What to Wear on Good Friday: Outfit ideas for a Solemn Occasion

If you are wondering what to wear on Good Friday, this blog has all the answers for you. So scroll down to find out beautiful dress suitable for you. Here several kinds of dress variety are given to help you choose your favourite one.
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Published On: August 23, 2025

What to Wear on Good Friday: Outfit ideas for a Solemn Occasion

As per the oxford dictionary definition, Good Friday is the day honoured for Christ’s crucifixion in the Christian Church, traditionally observed as a day of penance and fasting. Those raised as Christians are familiar with this day and know its importance. To educate you briefly, this day marks Jesus’s death, which even separates the timelines, as we know them. He died on Good Friday and rose again on Easter Sunday.

This day is dedicated to remembering and reflecting upon what has been done for the sins of the world. On this day, Christians solemnly honour the way ways Jesus has suffered. They attend the mass in solemn clothing and fast to show their sorrow. If you are confused about what you should wear to honour this holy day, you can read the blog below.

Colours to wear on Good Friday:

It’s outstanding to ask a question. People are into wearing all black on Good Friday, whereas, in eastern cultures, people decide to go with White. Purple is a sign of mourning and suffering, which is the colour of the Lenten season. Violet itself represents humility, penance and melancholy. Whereas nowadays, people have also started wearing red, which is typically worn on Palm Sundays, Pentecost and during the celebration of Jesus Christ's Passion.

The Cardinals wear red because they are the closest advisers to the pope and must be ready to shed their blood for Christ and the church. Therefore it's better to wear black as a Good Friday dress code while going to church. And you must avoid wearing bright colours.

What to Wear for Good Friday?

This question can pop up in your mind during the Lenten Season. It would be best if you looking for a good outfit that fits the occasion. Luckily there are several brands that are offering Good Friday dresses to make your decision easier. Several brands, along with their outfits, are listed below.

Simply Dresses:

The Simply Dresses brand creates elegant dresses for parties as well as bowl gowns. They curate dresses for hundreds of occasions to choose from, where you will find all kinds of dresses. In all of that, they also create simple yet elegant dresses to wear to church and for Good Friday.

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Black Short Smocked Puff Sleeve Casual Dress:

Sale price: $34.95

This exceptional and body-hugging dress is of good quality and available in small to extra-large sizes. It fits perfectly and has short puffy sleeves with a dress length above the knee.

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Simple Long Formal Dress 8259:

Sale price: $69.00

Another beautiful fish tale dress that is extremely comfortable and fits as it is made for you. The V shape back is available in two colours, royal blue and black and sizes extra small to medium.

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Karina Dresses:

They create a dress that is old classic designs and serves small to plus-size women so everyone has a choice to dress up in whatever they can wear. They sell dresses at affordable prices with excellent quality. Their dresses are suitable to be worn in church.

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Kate Dress Solid Black

Kate Dress (3/4 Sleeves) - Solid Black:

Sale price: $118.00

Solid black is the most preferred choice for the Good Friday dress colour. And this knee-length dress with ¾ sleeves seems like a perfect choice. It comes with pockets, and a scoop neckline, made from wrinkle-free material which means it’s ready to wear. It's available in XXS to 4XL.

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Margaret Dress - Pink Peony

Margaret Dress - Pink Peony:

Sale price: $124.00

The beautiful and flattering Margaret Dress comes with Pink peony flowers with a colour pop on the black dress. It has a crossover V-neck bodice with short sleeves. Waistband to provide perfect and a tie attached in the back or side. The dress is of the midi length and made with wrinkle-free fabric; sizes range from XS to 4XL.

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Yours Clothing:

Yours Clothing creates articles of clothing for all shapes and sizes, making beautiful clothes that fit your body and enhance your curves. They provide a variety of clothing options for plus-size women so that they never run out of options. You will be able to find pretty decent Good Friday attire from their range of clothes.

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YOURS LONDON Curve Black Mesh Panel Skater Dress

YOURS LONDON Curve Black Mesh Panel Skater Dress:

Sale price: $100.00

This gorgeous black dress seems like a perfect fit for the Good Friday dress. For starters, it is a black knee-length dress with incorporated mesh panels, a tie waist for fitting, a scoop neckline and is sleeveless. It's a black skater-style dress, perfect for wearing on a Good Friday mass.

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YOURS LONDON Curve White Floral Border Dress

YOURS LONDON Curve White Floral Border Dress:

Sale price: $100.00

This stunning floral dress has a floral print at its borders with long chiffon sleeves and a scoop neckline. It's an ideal dress for any occasion. So simple with a hint of flowers, Black and White both are worn in solemn events.

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Never Fully Dressed:

They have a fantastic range of dresses from party wear to wedding dresses to maxis. No matter what you are looking for, they can provide you with everything. They design their products in the UK and make use of recycled packaging to reduce their carbon footprint on the earth.

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Black Morocco Midi Knitted Dress

Black Morocco Midi Knitted Dress:

Sale price: $205.00

This dress has knitting with a soft and viscose blend and is a match for solemn events. It's a figure-hugging fit with a chic round neckline to pair with oversized earnings. It's available in S to XXL size and has a leg slit at the side.

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Black Lila Long-line Shirt Dress

Black Lila Long-line Shirt Dress:

Sale price: $165.00

It's a long-line shirt kind of dress that is versatile and you can wear it with jeans or pants. Moreover, it's a loose and floaty silhouette that looks flattering on the body. It contains buttons to wear as a dress. It's also ideal for breastfeeding mothers. In addition, it's available in sizes S to XXL with long sleeves above the ankle length.

