Petal And Pup Review - The Perfect Australian Boutique For Every Women

Throughout our research and exploring Petal And Pup we have found too many things that you might want to know. So if you have any doubt related to the store, it’s time to clear it with this unbiased Petal And Pup review.

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Petal And Pup Review - The Perfect Australian Boutique For Every Women

We often got to hear is Petal and pup legit store or not? Well, the question sounds indispensable when you do not have the faintest idea about the brand. In addition, when you are shopping for the first time from a brand, you are absolutely clueless. Therefore, going through an unbiased review is vitally important.

The helpful review we have come up with this time is regarding a greatly admired brand and applauded by almost every snappy dresser. So here we are discussing Petal And Pup.

Before writing down Petal And Pup review, we have thoroughly studied and analyzed the brand from every aspect. As a result, we haven’t just noted down the positive elements but also the adverse characteristics that need to address.

Furthermore, the information we have covered in this supportive review is sourced from our personal experience, customer comments and feedback on the internet, and neutral sources.

So without any delay, let’s start learning about the brand. So you don’t make the wrong purchase while shopping.

A Brief Introduction

Petal And Pup is an online marketplace offering customers the highest standard dress and related accessories. The foundation of Petal And Pup was laid down by a dedicated fashion designer Tiffany back in 2014.

Headquarter: located at 23 Links Avenue N Eagle Farm, Queensland 4009 Australia. 

Their second head office is located at 9255 Sunset Blvd, Suite 1100 West Hollywood, California 90069 The United States of America.

Website: Petal And Pup

Revenue: $5 million

Employees: 30

Founder: Tiffany Henry

CEO: Philip Scarff

President: Victoria Perry

Contact Email: contacts[@]

Petal & Pup industries: Retailing

What Petal And Pup has to offer?

Petal And Pup offer almost everything that you are looking for. Their wide range of products is designed by expert in-house designers who work tirelessly to bring the best for you. During our journey with Petal And Pup, we were truly impressed to see how efficiently they have worked on their website to make the shopping experience smooth and uncomplicated.

Considering their broad array of products, they have classified them into different sections. For example, first, we tried to shop on occasions. The occasion section was divided into three other sections such as formal, casual, and party. However, they are known specifically for the trendiest summer styles. The overall purchasing experience with Petal And Pup was tremendous; that’s why we gave them 5 out of 5 ratings.

Top Rated Products At Petal And Pup

We have rated and ranked their immense collection of products individually. So you can have clear knowledge and understanding of whether you should buy the products or not. In addition, we have also mentioned the popular choice and Petal And Pup clothing reviews that we have come across during our research.



The most common and targeted section on Petal And Pup website is 'Dresses'. We were flabbergasted after seeing that almost every customer feedback regarding the dresses was positive. There were nearly 1135 products offered under this category specifically. For selecting the desired dress, we have to use the filter option.

Popular Choice

Petal And Pup White Dress

One of the most popular and highly ranked dresses on the site is the white dress. There are almost 2862 products under this category only. All the white dresses are made by expert in-house designers. See customer’s Petal And Pup Review on white dresses.

Petal And Pup One Shoulder Dress

We were excited to see how this one-shoulder dress turned out as the best pick from Petal And Pup. Since the most common complaints we hear specifically regarding this amazing dress is of the inappropriate size. But we haven’t found any kind of issue related while wearing one. There are almost 22 one-shoulder dresses available at Petal And Pup. You will be surprised to see what the customer has to say about this beautiful dress.



Petal And Pup tops are undoubtedly the most liked and loved apparel section on their website. They offer 500+ products under the tops section. It means you will need enough time to explore the section thoroughly. Or you may use the sort option just like us. We were quite amazed to see the season’s trends with cute subtle prints, cropped lengths, and muted neutral tones.

Popular Choice

Check out what a customer has to say about the quality tops offered by the brand

Petal and pup tops customer reviews



    We found one more section that was significant to study during our research. Here we are talking about Petal And Pup jackets. However, there are many other stores where we can buy jackets and coats. But after checking the quality and diverse designs, we can’t think of any different store. Under this section, the store offers 91 products.

    Popular Choice



    Our Petal And Pup review section will be incomplete if we don’t discuss the jeans section. Jeans are meant to be fashionable, voguish, and comfortable. And all these features were found in Petal And Pup jeans section. Petal And Pup have more or less 941 jeans which can outperform any other clothing brand.

    Popular Choice

    Here you can see a customer applauding the jeans

    Petal and pup jeans reviews

      Petal And Pup Shoes


      The one fact that thrilled us was that we found something that we hadn’t expected. According to Petal And Pup, they are not just the leaders in offering highly fashioned outfits but also cool and funky collection shoes. Petal And Pup have a limited range but a luxurious selection of shoes. So whether you are looking for high heels to slides, Petal And Pup has everything to offer you.

      Popular Choice

      Customer Reviews

      Shoes customer reviews



      There was no way we can ignore the most important category which is Petal And Pup skirts. According to the website, they have a total of 203 skirts. We checked out some of their skirts and they were truly the best quality and design we have come across to date.

      Popular Choice

      The best thing is that all of these items are available at reasonable prices and we also used discount codes to save more on our purchase. If you want to save at the store you can also avail Petal And Pup discount code Australia to get a cut on your bill.

