Woolworths Reviews - Read The Unbiased Review by Experts

Want to uncover more about Woolworths and where it stands in the Australian market? Learn more by reading Woolworths reviews online. It will clear all your doubts regarding Woolworths. 

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Woolworths Reviews - Read The Unbiased Review by Experts

Grocery shopping can be pretty daunting if you aren’t aware of all those hidden odds and ends. 

To keep a smooth household running, choosing the right grocery store becomes quite necessary.

As several websites are selling online products. But trusting a site that you haven’t heard of before can lead you to a big question mark.

So have you’ve been in this situation where you wanted to shop but didn't know which store to select for grocery shopping?

Hey, don’t worry if the answer is yes.

Experts are here for your rescue. In this case, rather than planning to shop from a completely new website and then regretting it, we recommend you Woolworths.

Wondering why we are in favour of Woolworths? Then read our Woolworths online shopping review. It will answer all your questions and clear all your doubts. 

So let’s begin our Woolworths reviews journey and see what the store has to offer its customers.

Why do we refer to 'Woolworths'?

Woolworths Reviews
While doing our survey, we discovered that Woolworths is a reputed online grocery store in Australia that offers you everything at a reasonable price. It operates 995 stores all across Australia.

It ensures superior service, range, value, and convenience to its customers. It even works closely with Australian farmers and growers to source 96% fresh fruits & vegetables and 100% fresh meats to its consumers.

Woolworth also understands the needs of its customers. Therefore it strives to make grocery shopping more simple and convenient for its customers. 

It's not all; customers can also shop using the Woolworths supermarket app from anywhere at any time they want. Besides, its website also runs smoothly, the design is splendid, and you can easily search and shop for anything. 

Key Specifications Of Woolworths

Website Url: https://www.woolworths.com.au/

Categories:  Fruits & veg, meat, seafood & deli, Bakery, Dairy, Eggs & Fridge, Pantry, Freezer, Drink, Liquor, Pet, Baby, Health & Beauty.

Brands: Sam's Pantry, Thomas Dux range, Woolworths BBQ, Bunch, Fry, Macro, and many more.


  • Woolworths Online: 1800 000 610
  • Woolworths Supermarkets: 1300 767 969
  • Shopping for an organization: 1300 665 386

Business Email: business@woolworths.com.au 

Exchange Policy: Return is possible within 30 days, along with the receipt.

Survey Of The Best Selling Products Online

Products Featuring On Woolworths

Our Woolworths Review


woolworths lobster tails review

Our Woolworths lobster tails review are:

Fresh,  Good Taste
4,0 out of 5

woolworths coffee machine reviews

Our Woolworths coffee machine reviews are:

Affordable, Compact & Lightweighted 
3.5 out of 5 

Woolworths sparkling mineral water review

Our Woolworths sparkling mineral water review are:

Cheap & Reliable.

3.9 out of

woolworths home brew lager review

Our Woolworths home brew lager review are:

Tasty and Refreshing  

3.7 out of 5 

woolworths laundry liquid review

Our Woolworths laundry liquid review are: 

Excellent Quality 
3.5 out of 5

woolworths lasagne review

Our Woolworths lasagne review are: 

Best quality, Flavors & Mouthwatering 
4.0 out of 5 

woolworths pie maker review

Our Woolworths pie maker review are: 

Pocket-Friendly and Easy to use
3.9 out of 5 

woolworths laundry powder review

Our Woolworths laundry powder review are: 

Safe & No harsh chemicals

3.5 out of 5 

woolworths macarons review

Our Woolworths macarons review are:

Fresh, Tasty & Delicious 

4.1 out of 5

These were our Woolworths reviews for the top trending one in the store. Hope this helps you in making the right decision.

Considerable Options That You Can't Resist On Woolworths

1. Gift Card

One of the most exciting parts that we came across was its gift card. Some of the best brands that it covers are:
Gift Card

  • WISH GIFT Cards
  • Woolworths Supermarkets
  • BIG W
  • DAN Murphys
  • BWS
  • Cellarmasters 
  • Caltex Woolworths

Plus, its gift cards never expire, which means you can redeem them for anything you wish at any time.

2. Track Order 

While doing the Woolworths review, we also tried its order tracking option. So if you're a first-time shopper, then you need to sign up. There are few tips you need to fill in for signing up. some of these includes:

  1. Fill in your name, number, date of birth, etc
  2. Pick the option for receiving grocery (Later, Delivery, Pick up) 
  3. Select option: Whether you wish to receive  (Updates via email or SMS)
  4. If you wish to try free samples (yes or no)

Note: If you don't have an Australian number, then signing in can be a bit difficult for you. 

