Top 6 Sportswear Brands in Australia to Kick Start Your Fitness Journey

Sportswear is a two-way road. You want to look good but you also want to feel good wearing it. Combining fashion, style, and sports in one, these are some of the amazing stores that everyone in Australia raves about. We have selected some of the most functional and stylish sportswear stores just for you so you can hop on to your fitness journey with style.
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Published On: November 16, 2022

Top 6 Sportswear Brands in Australia to Kick Start Your Fitness Journey

People all over the world are getting more & more conscious about mental health and well-being as well. That is one of the reasons why there is a great inclination towards the techniques like yoga and different activities of workouts,

When choosing sportswear, there are some crucial things to remember. They must consist of comfort, strength, flexibility, and coverage. A pair of leggings is a perfect option. They allow you to stretch yourself in all kinds of exercises effortlessly. On the other hand, you don't want clothes that need constant readjusting or a pinch of your skin. Compression tights help stabilize your muscle mass whilst you teach by soaking up some stress as you squeeze your muscle mass. They additionally grow blood waft and muscle oxygenation. This hastens the muscle restoration method and decreases muscle fatigue after workouts.

Sportswear reflects your personality

The clothes you wear speak about your personality, from how tight your top is to what pattern you wear, how you coordinate your clothes with accessories and what colour you wear on which occasion. 

Best sportswear brands In Australia

  1. Pedal Mafia Cycling
  2. Adidas
  3. Lululemon
  4. Jackson Sports
  5. Reebok
  6. Champion

Pedal Mafia Cycling.

They provide high quality sportswear with comfort and durability. Explore now to buy their latest collection. Everything is in one place menswear and womens wear, accessories, custom kits and what not also offers Simple returns process on all total-priced items. Could you go check out their gift cards as well?

Women's PMCC Jersey - Purple White 

Price: $211 $257

Key Features:

  • Seamless body template
  • Laser-cut invisible grippers
  • Zipper
  • French and Italian fabric
  • Hidden pockets
  • Available in different colours

Men's Tech Jersey - Denmark

Price: AU$99 AU$159

Key Features:

  • 95% polyester, 5% elastane
  • Waterproof hidden pockets
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Heat bonded grippers
  • Top of Form
  • Bottom of Form


Regarding sportswear, Adidas has its own identity; people are crazy about buying its products. Since Adidas is designed for the players who love to change the game the survivals, they have an extensive product line of women's sportswear, shoes, sports bras, streetwear essentials, and bags. If we talk about men's, Adidas has a brilliant collection for men's, including workout clothes, swimwear, hiking essentials, sports accessories, sneakers, boots, pants, tracksuits, hoodies & sweaters; go and shop your favourite article to enjoy your winter with Adidas.Get offers and discounts with Adidas promo code.


Price: $38 $55

Key Features:

  • 70% cotton, 30% recycled polyester fleece
  • Winter wear
  • two pockets
  • Product colour: Team Power Red
  • Do not use bleach
  • Available in 3 colours


Price: $105 $150

Key Features:

  • 70% cotton, 30% recycled polyester fleece
  • Winter wear
  • two pockets
  • Product colour: Team Power Red
  • Do not use bleach
  • Available in 3 colours


Let's talk about the most vibrant sportswear brand. Lululemon has a beautiful variety of womenswear in funky refreshing colours and deals with eye-catching accessories with unique features. In contrast, lululemon has many male customers because of their breathable menswear and pants, polo shirts, sweaters, hoodies, shoes, swim trunks, trousers, and sports undergarments. Also, they sell fitness essentials like yoga mats,

water bottles, and equipment of the best quality; go and check out their winter collection at pocket-friendly prices. Also, you can avail of a discount on many articles. Also get amazing discounts and offers with lululemon discount code.

Scuba Oversized Funnel Neck Half Zip

Price: $118

Key Features:

  • High neck
  • Best fil for winters
  • Front zipper
  • Vibrant in colour
  • Cotton blended breathable fabric

At Ease Hoodie (New arrival)

Price: $148

Key Features:

  • Stretch fabric
  • Perfect for a workout in winter
  • Zipper pocket
  • Greater mobility

Jackson Sports

Jackson sports has good hiking stuff, like ice walking, bumbags and belts, lights, and compasses; the uniqueness of this brand is that they have watersports wears, mountain sports, waterproof jackets, trekking trousers, socks, walking boots for both men and women, the kid also since Jackson sports believe in good quality products as well as they offer their customer so many discount deals you can buy their products online through different medium also place your order on their website and enjoy fastest delivery services worldwide with excellent customer services. Get good offers and discounts with Jackson Sports discount code.

Montane Unisex Trailblazer

Price: $148

Key Features:

  • Stable straps for more grip
  • Large space partition pockets
  • Suitable for hiking fastpacking
  • Available in different colour

Typhoon women Storm 3/2mm Back Entry Wetsuit

Price: £62.49

Key Features:

  • Female best fit
  • Neck seal
  • To cure wind storm chest and back panel
  • Lock seam construction


It is an international sportswear brand reebok has a fitness line, footwear, sneakers, gym wear, dance workout, training essentials, weightlifting, and many more. In addition, it has numerous classy shoe collections for men, women and kids as well. In addition, it has hiking, walking, and outdoor sportswear; because of the authenticity of its products, people want to see its new collection since they deliver worldwide; you can buy yours online through its website or affiliate marketing platforms. So have a look at most of the selling articles. Get Reebook offers and discounts at Reebok Discount Code.


Price: £60

Key Features:

  • Casual wear
  • In white and Collegiate Burgundy
  • Class in look
  • Best for walking, gyms
  • Foot support and stability
  • Rubber outsole

Active Core Backpack Medium

Price: £18

Key Features:

  • 100% polyester
  • With zip compartments
  • Panel for comfort
  • Paddle shoulder straps
  • Large space


Here is another fantastic brand to solve your queries regarding beat fits for sports workout champion has all about games and sports, fitness and yoga, traveling and exploring; if you are looking for team wear for your tournament must give them a check because everything is so unique in its new collection so wide variety of hoodies, sports accessories, socks, bags, beanies also its has best clothing range for your juniors in refreshing and energetic colours for little champions with high quality and best services. There are alot of offers and discounts at Champion Promo Code.


Price: $54.99

Key Features:

  • Material cotton and polyester
  • Front pockets
  • Front printed
  • Cuff sleeves
  • Available in different colours


Price: $874.65 for 7pc/s

Key Features:

  • Best quality team wear
  • Customized wear
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Multiple designs


These are some high-quality sportswear and fitness brands that all stores offer a discount on different products; grab your favorite wear to enjoy the winter festivity. Also, share your shopping experience with us; happy shopping.

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