      Moreover, do check out one of the many reviews about the adorable skirts by one of the customers.

      Petal and pup skirt reviews

      Petal And Pup Sizing Chart

      Petal And Pup provided an excellent service, and it was necessary to discuss this in this review. While we were exploring the site, we stumbled upon an option, “sizing chart”. This option is rarely available on any clothing brand website. And Petal And Pup is one of the online clothing stores with an updated sizing chart on their website.

      The sizing chart has helped us pick the perfect size. Before we discovered the size chart, we were confused and could not decide, thanks to the chart that has helped us choose the dress we were looking for in the exact size.

      Not just we were amazed by the size chart. Even some of the customers were stunned to see the size chart. Go through the comments below from the customers.

      Petal And Pup Sizing Review

      Petal And Pup Sizing Review

      Is Petal And Pup a legit store?

      Absolutely Yes! With our time researching and exploring Petal And Pup, we have only found positive feedback and word of mouth from customers.

      However, there are a few negative comments too on the internet that might be due to incorrect delivery or late shipment. Still, the store offers an opportunity to all those customers to get their issues resolved.

      Our personal experience with Petal And Pup was quite impressive. From the customer service department to the pricing structure, everything guarantees a certified, legit, and authentic online store. You can take help from the internet and unbiased reviews of the brand for more details.

      In last all, we have to say that if you are doubtful or unsure whether shopping with Petal and pup is secured or not. We want you to start shopping right now with peace of mind as we have found them a secure place to shop.

      Is Petal And Pup good quality?

      Well, the store changes, but the question remains the same. Probably the most asked question regarding any brand is quality and standard. And there is no doubt why this question is the most asked. No customer ever wants to buy something that is not up to their expectations.

      The biggest issue while shopping online is that you cannot test the product's quality. The only way you can check the quality is by either reading unbiased customer feedback or a company review.

      Since we are describing every aspect of Petal And Pup, let’s not forget the quality of their products to the customers.

      No other brand can reach Petal And Pup level when it comes to quality. That’s what we have personally experienced.

      Petal And Pup have lived up to our expectations regarding quality. We have tried almost everything from dresses to shoes to accessories, and we have found everything top-notch.

      Petalandpup Reviews

      Petalandpup Reviews

      How good is Petal And Pup with their customer service?

      Our overall journey with Petal And Pup was quite smooth. However, we haven’t felt that we need any kind of assistance throughout the process. Still, we tested out their support team to see how quickly they are with their service.

      We reached their support via multiple methods. The easiest way was to use the direct chat option on the website. The person on the call was quite humble and gently replied to all our queries.

      The second technique we considered was the inquiry method. We send a message through the provided form on the contact us page. And within a few hours, we got replied from the customer service member. Based on our experience, we feel proud to say that they truly deserve 5 out of 5 stars on Petal Pup reviews.

      What makes Petal And Pup standout from the rest of the fashion stores?

      Our venture with Petal And Pup has experienced many facts that make the store ahead of any other online clothing store. Underneath, we have jotted down the key factors that we found while exploring the brand.

      Fast-Paced Delivery

      According to the website, the estimated delivery time varies according to location and country. Our first reaction was jaw-dropping when we learned that they deliver within Australia In 1-3 business days with express shipping. Also, if you placed an order over $100 (AUD), you can enjoy free shipping.

      Apart from Australia, they deliver to New Zealand, the US, Canada, and the rest of the world. Just for our peace of mind, they send an email with a link to track the shipment. Following the link, we had information regarding our order.

      Fast-Paced Delivery

      Easy Exchange Policy

      There are almost zero chances that you ever wanted to return the products you got from Petal And Pup. However, in rare cases, if you are not satisfied with the product or you have received the wrong product. They will gladly accept all the returns. You just have to make sure that the returned product must comply with the requirements.

      Easy Exchange Policy

      Petal And Pup Application

      Now you can easily place an order via Petal And Pup application. The application is available to download from Google Play and the Apple store. Save time and avail discounts on Petal And Pup application.

      Petal And Pup Application

      Student Discounts

      Petal And Pup offer various opportunities to the customers to avail discounts and deals. But mainly most of their discounts are available on occasions. However, student discounts are always available for redeeming. So if you are a student, you have the chance to save 10% by registering and verifying your student status with Student Beans. It's free! Even if you are not a student there are multiple Petal And Pup discount codes are waiting for you. 

      Student Discounts

      Overall Ratings

      Based on our experience, we have found Petal And Pup a trustworthy place for shopping. But there is still a lot more to do in the sizing area. Below we have rated each of the departments individually.

      Overall Ratings

      Conclusive Comment

      After comprehensively researching and analyzing the brand from almost every angle, we have successfully reached the point that Petal And Pup is legit and perfectly safe online store for clothing and fashion accessories.

      Still, if you have any doubt left in your mind, you may personally visit the store or go through the comments and feedback from customers all around the world.

      In last, we were impressed by looking at all the extensive collection of products offered by Petal And Pup. We strongly suggest Petal And Pup if you are looking to fill your wardrobe with astonishing clothes.You can check out the amazing discounts for Petal And Pup from Revounts for savvy shopping. 

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