Halloween Contact Lenses- Safe Or Not? Here Is What You Need To Know

Everyone wants to look terrifying on the spooky Halloween night. But don’t go far away in getting ready, or otherwise, you may harm yourself. Want to wear Halloween contact lenses, first make sure they are safe or not. 

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Published On: November 3, 2021

Halloween Contact Lenses- Safe Or Not? Here Is What You Need To Know

People are insane when it comes to bracing themselves for the most unusual night of the year. Everyone wants to look creepy and terrifying to make the night memorable for an entire year.

As Halloween is around the corner, you may find lots of eerie stuff in the market. But don’t be too glad! These things might be too dangerous.

Whatever costumes or items you are buying, you must check out its important aspect; that is safety. There is an extensive list of products that you should avoid or consult a doctor before wearing them and Halloween contact lenses are one of them.

It is the weirdest item you will find in the market. You probably have seen one of your friends wearing it during a Halloween party. It is the best accessory to put on and scare everyone at the bash.

Following are the different types of Halloween contact lenses available in the market.

Type Of Halloween Lenses

To get ready for the scariest night, you can go to any extent but make sure not to harm yourself. Costume contact lenses are widely popular nowadays because of their creepy features and characteristics. And especially if you are gearing up for the spookiest night of the year, it has to be in your wardrobes.

Contact lenses are specially designed scientific products that change the color of the eyes or pupil shape to give cartoonist or film character animation. When you wear it at night, it glows up and gives you a distinctive look.

So, before you decide which type of Decorative contact lenses to purchase, it is better to go through different types of lenses.

Blackout Contact Lenses

Blackout Contact Lenses

What could be a better thing than pitch dark eye lenses for a perfect Halloween look? Blackout contact lenses are premium quality lenses that give a jet black figure to your eyes. Once you wear it, it covers your entire eye and mingles in with your pupil. And leave a scary impression on people at the Halloween party. The top-notch contact lenses and recommended if you wish for a ghastly appearance.

White Out Contacts

White Out Contacts

Are you looking to scare your friends at Halloween jamboree? White out contact lenses can do this job perfectly. They are exclusively designed for the evil look at the Halloween party. So if you have put on a Zombie or nun costume, white out lenses would be a perfect pair. It provides a lily-white complexion to your eyes.

Snake Eye Contacts

Snake Eye Contacts

Snake contact lenses should be at the top of the Halloween shopping list for a creepy touch to your eyes. The green cobra eye color lens looks extremely petrifying on Halloween night. It is specially crafted with a lively green background that turns on your look. If you haven’t bought any lenses for Halloween. Don’t worry! you have these snake eye lenses. It can also work as a spooky Halloween gift idea to surprise your friend. 

Vampire Contacts

Vampire Contacts

Vampire contacts are the most well-liked Halloween lens on the list. You would see almost everyone wearing it. To uplift your personality on Halloween day, donning a vampire lens is a perfect idea. No need to purchase specific costumes for it. It can be easily worn with various outfits, from witches to monsters and movie characters.

Crazy Contact Lenses

Crazy Contact Lenses

Halloween is all about doing crazy stuff. These avatar contact lenses will give you gorgeous golden eyes. The multicolor yellow-gold iris of these magnificent yellow contact lenses makes your terrifying eyes appear larger, brighter, and more defined. They generate a stunning avatar eye that stands out.

How to ensure clean and tidy Halloween eye contacts?

Halloween contact lenses safe to wear if the doctor only prescribes them. But still, it needs regular cleaning to maintain its premium quality. Also, once you are back home after a full night of Halloween party, take it off from your eyes as wearing it for hours will get you an eye infection.

There are various methods to ensure good hygiene of your Halloween contact lenses. But the most useful way is to use the chemical which is specially designed for this purpose. Another way is to use freshwater; avoid using salty water or your saliva. This could lead you to big trouble.

Before placing them into the eyes, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap. Also, avoid eating anything spicy before placing it in your eyes; otherwise, you will burn your eyes.

Why do people prefer to wear Halloween contact lenses?

As we all know, people become insanely mad when it comes to buying things for the spookiest night. So they make the decision and buy the things that they should never buy without asking a doctor. Following are the factors that make individuals interested in purchasing Cool contacts lenses.

• It changes the color of the eyes and provides a ghostly look to the face.
• Contact lenses have become extremely popular among youth in the last few years.
• It's easily available everywhere, and anyone can purchase it anytime.
• It is one of the most affordable Halloween products on the list; price is not more than just a few bucks.

How can cheap Halloween contact lenses be harmful to you?

If you ask any eye specialist, they will surely tell you not to wear these lenses as they might be the reason you permanently lose your eyesight. Especially if you are purchasing these contact lenses from any local vendor, turn down your decision right now and save your Halloween night from getting ruined.

However, if you have already ordered it without a doctor's prescription, cancel it right now. Or there is a high risk that you might have an eye injury or infection. Following are the risk of Halloween contact lenses:

• Non-prescribed contact lenses develop scratches and abrasion on the cornea.
• Your eyes might turn red or pink color in such cases, visit a doctor frequently.
• Impaired vision or Purblindness.
• Pain in eyes due to itchiness and water.
• Corneal swelling due to less oxygen through to the eye.

