they have also won the customer choice award in the Canstar Blue rating, receiving 5 stars for best money value and customer service. They also won Mozo 2019 & 2020 people's choice award for outstanding customer satisfaction.

Although you can save more money by using the Woolworths promo code at the checkout. Yet still, there are many other exciting thing to explore.

What Items Can You Find At The Woolworths Store?

Woolworths has everything a house needs. When shopping online, you can get the following tabs on the upper side of the homepage.

Fruit & Vegetables
Meat, Seafood, And Deli
Dairy, Egg, And Fridge

Finest Fruit & Vegetables

The tab is further divided into several categories to give the best experience to the customer.

Fruits: Here, you can find organic fruits, tropical and exotic fruit along with mangoes, melons, apples, etc.

Vegetable: Here, you can find organic vegetables, tomatoes, avocadoes, corn, beans, etc.

Salads: Here, you can find salad bags, sprouts, Herbs, organic salads, etc.

Organic: Here, you find organic fruits, salads, and vegetables.

Lunchbox: Here, you can find salads, vegetable and fruits bundle, and boxes.

Meat, Seafood, And Deli

This tab is also further divided into the following categories.

Meat: You can find chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, duck, and other poultry.

Seafood: Here, you can find fishes, oysters, prawns, octopus, squids, etc.

Deli meat: Here, you can find ham, cured and smoked, sliced meat, bacon, etc.

Deli specialties: Here, you can find antipasto, salads, platters, gourmet cheese, etc.

BBQ meat and seafood: Here, you can find fish, prawns, burgers, and sausages.

Lunch box: Here, you can find shaved and slice meat.


The tab is further divided into the following categories.

In-store bakery: Here, you can find bread, bread rolls, bakery cakes, desserts, pastries, etc.

Packaged bread and bakery: Here, you can find packaged bread, pizza bases, muffins, cookies, etc.

Lunch box: Here, you can find bread & snacks and bakery snacks.

Dairy, Egg, And Fridge

The tab is further divided into the following categories.

Chess: Here, you can find sliced cheese, soft cheese, grated cheese, cooking cheese, etc.

Milk: Here, you can find whole cream milk, flavored milk, long-life milk, etc.

Yogurt: Here, you can find flavored yogurt, low and no fat yogurt, baby & kids yogurt, etc.

Cream, custard, and desert: Here, you can find cream, custard, and desert.

Egg, butter, and margarine: Here, you can find eggs, butter, and margarine.

Dips & pate: Here, you can find dips, paste, and caviars.

Specialty dairy: Here, you can find gluten-free dairy.

Ready to eat meals: You can find chilled pizza and bread, chilled ready meals, etc.

Fresh pasta and sauce: Here, you can find fresh pasta, noodles, and pasta sauces.

Vegetarian and vegan: Here, you can find vegetarian and meat-free products.

International food: Here, you can find chilled Asian, Chilled Kosher, etc.

Lunch box: Here, you can find Dairy snacks, dairy cheese, lactose-free product, etc. 


The tab is further divided into the following categories.

Snacks and confectionary: Here, you can find popcorn, biscuits, snack bars, etc.

Breakfast and spreads: Here, you can find jam, peanut butter, etc.

Health foods: Here, you can find a healthy bite, healthy fruits, nuts, etc.

Tea & coffee: Here, you can find black tea, green tea, ground coffee, coffee capsules, etc.

Herbs and spices: Here, you can find salt, pepper, herbs, etc.

Baking: Here, you can find flour, sugar, yeast, icing, dried fruits, pancake mix, etc.

Condiments: Here, you can find chutney, pickled vegetables, mustard, mayonnaise, etc.

Canned food and instant meals: Here, you can find canned tuna, instant noodles, canned tomatoes, etc.

Pasta, rice, and grains: Here, you can find gluten-free pasta, beans, rice, spaghetti, etc.

Sauce, oil, and vinegar: Here, you can find oil, hot sauce, sweet chili, recipe bases, etc.

International food: You can find Asian, Mexican, UK foods, South African, etc.

Dessert: Here, you can find ice cream cones, syrup, toppings, puddings, etc.

Lunch box: Here, you can find bars, fruit cups, etc.

So you can have lots of popcorn on movie night and bake a cake for friends for less now. Use the Woolworths discount code and enjoy them.


The tab is also divided into several categories: frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, ice creams, frozen dessert, etc.

In this tab, you can find any frozen item.


The Woolworths have a separate area for drinks so you can pick what you want to drink. The tab is further divided into several categories. Like Sports and energy drinks, flavored milk, tea, or coffee. Also water, juices, soft drinks, etc.


The liquor is further divided into several categories for buyers. They have beer, cider, white wine, red wine, spirits, etc.