4. Delivery 

We were actually fascinated after exploring Woolworths' delivery options. Here you can easily enjoy unlimited delivery if you try its 30 days free trial plan. Furthermore, if you're in a hurry and want to get your deliveries in 2 hours, then you need to shop for up to 50 items. Some of its delivery pricing are mentioned below:


Woolworths delivery review by customers

Woolworths delivery review

5. Woolworths Apps

Running out of groceries, but can't rush to the supermarket, then the Woolworths app is the ultimate solution. What we really liked about this app was that it's available for both android and apple users. It's easy to download and also has an in-app barcode scanner. So if you haven't tried this, then we recommend you to do so.

6. Everyday Rewards

After reading several of Woolworths online review, we had to explore its everyday rewards. Its reward program is simple to operate. All you have to do is follow some simple steps to join, boost, shop, and enjoy its eye-attracting perks. 
Everyday Rewards

7. Become An Affiliate

Woolworths also gives an opportunity to bloggers and people who are looking for ways to earn money online. So if you want to earn a commission, all you need to do is join its affiliate program and get paid for every referral you send to Woolworths.

8. Customer Support

We dint came across a lot of positive Woolworth's reviews,  so we were a bit curious and ended up reviewing it ourselves. But our experience with its customer support team was overwhelming. Woolworths customer team answered all our queries and helped us in searching and shopping. So if we had to rate its team and services, we would give them 4.5 out of 5 stars because we were satisfied. 
woolworths customer support reviews

So far, our Woolworths reviews have covered all that was featured in the store. Let's move on to its pros and cons now.

Pros & Cons of Woolworths

Good Points 

Bad Points 

1.  You can easily get on-shelf availability 

2. Best quality of fresh fruits and vegetables 

3. Excellent overall store presentation

4. Superb competitive pricing

5. You can also redeem Woolworths promo codes, vouchers, etc

1. Complex pricing strategy 

2. Long caliber of category buyers

3. Private label  driving growth more

4. Too many TV advertisements featuring

5. Signing-in is not possible without an Australian number

Comparison Of Woolworths With Other Australian Supermarkets

Just for your knowledge, we not only inspected each option available on Woolworths but also compared the store against other Australian top supermarket brands. Here's what we found. 

Comparison of Woolworths with other Australian supermarkets

Woolworths vs. Coles


In case if your order is under $100, then you will have to pay $15 at the time of checkout. Whereas if your order is $250 to $300, you can get a hand on $3. Note: These are the delivery charges of Woolworth.

However, with Coles, the metro deliveries typically cost from $4 to 20.


There's just a minor difference in product pricing of both the supermarkets. Plus, all the products offered on both sites are from mainstream brands.

A bit more of the comparison 


Woolworths vs. Aldi 

According to a survey done, 85 % of people recommended Woolworths, whereas 70% of people referred to Aldi.

Worth of Group

Furthermore, during our Woolworths reviews, we came to know that Woolworths group is worth $35.6 billion, whereas Aldi is worth $12.2 billion only. 

Reliability- Consistent Product Quality 

75 % of people found Woolworths products fresh and reliable. On the other hand, 65 % of people said that Aldi products were more high quality and at reasonable prices. 

A bit more from the grocery market

Woolworths vs. Aldi

Test Results Of Woolworths vs. Coles vs. Aldi 

Test Results 

Star Rating By Us 

% By Customers 

 Expert Choice Rating 
4.1 out of 5 85%
Product Quality 
3.9 out of 586%
Ease of shopping 
4.0 out of 5 79%
Account Setup Store 
3.5 out of 5 80%
Return Score
4.3 out of 5 80%
Delivery Accuracy Score 
3.8 out of 583%
4.0 out of 5YES

Still, if you're having doubts about whether Woolworths is legit or not, then here is a brief insight that will provide you 100% satisfaction.

Is Woolworths Legit store?

From our unbiased ratings and research, along with customers' reviews, we can say that Woolworths.com.au is a legit site. Still, if you have any doubts, then we suggest that you check its authenticity by yourself.

As there are a number of small retailers who look legit but are a scam and can easily rip off your money in no time. So make sure to do your research before trusting it blindly.

Given below are some of the facts we've gathered during our research of Woolworths reviews. So we would like to share them with you. 

1. Trust Score: The trust score of Woolworth is 85%, which means it's a trustworthy site.

2. Social Media Presence: Woolworths' accounts on all social media platforms are verified and contain a blue tick.

3. Buyers Reviews: There are many top sites like review.io, Trustpilot.com, etc., where you can find real buyers' reviews about services, products, etc.

Considering all these points, we can say that it's a 100% legit site. 

Our Final Verdict

Woolworths' services and product pricing takes online grocery shopping to the next level.

That what you're looking for, Right.!

There are a number of online retailers that can distract you from enjoying the benefits, deals, etc. Woolworth offers on its website.

So don't get carried away by unknown retailers.

Hopefully, our Woolworths reviews will help you make the best choice for your grocery shopping.

Over to our shoppers.

Oh, just one more thing.

If you enjoyed our in-depth Woolworths reviews, help another shopper who is stuck in this same situation by sharing this review with them.

Will you help us reach our target audience? We hope you'll do.

Happy Grocery Shopping at Woolworths

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