How to Pick the Right Standby Generator For Home Use

Home standby generators are the best way to restore back the power when electricity breakouts.  Use this guide here, it will help you choose the right standby generator that fits best to your wish list. To know more about it keep reading.  
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Published On: May 2, 2023

How to Pick the Right Standby Generator For Home Use

Facing difficulties in picking the best home standby generators? Here`s a brief guide that will help you in your searches.

"Standby Generator," or you can either say "Whole-home standby generator." 

With nearly many countless brands, models, and sizes now available, getting hands and investing in the right generator is quite challenging. As we all know, generators are the first line of defense, and we usually consider it when we have a power breakdown. Since generators are quite expensive, it is essential to know about their features beforehand so that getting tricked by someone slacks off. 

Thus, to help you out. We will walk you through the process of guiding and will help you in finding the best standby generator. A piece of brief information is gathered and discussed below that you can go through.

Which brand to consider when it comes to purchasing a standby generator? 

When it comes to the generator, it is necessary to purchase it from a trustworthy brand. And, compromising over the brand isn`t worth it, as it`s a one-shot investment. Therefore, it becomes necessary buying the right size generator with all top features with a long serve option. Whereas there are many brands out there. Still, if you take a close look, you`ll find one or two most popular brands than others when we talk about the standby generator. If you want quality, then you can either choose the Generac generator or My Generator. Both are a reputed brand and have been around for decades. The performance of the generators from these brands is at the highest standards.

Which fuel source to select for standby generators?

Whether you`re planning to purchase a standby generator for your home, shop, or clinic, it essential to figure out which generator will provide you better backup power when the local electricity breaks out. As, the best home generators will only work efficiently when it`s the right quality, installed, and maintained. 

Are you wondering which fuel source standby generators to look for? Let us a guide, and there is three types of standby generators, Gas, Fuel, and bi-fuel. So, you can either install natural gas or liquid propane standby generator. Thus, if you have quick asses to natural gas at your home. Then, incorporating natural gas standby generator, it`s probably going to be the best home standby generators choice. However, but for those who do not have access to natural gas, then a propane standby generator may be preferred. Whereas, it lately depends on your fuel availability and convenience.  

What standby generator size do you need for your home? 

It is essential to determine which best home standby generators is right for your household. You need to first list down what household items you wish to run when the lights breakout. 

Because the number of appliances you need to operator will help you figure out the size and cost of the standby residential generator. Typically, there are three types of standby generators, which vary accordingly based on your home needs to power. The list below are the main types that you can check out: 

1. Circuit Home Generators: Power Essential Appliances

The circuit home generator is a pocket-friendly way to power a home`s basics. It is efficient and can power up to 10 electrical loads in your home, including the fridge, lights, television, and the microwaves. Trust us, it perfect for small home generator solutions. 

2. Whole –House Power Generator: Smaller, More power

Another most cost-effective, equipped with the Symphony ll Power Management system is the power generator. Since having the symphony ll, these home generator systems can easily manage to power all the electric`s needs of your family, including up to two air conditioners.  

3. House generators for maximum backup power needs

For extra-large and luxuries home, this whole house standby generator is probably the best option. They can efficiently power an array of high wattage appliances, from hot tubes to massive double ovens – the same as the performance you would expect from commercial generators.  

The standard home appliances you want your generator to power are as followings: 



Heating and cooling system 

Sump pump 

Computer and router

Clothes washers 

Electric dryers 

Oven and Microwaves  

Security system

Window AC

When purchasing a generator, what criteria should you consider?

Once you are through figuring out what type of generator you`re looking for, the next fundamental step is to get familiar with the criteria that will help you make the final decision. And also about which specific generator fits best to your needs. 

Some of the best home standby generators` criteria that you can have a look and can even consider when you plan to make purchases are listed below:  

1. Portability 

The first and the foremost thing to when it comes to standby generator is its portability. For it is necessary to check its portability before you plan to purchase it. A portable generators can be of liquid propane, natural gas, or diesel-powered. Whereas, construction contractors use a standby generator to power tools and lights at a remote site. Moreover, campers and tailgaters may use standby generators to power TVs, crock-pots, blenders, freezer, etc. Besides, residence uses it to keep their freezer, refrigerator, television, and some light running. 

2. Watts and Power

Another most important thing that you need to calculate is the watts and powers. For maximum capacity, you need to measure its maximum output that a generator can produce. As you can`t expect a low watt & power generator, to give you full power. Beforehand calculate and add up the wattage needed for each electronic device you need to power simultaneously. As each device has this listed on a label affixed to the unit? Given below is the list of electronic devices with watts and powers to help you make the right decision: 

Note: These actual watts may vary slightly to the original devices. As these are just for reference purposes only.