Front of store

This tab of the store is only suitable for people over 18. Here, you can find cigarettes and tobacco.


Buy dog or cat food, health products or collars, and lead. Or birds or fish food. You can easily find it in the divided categories under the tab.


All the essentials for the baby are available under this tab. It is further divided into categories for easy access. Here, you can find nappies and wipes, baby food, accessories, and baby formula.

Reminder for you to shop whatever you want and redeem the Woolworths promo code to save money.

Health And Beauty

Everything related to health and beauty is available under this tab. In addition, it has other categories like sun protection, dental care, health care, shower, bath and soap, men's care, etc.

House Hold

This tab is for your home. Buy anything from this tab but not forget to save money with the Woolworths promo code.

So this tab is divided into different categories, like the bathroom, cleaning goods, homeware, pest control, etc.


This tab is special. Here, you can find my weekly picks, online-only specials, half price, buy more, save a more, big night in.

This tab has the best deals for you. And along with these offers, you can save more money by using the Woolworths coupons.

Join The Everyday Rewards

Everyday Rewards programs are the best way to shop and earn rewards.

  • Join the everyday rewards online for free. Your everyday rewards card will be with you in seven days, and you can add them to your phone right away.
  • Fast track your savings with a booster on new products, with big or small shops.
  • You can collect 1 point for every dollar you spent each and every time you shop at Woolworths.
  • You can get $10 off $140 on your next purchase or convert 1000 Qantas points every time you reach 2000 points.

So now shop and earn points and use the Woolworths online order promo codes to save and earn money at the same time.

Woolworths Gift Cards For Your Friends And Family

Finding perfect gifts can be tricky. But Woolworths gift card is the solution to this problem. No matter what the occasion is, gives you loved ones the ultimate range to choose what they want. Choose a gift card or e-gift card. The fun part, it will never expire.

Buying a gift card is easier than you think.

  • Pick your type between an e-gift card and a physical gift card.
  • Pick design according to their personality or load any image by yourself for an e-gift card.
  • Select the gift card amount. You can add the value from $5 to $500.
  • And send it to your friends or family.

Gifting someone is good. But you can go out of budget sometimes because of this. So take care of your budget, too, and use the Woolworths online discount code.

What is a list at Woolworths?

The list feature on the Woolworths website helps you to shop in a quicker and more accessible, and smarter way.

Smarter list: Have all the products you have ever bought at Woolworths in one place. It makes it easier to find your favorite.

Easier to compare: Group the products so it will be easier to compare similar items. Just like you do in the supermarket aisle.

Quicker to order: Add the entire list to your basket in one click. Make it quicker to order.

You can also check the premade lists at Woolworths. Like

  • Getting started
  • Essential shop
  • Quick shop
  • Organic
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan

Add the whole list to the cart with a single click and make a purchase. Then, redeem the Woolworths online shopping promo code to claim your discount.

How To Find The Woolworths coupon code?

Finding the Woolworths codes is not hard to do the task. Follow the below guidelines, and you will get the codes quickly.

  • Using any search engine, search for the Woolworths voucher code.
  • Now, you will see a list of several websites offering discount codes.
  • But for the authentic ones, search for Revounts.
  • Once landing on the official site of Revounts, search for Woolworths using the on-site finder.
  • Here, you can able to see a list of different deals and codes.
  • Pick what suits you best and copy it somewhere to use it in the future.

See, it is how simple to find the codes and coupons.

Some popular free Woolworths voucher

  1. Up To 50% Off On Lunch Box Products
  2. Up To 50% Off On Bakery Products
  3. Up To 40% Off On Hair Care Products
  4. Up To 40% Off On Drink Products
  5. Up To 40% Off On Household Products

There is also other discounts running from time to time, like Woolworths $20 off and Woolworths 10 off code.

How To Redeem The Woolworths promo codes?

Redeeming the coupon code is as easy as finding it. Aging before, just follows these simple steps below, and that's it.

  • Using any search engine, search for Woolworths.
  • Once landing on the official site, explore it.
  • Find the products you want and add the product to the cart.
  • Log in to your account, or if you never had, you have to make one first.
  • Head to the checkout and fill out all the information.
  • There you will see a box named for promotion code.
  • Paste the before copied Woolworths discount codes here.

And this is how you can save your money on your monthly grocery shopping. 

What To Do If My Coupon Doesn't Work?

If your coupon is not working, chances are there that one of the below situations may happen.

  • You didn't copy or paste the coupon correctly.
  • The coupon is not eligible for the product you are buying.
  • The offer is not available anymore.
  • The coupon is expired.

If still, you are facing the same problem, you can redeem another coupon or deal.

How Does Delivery Works At Woolworths?

Woolworths is giving the best delivery options for its customer.

