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Etihad Airways

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10% Off (Sitewide) With Etihad Airways Promo Code

Now, you can enjoy a 10% bargain sidewide by using the Etihad Airways Promo Code.




5% Off Select Round Trip Flights

Amazing deal for round-trip flight travellers: save 5% on your next flight.




Get Up To 40% Off Abu Dhabi`s Most Exclusive Hotels

Experience the charm of Abu Dhabi`s Most Exclusive Hotels with Up To 40% off.




Save 30% If You Book Your Extra Bags

Stop worrying about extra baggage expenses. Now Etihad offers you a 30% discount on extra bag bookings.




Sydney To Istanbul Trip Starting From $1220

If you plan a Sydney to Istanbul trip, Etihad offers an amazing trip for $1220.




Sydney To Rome Trip From $1520

Enjoy the Sydney to Rome trip with Etihad for $1520.




Sydney To Beirut Trip Starting From $1604

Delight your next travel from Sydney to Beirut at the affordable cost of $1604.




Sydney To Tel Aviv Trip From $1700

Book your travel with Etihad from Sydney To Tel Aviv for $1700.




Sydney To Cairo Trip From $1945

Enjoy the fantastic discount on the Sydney To Cairo Trip and book your flight for $1945.




Sydney To Dublin Trip From $2,042

Explore Sydney To Dublin while staying within budget because Etihad offers a fantastic trip from $2,042.




Explore Dublin From $1,290

Reap the benefits of Etihad Dublin trip From $1,290.




Escape To Jordan Flights Starting From $1,835

Book your flights to Jordan without stressing your wallet, Starting From $1,835.




Early Winter Sale Starts From $1,205

Don`t miss Etihad`s early winter sale starting from $1,205.



Earn 500 Etihad Miles

Now you can Earn Etihad`s 500 miles reward to minimize your expense.




Sign Up & Enjoy The Best Exclusive Deal

Sign up for the Etihad newsletter to update yourself with exclusive discounts and deals.




Get Low Priced Subscription

Expired Coupons Try these recently expired coupons, they may still be valid!




Black Friday! Get 20% Off On New Sale

Popular Etihad Airways Coupon Code & Discount Codes for 20 July, 2024

Discount Description Code

Earn 500 Etihad Miles

No Code Required 2023-06-30

Low Priced

Get Low Priced Subscription

No Code Required 2023-12-31

Sign Up

Sign Up & Enjoy The Best Exclusive Deal

No Code Required 2023-12-31

40% Off

Get Up To 40% Off Abu Dhabi`s Most Exclusive Hotels

No Code Required 2023-12-31

$2,042 Below

Sydney To Dublin Trip From $2,042

No Code Required 2023-12-31

30% Off

Save 30% If You Book Your Extra Bags

No Code Required 2023-12-31

More About Etihad Airways Promo Code & Discount Codes In Australia

Etihad Airways is a known aviation brand that has created a name for itself since its existence. They have made a prominent name for themselves in aviation with their out-class customer care service and maintaining higher standards of luxury. Etihad Airways network has swiftly expanded to link visitors to places worldwide. The airline has gained a superb reputation as a top-tier carrier, regularly delivering a world-class flying experience focusing on quality, comfort, and cutting-edge technology. Etihad Airways is distinguished by its extensive route network and commitment to providing a personalized and premium travel experience. Also, if you want to explore more and spend less, you must use Etihad Airways promo code to avail yourself of their fantastic bargains. The airline responds to the different demands of travellers, whether they are flying for business, leisure, or any other reason, with a contemporary and efficient aircraft fleet.

Etihad Airways Promo Code

Why do People Give Preference to Etihad Airways Airlines?

Luxury and Comfort:

Etihad Airways is well-known for its lavish services, particularly in its premium cabins. Etihad Airways may be a good option if you value comfort, spacious seating, and excellent service.

In-Flight Entertainment:

Etihad Airways has diverse in-flight entertainment options, including movies, TV series, music, and games. Long flights can be made more fun using its entertainment system.


The airline's gastronomic services are well-known. They have received awards for their food and wine selection, and they provide dining alternatives that accommodate various dietary needs and constraints.

Cabin Classes:

Etihad Airways offers a variety of cabin classes, ranging from Economy to First Class, allowing you to select the degree of service and comfort that best meets your budget and needs.

Hub Location:

Etihad's Airways hub is at Abu Dhabi International Airport, a handy stopping location for travellers travelling between Europe, Asia, and Africa. Etihad Airways may be a good option if your travel plans include these areas.

Innovative Aircraft:

Etihad Airways has invested in modern and innovative aircraft, such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787, which provide a comfortable and efficient flying experience.

Airport Lounges:

Etihad Airways provides flights to several destinations worldwide, allowing you to travel to diverse international places easily.

Environmental Commitment:

Etihad's Airways premium passengers have access to their elegant lounges in several airports, which provide a range of services.

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Other Ways to Save Money at Etihad Airways:

Etihad Airways Guest Loyalty Program:

If you frequently travel, joining Etihad's Airways loyalty program can offer you points, miles, and incentives that can improve your trip.

Discounts On Extra Baggage:

Using the Etihad Airways Extra Baggage discount, you can fly high with all your extra stuff and less stress on your wallet.