Places From Where You Should Never Buy Halloween Lenses?

From the start of October, you will find several local vendors selling Halloween costumes. You might be encouraged to purchase things from them as they offer items with an extremely low price tag. But when you buy things like contact lenses, which are actually medical devices, you have to restrict yourself.

Following are the places where you should never buy lenses from:

• Halloween costume shops
• Online stores
• Beauty salons
• Drug stores
• Novelty store
• Flea markets
• Local vendors

• From anywhere not prescribed by doctors

Where to buy Halloween contact lenses that are prescribed by doctors?

Halloween contact lenses are readily available everywhere, but most of these places are not prescribed by doctors. There are very few numbers of stores that offer Safe Halloween contacts. It's pivotal that you only purchase from a store that sells FDA approved Halloween contact lenses.

In case you already have your contact lenses, but you are concerned about the quality, it's better to consult a doctor and if they ask you to get rid of it, do without a doubt. Following are the leading stores that offer premium quality Halloween contact lenses Australia.

• Mesmer eyez
• Halloween contact lenses
• The baseware house

• Heaven costumes

Do's And Don'ts Of Colored Contact Lenses Halloween

Do Get A Perfect Size

The contact lens you have purchased must be your perfect size. To get an ideal size, you have to see an eye doctor. He will first examine your eye's size to ensure which contact lens fits you perfectly. If you put on a contact lens that is not your size can cause infection to your eyes.

Do Buy Halloween Contact Lenses With Prescription

Halloween contacts, you first need a prescription from an eye specialist. If you ignore consulting a doctor, you will get in trouble by ordering the wrong size. If you are already suffering from any eye disease you haven’t discovered yet, consulting a doctor will get you out of it. The prescription should include the company name, correct lens size and expiration date. You can book an easy appointment with an eye specialist from Specsavers at a discounted rate by redeeming Specsavers Australia coupon.

Do Follow The Instruction

To protect from eye injury, you must follow every instruction. From washing to wearing, each process should be done as directed.

Do SeeK An Emergency Help

If you feel that your eyes are turning red or experiencing any pain take off the contact lenses immediately. In case if the pain or the redness increases, visit the doctor without wasting a second.

Do Clean Your Contact Lenses

To prevent your eyes from any kind of disease or injury, keep hygiene as your priority. Maintain a clean and tidy lens by washing it from the solution specially designed for it.

Don't Exchange Your Contact Lens With Anyone

Never share your contact lenses with anyone. They are specifically manufactured according to your size and shape. If you would exchange, there is a big chance that you will damage your eyes.

Don't Use Anything Else Other Than A Lens Cleaning Solution

Most people believe that water is the best thing to wash contact lenses. But it's absolutely not! Washing it from the water will damage its look. So instead, the best thing to use is the cleaning solution you will get with contact lenses.

Don't Buy Any Contact Lenses Without A Prescription

If you don't go to an eye doctor and acquire a prescription, your contact lenses may not fit correctly or perform effectively. As a result, they may potentially cause damage to your eyes. You can lessen the risk of undiscovered eye damage by having a frequent visit to an eye specialist and purchasing contact lenses with a prescription. If you are purchasing from any online store then you must go through some reviews. You can find reviews on eyewear stores easily through the internet such as Specsavers reviews. 

Wrapping Up

Now you must have understood that Non- Prescription Halloween contact lenses can have a detrimental effect on your eyes. So if you think purchasing it from a local vendor or non-authorized seller is like taking a leap in the dark. First, acquire knowledge about the pros and cons of wearing Halloween contact lenses and only after that you may wear them.

To enjoy a happy Halloween, health should be your priority. And to make sure of your health, you should avoid Non- prescription Halloween contact lenses at any cost.

FAQs About Halloween Contact Lenses

How to order the correct size contact lenses?

It’s imperative to order ideal size contact lenses; otherwise, you will damage your eyesight. To order the correct size, you first have to visit a doctor or eye specialist. He will measure the size of your cornea, which is the front part of the eyes – where contact is placed.

Does it hurt when putting on a contact lens? 

A newbie who is using a contact lens for the first time might experience slight pain. But when it becomes a routine activity, you would feel no pain. But if the pain gets severe, you need to see a doctor or eye care specialist.

What’s the ideal age to wear contact lenses?

There is not any specific age to wear contact lenses. But considering Halloween contact, the minimum age must be over 18+.

How much do contact lenses cost? 

The price of the contact lenses varies; if you are purchasing the normal type, it would be less expensive. However, for the Best Halloween contact lenses, you need to pay much more price. Remember that you will need to pay for check-ups as well as for lenses.

Is it fine to put anything inside your eyes?

Few people don’t feel comfortable putting anything in their eyes; that’s all fine. The lens is more likely a drop of water on the eye, so most people feel totally fine when wearing a contact lens.

How long can I wear Colored Contacts?

Halloween Contact lenses are not designed to wear for an extended period. If you are putting it on for the first time and feel any discomfort or irritation, take it off immediately, or it might worsen. The estimated time quoted by an eye specialist is a maximum of eight hours at a time to keep your eyes healthy.

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