Enjoy free delivery on your first order and then on every order over $300. To enjoy free delivery without any minimum amount, use the Woolworths free delivery code.

You can check out the whole delivery fees table on the website.

Delivery Unlimited

Enjoy the value and convenience of delivery unlimited with the 30-day free trial. Enjoy reduced fees on delivery now and same-day one-hour delivery. You can avail several benefits like;

  • Free delivery on orders over $100 for all next day, 1 hour and 3-hour same-day windows.
  • Save on 1-hour same-day delivery. Pay only $5 (usually cost $15) on orders over $100.
  • Save on delivery now service. Pay only $10 (usually $19) for fast delivery, under 2 hours on orders over $100.
  • The dedicated phone number for fast service if you need any help with your order.
  • Woolworths paper and reusable bags are free on orders over $100.

Annual and midweek plan starting from $10 per month

Click And Collect From Woolworths

You can choose the click and collect option from the website. Shop anything you want and collect it from the nearby Woolworths store or lockers.

  • You must order by 1pm for the same-day pickup.
  • You must have to spend a minimum of $30 for free delivery on pickup.

But we got you here once again. For free pickup without any minimum amount, use the Woolworths click and collect promo code.

Direct to Boot

The direct boot is giving you the ease to pick up even without leaving your car. You can use this option very easily.

  • Order online or through the Woolworths mobile app.
  • Tap "I am here" on the SMS or app when you have arrived.
  • Remain in the car and read out the order number.
  • Woolworths will place your order in the boot of your car.
  • No sign needed.
  • Enjoy Woolworths $10 off on your first order on a minimum $100 spend. Or use the Woolworths pick up promo code.

Note: Remember to take your order confirmation number and ID card.

Priority Assistance

A great initiative by Woolworths for the vulnerable citizens. Woolworths is providing assistance for vulnerable customers of society.

Eligible customers include seniors, people with disabilities, and people with compromised immunity. In addition, the people who are isolated due to Covid-19 are also qualified.

The service is also available for vulnerable business customers. Such as child care centers, community houses, disability services, etc.

To register for priority assistance, complete the online form. You can also include any supporting information so the Woolworths team can assess your request.

Your request will be reviewed, and the team will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your request status. 

So the prodigious step for the special people and the Woolworths secret promo codes are here for you. 

How To Track Order?

You can track your order through the online platform. First, scroll down the Woolworths homepage till the end.

Then, click on the "TRACK MY ORDER" button—login to your account. Enter order information. And you can see where your order is.

What is the Return And Exchange Policy At Woolworths?

If you purchase from Woolworths and change your mind about the product, unfortunately, there is no refund. The store is not accepting any returns on change of mind.

But they will happily exchange if you have changed your mind about the purchased product but;

  • The product must have to be returned with a receipt within 30 days.
  • It should be in its original condition, packaging included.
  • The product has not been used and, if a perishable product, is not expired or within 2 days of expiry.

If the product is faulty?

If the product is faulty, the store will cheerily refund the purchase price, exchange or repair the product.

Fresh Or Free Guarantee

Under the fresh or free guarantee, the store will return and replace any fresh food you are not happy with, that is sold online or in-store.

The fresh food includes any unpackaged product from the fresh department. And any packaged item that is marked with a fresh or free symbol.

Why Choose Woolworths?

The above description is all you need to know why you should choose Woolworths.

Besides all of this, there are some other reasons that will argue to choose the store.

  • More ways to make your money go further
  • Enter big night in competition
  • Discover latest issues of fresh ideas magazines
  • Find even more recipes to try.
  • Weekly Catalogue
  • A lot of fresh ideas
  • Low prices
  • This week's special
  • Videos and articles

Woolworths’ Mobile app

Download the mobile app and get more advantages. Such as;

  • Get everyday rewards in your pocket
  • Add a shopping list from any device
  • Never miss a special with the Woolworths app
  • Help remember your shopping bag

And many other options. Always redeem the Woolworths online promo codes to claim a huge discount.

Payment Methods At Woolworths

You can pay at Woolworths online through the following methods.

  • Credit or debit card
  • Mater Card
  • Visa
  • AMEX
  • Dinners
  • PayPal

Follow Woolworths

You can follow Woolworths at;

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest

What extra stuff do you need to know?

So now you don't have to roam around the supermarket and remember everything you had to buy.

You have everything under a single roof. Woolworths can bring you groceries and household items.

Not only this but also baby products or health and beauty products with a single click.

The current situation is barely allowing us to go outside. So why not take advantage of too many facilities by Woolworths?

Although you can save money from the discounts, the store is giving. But why not saves some more and shop some more?

The Woolworths $20 Off coupons Australia is another way to save big on shopping at Woolworths.

Make an online list or pick the premade list and order the bulk of products at low prices.

About Woolworths

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