Discounts On In-Flight Entertainment:

If you are Etihad's Airways platinum member, then you can enjoy more benefits all the way. To get free in-flight entertainment, enroll yourself with their platinum membership program.

Special Offers Section:

Always watch their special exclusive offers section to get the discount first. Etihad Airways frequently announces exclusive discounts for your convenience and makes your travel budget-friendly.

Etihad Airways Refer a Friend Reward:

Etihad's Airways refer-a-friend reward is another funfil way to save money.

Steps to Use Etihad Airways Promo Code?

It's a simple process for those who know how to use it, but the ones who are new to using discount or promo codes Struggle with it. But not anymore with these simple steps; anyone can use them.

  1. Open your browser and search for Revounts coupon codes, the best website for finding any coupon codes.
  2. On Revounts, click the coupons sections and search for 'Etihad Airways'. A page will open up with all the offers and discounts Etihad Airways offers.
  3. From there, you can pick and choose your favourite coupon code and save it.
  4. Now, visit the Etihad Airways website and book your flights as usual, but keep the coupon in mind.
  5. At the checkout, you are going to find a coupon code section. Enter the Etihad Airways discount code you saved earlier and enjoy the discounted price. 

Why is My Etihad Airways Promo Code Not Working?

There can be many reasons for that, which you are unaware of. But do not worry; the following reasons will provide solutions to the errors you encounter.


It's evident that all Etihad Airways promo codes come with an expiry date, and you have to use them within that date. If that date surpasses the coupon, it is useless, so saving it anytime you are shopping is better.

Too Many Coupons:

Using too many coupons at once may cause them not to work. Some Etihad Airways promo code are made that way, but not all. You can read under the coupon details about it or use different coupons to find out. One coupon at a time is a better way to eliminate this problem.

Using Coupons Twice:

Some brands allow their coupons to be used more than once, but this does not mean this rule applies to every brand. To know about it, read the coupon code carefully or avoid using it more than once.

Spelling Error: 

This problem is common; when people try to write it themselves, they make errors. So it's better to directly copy and paste Etihad Airways coupon codes instead of writing them.

Steps to Make Changes to Your Etihad Airways Flight Booking:

To modify your Etihad Airways flight booking, you must determine which changes you wish to make and whether your booking is changeable. Remember that costs and policies can change depending on your price type, destination, and booking conditions, so it's critical to double-check your status with Etihad Airways or your booking agent.

Determine whether your reservation is changeable. Some tickets, such as economy savers, may offer little or no change alternatives. You can make adjustments to your Etihad Airways flight reservation using the following channels:

Use Online Assistance:

Go to the Etihad Airways website and sign in (if you have one). Look for the "Manage Booking" or "My Trips" section for your booking and other information.

Call Customer Service:

Customer service employees at the airline can assist you with modifications such as rebooking flights, upgrading seats, changing trip dates, or modifying passenger information.

Visit an Etihad Airways office:

If you want to speak with someone in person, you can go to an Etihad Airways office or ticketing counter at the airport.

Charges That May Apply:

Prepare to pay any applicable fees or fare variances resulting from the changes you intend to make. The fee varies according to the sort of adjustment and your fare guidelines.

Review Changes:

After modifying your reservation, carefully review the itinerary, including flight information, passenger information, and any additional charges.

Confirm Changes:

Changes must be confirmed with Etihad Airways after you are pleased. Ensure you receive a confirmation email or reference number for your changed reservation.

Examine the Visa and Entry Requirements:

If your adjustments necessitate foreign travel, ensure you meet your destination's visa and entry criteria and any transit nations.

Etihad Airways Easy Cancellation:

Suppose you want to cancel a reservation for an Etihad Airways ticket due to unforeseen circumstances. In that case, there's always a flexible way to do it with Etihad Airways. 

  • In case of any medical and health issues, you can ask for a refund between 24 and 96 hours before your flight departure time. 
  • If government regulations restrict travel, then you will get your return within 14 days.

Etihad Airways Payment Methods:

Etihad Airways provides a variety of payment methods to its broad customer base. Credit and debit cards, PayPal, numerous eWallets, bank transfers, and offline payment methods are all available. This adaptability enables travellers from all walks of life to pick a payment method that meets their needs, preferences, and financial services access.

  • Credit And Debit Cards.
  • Visa.
  • MasterCard.
  • Merican Express.
  • Diners Club.
  • Paypal.
  • E-wallets.
  • Bank Transfers.
  • Offline Payment Options.
  • Currency And Exchange Rates.

Etihad Airways FAQs:

1. Does Etihad Airways have a discount code for students?

Yes, now you can save up to 10% on economy and up to 5% on business tickets from Etihad Airways student discount.

2. How much money can I save by siging-up with Etihad Airways?

Travellers can save up to 10% after signing- up for Etihad Airways.

3. Does Etihad Airways offer hotel reservations for travellers?

Yes, Currently, you can avail of up to 40% discount on Abu Dhabi's most exclusive hotels.

4. Can I get a discount on Etihad's Airways extra baggage booking?

Etihad Airways offers you a 30% discount on extra baggage bookings.

5. Does Etihad Airways provide returns?

Yes, you can receive your amount back, while the refund policy depends on your destination, travel time and flight.

About Etihad Airways

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