Electronic devices with a maximum of Watts: 

Blender 850w, 500w

Electric Grill (tabletop) 1650w, 1650w

Hair Dryer ( 1600 watts) 1900w, 180w

Coffee Maker 600w, 600w

Electric Heater 1300w, 1300w

Laptop computer 225w, 225w

Flat Screen TV 120w, 120w

Fan ( portable) 120w,40w 

3. Connection Type

As standby generators are often installed outdoors. Therefore, you need to check its connection type, whether you can easily connect your home or business via a transfer switch or not. A transfer switch is much reliable and works simultaneously to your home thermostat. It comes handy when the power goes out, the transfer switch senses, and it starts your generator and when the stock light is restored to the home or business, automatically stops the generator. Therefore, you need to choose amps that match perfectly with your home`s breaker. However, there are three types of switches from which you can choose. These areas followings:

1. Standard

2. Load Center

3. Service Disconnect

4. Fuel and Tank

The most important feature that you need to check in a standby generator is the Fuel and tank. These two will help in determining how long it will on the specific Fuel? What type of fuel standby generator you need to accomplish?

As earlier mentioned, three fuel generators include gas, liquid propane, diesel, or gasoline. To help you get more understand more about in a better way given below are its advantages and disadvantages:

Natural Gas

Pros: Standby natural gas generator is unlimited, which means the need to refill it again is not required. It is clean and environment friendly.

Cons: Needs extra care while handling. It can be dangerous in case of leakage.

Liquid Propane

Pros: It also burns clean and can be kept easily in a small container and works for a long time.

Cons: It might require refilling, depending on the tank and fuel consumption.  


Pros: It is less flammable more durable 

Cons: Since it runs on diesel. Therefore, it might require refiling. 

4. General considerations

You also need to give a close look at the weight on the generator with and without gas or Fuel. Besides, it needs to have plenty of outlets to accommodate all the objects you want your standby generator to run on. Further on, you also need to find out the accessories you require to run your standby generator, like the cords, transfer switches, extra electrical panels, fuel tanks, and other necessary accessories. Many times, the accessories of generators are not available in the market, and then you regret and you end up using other generators` accessories. 

5. Local Restrictions

When we talk about local restrictions, we need to check how loud can be generator noise can be. Will it be in decibels? As many manufactures provide noise level data, and many don`t. So, when you plan to purchase it, make sure to evaluate your generator at full load. As that`s the time when the generator products, it stands by the generator. 

Our Best Recommendation for Generators

Just in case if you`re looking for best portable generators for home, then here are our recommendations that you can have a quick look at: 

1. Generac 20KVA Three Phase Gas Standby Generator

generac three phase gas standby generator

One of the best home standby generators with three phase gas facilities. Shared below are its features that you can check out. 

Key Specifications

Best Price Range: $9,099

Generac G-Force Engine 

True Power Technology 

Quite –Test Self-Test Mode

Generac`s Evolution controller

Economic Power 

Mobile Link WiFi Connectivity 

24/7/365 Customer Support 

Built-in the USA

Five years Limited Warranty

2. Pramac 18kVA Single Phase Perkins Diesel Generator

single phase perkin diesel generator

This Pramac generator can be easily found at my generator store. And, if you wish to purchase this at discounted price you can also redeem my generator coupon code at the time of purchases. Given below are its features:  

Key Specifications

Best Price Range: $13,699

Delivering 18kVA of power 

Single-phase canopy model 

Italian made alternator 

51-liter fuel tank 

Fourteen hours of run time. At a 75% load

A solid steel base frame

Hinged soundproof canopy 

3. Yamaha 6000w Petrol AVR Generator

yamaha petrol avr generator

In the search of something portable and affordable then Yamaha 6000w Petrol AVR Generator can be the one. Check out its features listed below:

Key Specifications

Large Capacity Fuel Tank 

High strength frame

The digital multi-function meter display 

Compact body- battery mounded inside the structure of the generator

Wax pellet type automatic choke

Economy Idle switch 

Brushless alternator 

AVR Voltage regulator 

Auto DE-compressor  

Electric starter

Non-Fused circuit breaker system 

Voltage meter

Fuel level again 

Oil level gauge 

Noise Level suppressor  

4.  Pramac 7.2kVA Petrol Electricity Start Generator

petrol elctricity start generator

Looking for the best home standby generators then nothing can be better than petrol electricity start generator. Shared below are its features:

Key Specification 

Best Price Range: $3,999

Backup to off Grid solar 

Three years warranty 

Pramac 2 wire auto start controller

A qualified solar installer 

The output of 5500 watts 

Long run 26.5L fuel tank  

5.  Power lite Honda 8Kva Generator

power lite honda generator

Power lite Honda 8Kva Generator is the best for industrial use. Check out some of its fantastic features listed below:

Key Specifications

Best price range: $1,949

Stroke engine with a recoil 

The output of 6800 watts 

Best home standby generators with Low oil protection 

Long-range fuel tank 

Tough welded frame 

Heavy-duty anti-vibration mounts 

Three years warranty 

Industry: Construction & trade, hire & rental, farm & rural, backup power, shires & council, government etc.

Final Words

So, before you head out to the market for purchasing the Standby generator. Ensure that you have done your complete research. Hopefully, the above guide will help you out in figuring which brand to choose? What fuel generator you need to consider? Its efficiency and other features. Eventually, the best home standby generators for your home is what you`re in search of. We guarantee that you will make the right choice without any doubt with keeping these points in mind. No need to struggle when the lights breakout, install your standby generator and stay in full comfort.

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