How to Find Your Signature Scent: The Perfect Men`s Cologne for You

Is it for your everyday get-up? Or want to pair it with a new bespoke suit? A go-to mens cologne is vital for a modern man. Here is the reality! Read more

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Published On: April 7, 2024

How to Find Your Signature Scent: The Perfect Men`s Cologne for You

Is it for your everyday get-up? Or want to pair it with a new bespoke suit? A go-to men’s cologne is vital for a modern man. Here is the reality! You have a vast array of options to pick from.

Are you new to men’s cologne? Or an aficionado trying something brand new? It is easy to get choice paralysis. But don’t worry! This comprehensive guide will get you on the right track. Here are expert-proven tips on how to pick the right men’s cologne.

Understand Scents Suitable for Each Season

A great way to decide which cologne is right for you is to choose based on seasonality. Some perfumes for men work excellently all year round. Others work for multiple seasons. For example, floral scents are ideal for spring and summer. However, it’s advisable to go for a signature scent for every season or time of the year.

That means you’ll have to purchase different types of colognes, which, in most cases, are four for the four seasons. Also, it means that you will be using less of your men’s cologne instead of depleting a single container quickly. Use this list to determine season-based scents:

  • Winter: Cinnamon, vanilla, spice, leather.
  • Fall: Vanilla, oakmoss, amber, patchouli, and sandalwood.
  • Summer: Aquatics, citrus, sea air, mint, and florals.
  • Spring: Grass, citrus, greens, and floral.

These families are just suggestions to help you get started on the right path. There is nothing wrong with wearing a certain men’s perfume year-round. However, picking your colognes based on season is the perfect way to narrow your options down and play the weather’s mood.

Know How the Notes Work

Notes make up a cologne’s overall scent. Consider notes on the lifecycle of a fragrance after application. Three key notes are available, including:

  • Base notes: These are the boldest. At first, they are usually tame. But as the day progresses, they become increasingly noticeable. Base notes last anywhere between five and ten hours, and it is where you’ll get heavier scents like smoke, leather, moss, and sandalwood.
  • Top notes: These are scents you smell immediately after spritzing a men’s cologne. These scents tend to be fresher and lighter, including floral and citrus. Top notes usually last anywhere between ten minutes and two hours.
  • Middle notes: Middle notes are also known as heart notes. They’re the core of the perfume. Heart notes hold their fragrance for between three and five hours. Spices such as clove or cinnamon are common middle notes. Also, some fruity scents show up in the heart notes category.

Sample Your Men’s Cologne

If you don’t try it, you’ll not find a perfect match. Whether online or brick-and-mortar, not all stores have fragrance samples at their disposal. But most of them offer smaller samplers for various colognes.

That means you can try before you purchase. For some online stores, there’re some sampling subscription services that can help you find your favourite perfume. Always try to give a fragrance a trial as you want to be sure that the product is the right one for you.

Ask Around

You have just encountered another individual wearing your favorite cologne, and you really like it. So, what should you do? Do not be afraid to ask them. Alternatively, you can just consult others who are familiar with different perfumes.

Other individuals can inspire you, making it easier to pick your next perfume. Also, you have an important tool at your disposal. That is none other than the internet. The web is full of communities for men’s lifestyle.

These communities are devoted to talking about men’s cologne. They are the right platforms where you can ask which perfume would suit you perfectly. Reviews from previous users can also help you.

Consider Your Surrounding

Changing seasons are not the only reason to purchase multiple colognes simultaneously. You also need to consider the overall environment. Also, you need to consider where you will be wearing your cologne for men. People around you will always and quickly associate your fragrance with your personality.

A stronger, overpowering fragrance isn’t the perfect match if you are at the office. You need more appealing, lighter notes. Greens or citrus will carry the day. They are perfect when you’ve got co-workers or visitors around you.

You must be wondering where to find the right men’s cologne. Many online stores offer men’s perfumes in different types and sizes. You should trust a recommended, top-rated men’s fragrance provider. You’ll find a massive array of fragrances to pick from. Always consider men’s perfumes that feature natural ingredients.

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