12+ Fun Ways To Survive Easter At Home With Kids

Looking for fun activities to enjoy on Easter Sunday with your kids (beyond the apparent egg hunt)? Check out this mix of indoor and outdoor fun ways and activities for kids of all ages.

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Published On: March 24, 2021

12+ Fun Ways To Survive Easter At Home With Kids
Several ways are there to celebrate Easter! Going for outdoor activities, visiting parks, meeting friends, and a lot more!

But, this time, since we`re locked up at home. So we need to make our every moment precious while keeping covid-19 in our minds. Yup, Easter at home! Sounds boring?

Not really!

From giving your children baskets to fill with candies, playing Easter bunny, wearing trending outfits, visiting the church, or exchanging homemade cards, there are numerous things to do.

To feel Easter heavenly, you can decorate your home by bringing little indoor trees (either artificial ones, if you prefer), decorated eggs, decorative lights, and paper trims in affordable ways.

It might have puzzled up your mind throwing out questions like how, where to buy, and so on so forth?

But not to worry about these unnecessary questions!

This guide has explained 12+ Easter ideas at home with kids that you can follow up delightfully!

So let`s head in!

A Quick Overview Of Easter


Ideas to celebrate Easter at home 2021

Looking for few simple ways to have Easter celebration on high? Here are fun ways for you!

1/16 bake-hot-cross-buns-for-your-kids

Bake hot cross buns for your kids

Do you think you can really relish Easter fun without baking buns? No! Not at all!

Rejoice this Easter by baking your own for your kids! If you don`t know how to bake them? Several online recipes can be founded online. Follow them and make these the night before, so they`re ready for a special Easter breakfast. You can give them egg shapes if you are looking after something unique.


DIY Easter baskets

We love Easter baskets because if you`re willing to teach your kids to do things on their own, it`s a double-win!

Keep your kids entertained by having them create their own baskets! You could order some Easter crafts for seniors online from global printing services or get creative with things around your home and utilize paper plates, milk cartons, lights, broken pieces, and more items available at home!


Easter egg hunt at home

Dying Easter eggs at home and hunting out the more to win the game is the go-to activity for your kids. It`s one of the most favored Easter activities for kids of any age is bound to get them up and about! It`s a kind of hide and seeks!

If you have a backyard or a small garden, let the hiding eggs begin, or if not, in the home can also be just as fun! Hide them at certain places. Just not to forget where you`ve hidden them!


Decorate your house with DIY Easter crafts

Decorate your home with indoor trees or plants, utilize colorful eggs in it, bring some light and paper trim also!

There are plenty of inexpensive ways for Easter at home activities, not only above, from unicorn eggs, cheap flowers to scented candles and toilet roll bunnies. Who knew you could make your toilet rolls more special than they already are.


Make Easter cards for your beloveds

We often get busy with our work schedules and don`t find time to express our feelings to our beloved ones.

So this time, if you want to express your love to your kid, sibling, or even neighbor, why not brighten Easter houses by presenting members with some Easter cards to show that you`re thinking of them. Among Easter fun ideas at home, this is one of the affordable ways because you can get cards, printed online at discounts.


Family Easter ideas to wear

It`s a sure thing! You might have rocked the fashion trends 2021 and no make-up at all for many previous days! But wearing new clothes is a religious tradition!

Since ancient times, it`s been the custom to follow. Beyond that, the universal truth is; looking better is actually feeling better. And a new outfit really makes you feel better if you wear attractive fragrances. No time to buy new outfits? Then wear something beautiful that you love.


Dine together, virtually!

For those who usually throw a party or plan a get-together with extended family and friends, keep this tradition up with a virtual dinner party!

Yup! The most excellent way in this challenging period! Purchase electronic gadgets and set up an online meeting and place your tab on your dining table. Share whatever made your day special today, whatever you have baked mainly, or what you are grateful for to keep the meet-up mood high.


Have a camping experience

If the religious event is span when you get off from your work, and you always set up a trip for your family, this isn`t the year!

Because of the rough year! Instead, why not bring in the camping experience to your very own backyard or any large room? Pitch a tent there, roast up marshmallows on the fire, play simple games, or enjoy a portion of delicious food while beating all the traffic is actually a win.


Watch an Easter movie

Get your family together after celebrating your Easter time! Crack open the favorite chocolate, watch an Easter movie at home, or any movie you want your kids to watch! It`s a time to enjoy yourself with your home members.


Read Easter themed books

History always inspires us! And to give your kid the value of the Easter tradition, this is the best time to go on!

Finish the day with your little kids by reading an Easter-themed book. However, Easter bilby is everyone`s favorite, but there are plenty online you can order to save some money or just get the print from online resource.


Host a quiz night 

Among the list of Easter at home crafts, get your family together for a quiz night! It`s time to increase the knowledge of your kids regarding the world`s matters.

Set out the topics from music to sport, outdoor places, to how much you know about wales and relevant things. You can get every member of the family involved using a piece of paper or online apps. 


Get hands-on egg collage

Give your kid a piece of paper and draw an extensive egg shape on it as an outline. With a pot of paste and scraps of material or ribbon, they can make their Easter at home more creative.

It often doesn`t seem to serve the purpose of something exciting. So you have a small prize for the best drawing and some little presents for the remaining ones. This will help everyone gets to be a winner. 


Mini egg challenge

Make up some small race track or obstacle course on the floor. Give each child four mini chocolate eggs of the same color and a straw. Let each one turn at blowing down the straw to guide each egg in turn course end.

You could notice the time how long it takes for all their eggs to get back home. To make it even more out of a simple challenge, tie their hands behind their backs with a soft scarf so they are not tempted to use them to cheat.


Hatch a story

Several family Easter games are listed everywhere! But this is going to be the craziest!

Write down a few words or phrases on little notes and hide one inside each egg. When all the eggs have been found, work together to create a crazy short story using the words you collected or say a kind of puzzle.


Eat choc cross bun Gelato

Don`t just feel good eating it! But also make someone`s day by scooping it forward too!

Whether it`s a friend who`s having a difficult time or a health professional, worker, or anyone working on the front line during the pandemic, you should send them out a new choc cross bun Gelato to sweeten their Easter. 


Don`t drop the egg

Why not try some balloon juggling while making Easter eggs at home? All you need are some colorful balloons and a few permanent markers or stickers, and you`re all set!

Startup by blowing up balloons as you wish, and get everyone to customize their balloon by decorating them just like an Easter egg using permanent markers and other decorations.

Move to a spot inside with room to move around, or take the gang outside to play.

How to celebrate Easter at home with the eggs, here are some ways:


  • Don`t drop the egg: See which of your kid can keep the egg in the air for long without dropping it. For an extra challenge, see if your kids can keep up two or three at once. 


  • Egg toss: Volley out the balloon egg to and fro. For an additional twist, show "bunny in the middle" and have any member stand in the middle of the game and try to intercept the balloon.

  • Chicken run: Wedge the `egg` between your knees and waddle across the room, deck, or backyard.


  • Bunny`s best dance-off: Turn on the tunes and pass the balloon around while showing off your best bunny boogie moves.

Our Take Away

We hope you find these tips helpful in Easter at home scavenger hunt with your kids this year. If you`ve never used any of these ideas, get your hand on them!

After St. Patrick`s deals, you get the perks of Easter deals from revounts.com.au.

From all of us at Revounts, we wish you a pleased and healthy Easter.


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