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Shona Joy:

Shona Joy's aesthetic collection typically doesn't follow seasonal trends. They don't believe in disposable fashion. Their mission is to design pieces to treasure forever as part of your wardrobe like a beautiful memory. Along with this, Shona Joy deals with bridal wear, formal dresses, and party wear.

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Sale price: $560.00

It's a maxi dress with no back and fluttery sleeves. Available in cream colour with sizes ranging from AU6 to AU16. As well as it's made of silk fabric with a luxurious sheen and maxi length with a train. Comes with lace and invisible back zip. Moreover, it's backless and comes with lace, perfect to wear in Good Friday mass.

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Sale price: $295.00

It's a beautiful V-neck tie-front cocktail dress in silk fabric. It's a draped crossover skirt with a split in the front. Additionally, it’s made of 100% recycled polyester material and comes in 5 different colours Azure, Rose, Eucalyptus, Onyx, Mocha, Sangria, Pine, Ivory, and porcelain. Furthermore, they are delicate fabrics, that must handle with care.

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Dresslily is an international online retailer which provides men's and women's clothing along with accessories and home textile items. Whereas, they have a range of apparel which are suitable for every occasion. Their dresses have a wide variety of styles such as plain, floral, vintages, party, casual etc.

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Colour block High Low Dress Cross Back Surplice

Colour block High Low Dress Cross Back Surplice Plunge Midi Dress Casual Sleeveless Asymmetric Dress:

Sale price: $26.99

This beautiful dress has a chic midi look with a plunging neck, a crisscross design and a high-low skirt silhouette. It’s built out of good quality fabric and is highly stretchable. Furthermore, it's available in three colours black, light grey and summer contrast and sizes small to triple XL.

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Summer Lace-up Corset Waist High Low Dress

Summer Lace-up Corset Waist High Low Dress:

Sale price: $34.99

Its lace-up corset design with high from the front and low from the back. Beautifully designed with high-quality material, the corset comes with ties to adjust according to your body shape. Moreover, it provides elegance, and you will receive many compliments.

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Anniecloth makes outfits that boost your confidence once you wear them. They create apparel for every kind of clothing. They provide trendy and fashionable clothes which are comfortable at the same time. Even so, they have everything from tops and bottoms, accessories to shoes, everything you require to create a gorgeous look.

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Colour Block V Neck Tee Dress

Colour Block V Neck Tee Dress:

Sale price: $15.99

It's a long body-hugging, flowy bottom simple black dress with the addition of grey into it. It's loose, has long sleeves and a V-neck. It is appropriate with no introduction to shiny or bright colours. It's made up of Jersey material and available in sizes from S to XXL.

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Asymmetrical Collar Casual Loose Plain Dress

Asymmetrical Collar Casual Loose Plain Dress:

Sale price: $17.99

It's a loose plain dress with a pattern design on an Asymmetrical collar. It consists of the colours to wear on Good Friday. It has a long sleeve made of a net with polka dots on top of it. Besides, it's a midi dress and loose fitting with medium elasticity.

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Pretty Little Thing:

It creates breathtaking dresses and has next-level aesthetics. They have all the trendy pieces no matter the budget you are shopping with. And they not only make clothes but also provide shoe accessories and much more. Learn more about the brand's quality in our Pretty Little Thing review. They also create home and skincare care products, basically a one-stop shop for everything.

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Sale price: $18.50

This simple and stylish mini dress comes with a white frill hem and short sleeves. It consists of a bodycon fit and has appropriate Good Friday colours to wear. It's a knee-length dress that comes in two colours, white and Dusty blue, with AU sizes 4 and 6.

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Sale price: $72.00

It's a shift dress with a high neck and pleated detailing on a cape design. Wear it casually or on a special occasion; it checks all the boxes for elegance and fashion. Furthermore, wear it to a day or night event; it's a knee-length dress with long open PLEATED sleeves.

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What Not to Wear on Good Friday

There are certain outfits and accessories that can be seen as disrespectful or simply unpleasant as you are going to the church for mass.

Flip Flops:

These are meant for the beach or fun times in the sun; they may not seem appropriate to wear for worship.

Revealing Clothes:

It concerns both men and women; you must wear clothes that are not revealing or transparent and do not make others uncomfortable. Tight skirts or pants are also a big NO-NO for church.

Sweatpants, Yoga Pants, Pyjamas and Gym Shorts:

Yes, people love to wear their gym clothes and PJs because they are comfortable, but you do not go to church to lounge. So it's better to wear one of the outfits mentioned above.

Outfit Ideas for a Solemn Occasion:

With all the different types of dresses listed above, now you must have got an idea of how to dress for solemn occasions. All these brands provide a lot more options than those given above. To find more clothes that will be suitable for other occasions you can visit their store. Furthermore, here we have only listed dresses, but if you are interested in accessories or different kinds of clothing you check these stores out.

Moreover, these examples were just given to lift the weight off your shoulder regarding the tension of selecting the proper clothing for this Holy Day. It's always better to be prepared beforehand than to panic at the last moment. Additionally, there are many options to choose from, and a massive list of brands is also given. So you can find the one dress that pleases your heart. So, when you are deciding on “What to Wear on Good Friday”?


This blog talks about What to Wear on Good Friday: Outfit ideas for a Solemn Occasion. It describes the importance of Goof Friday and why it is celebrated. Further, it enlists several brands along with their dresses to help you decide which dress you can wear on this day. Lastly, it has also suggested what you must not wear in honour of this day, which may seem inappropriate.

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