21 Cheap Toys For Kids to Buy Online

kids can be quite selective. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase the right toy that is entertaining and educational at the same time. So, Is it difficult to shop for toys for your kids? Here is a guide for cheap toys for kids that you can consider while buying. 

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Published On: October 28, 2022

21 Cheap Toys For Kids to Buy Online

Toys play a fundamental role in developing and improving kids` social interaction, imagination, intellectual skills and help them explore their interests at the same time.

Buying toys for kids can be tough when you don’t have much clue about their interests. As many younger kids love toys that develop and strengthened their learning skills, while on the other hand, older kids need toys that are super challenging and mind-bending. Therefore, it becomes quite necessary to shop the right toy that serves the purpose and can be entertaining and educating at the same time.

Want some recommendations for cheap toys for kids? Then, say bye to stress. We are here to help you out. We have gathered some fascinating discount toys Australia that you can check out and can even consider then purchasing for your kids. 

List of cheap toys Australia to buy online: 

1. Lego (Hidden Side Ghost Train Express Interactive AI Play Set)

lego playset

Hidden Side Ghost Train Express Playset is ultimately a buildable model that gives your kid a fully interactive play experience. Moreover, its hidden side app makes it more alive. It has 698 pieces. Along with five figures with accessories and train. Besides, to make it more exciting, a mobile phone or tablet (iOS or Android) is also required. This Lego game is recommended for ages 8+ years. If you wish to get this toy at a discounted price, you can redeem the catch coupon code for additional benefits and savings. 

2. Lego Disney Princess (Build your adventure hardcover book w/Mini Doll & Exclusive Model)

disney princess book

If you’re searching for toys for girls, then this Lego Disney Princess Build your adventure is a must to have for your little one. It comes with a Cinderella mini-doll, exclusive carriage, bookmark along with a poster. It contains five chapters, each telling a different new story of a different Disney princess. Moreover, it’s a genre activity book that is friction and has 80 colorful pages. Bring this toy for your baby girl and let her escape from Ursula with her little created mermaid. It’s a catch toy. So, you can find this toy at the Catch store. 

3. LOL, Surprise! Bigger Surprise Playset 

LOL, Surprise Playset is the best cheap toys online that you can purchase for your little angel. We assure you that her face will light up with joy. This LOL surprise Playset is packed with exciting surprises. It’s pink in color. This fantastic pack contains over 60 surprises, including LOL surprise dolls, Lil sister doll, and accessories. Trust us, your kid with getting Ultimate unboxing experience, in multiple layers. So, let your baby girl unbox surprises after surprises from this LOL Surprise Playset. But, note this is not suitable for kids under the age of 3.

4. LOL, Surprise! Secret Message Jewellery kit 

jewellery kit for kids

Are you looking for cheap toys for kids, then this LOL Surprise jewelry kit is something that you should probably purchase from the Catch store. It contains 295(beads), 42(Alphabets Charms), 30(Slider Charms), 3(Skein Elastic Cords), 3(Skein Satin Cords), 3(bands), 1(Sticker sheet), 2 (Epoxy Sticker Sheets), 1(Decoder), 1(instructions). With these all items, your little ones can make endless designs. It’s a cool art and craft kit. And, it has a hidden secret message in the Jewellery. Besides, it’s made to save material and is recommended for the age of 5+ years. If your baby girl is fond of jewelry, then it’s this LOL Surprise jewelry kit that will keep her entertained for hours.

5. LeapFrog My Laptop kids Toy 

leap frog laptop kids toy

In the search for toddler toys, we suggest that you purchase this leapFrog laptop toy for your kid. It’s just like a laptop, and believe us, it’s a perfect way to literate your kid with media and technology and introduces him/her to computers. It has multi-colors with which you can easily make your little one learn colors and alphabets and several learning options. This laptop also has much soothing music and rhythm that are created for learning. It works with a battery of 3(AA). Thus, make your kids' learning section more exciting with this laptop toy from the Catch store.

6. Be Amazing toys big bag of Glow-in-the-Dark Science

This big bag of Glow-in-the-Dark Science is a fantastic toy for boys. It takes your kid on a fun learning adventure of why certain things glow. It contains 50 different experiments covering the five main processes that make objects light up. Besides, it teaches your kids and helps them understand the difference between fluorescence. Luminescence, phosphorescence, and triboluminescence. It is great for children that are of ages 8+. You can find this at the Toy Universe store. We assure you, your kids will love this big bag of Glow-in-the-Dark Science kit.

7. Vtech Toot-Toot Drivers Deluxe Track Set

toot track set

Vtech Toot Drivers Deluxe Track set is perfect for your kid’s development. It’s a cheap toy for kids, and you can shop it from Toy Universe. Vtech Toot-Toot Drivers Deluxe Track set has 30 track pieces of various shapes and sizes connected to affordable learning toys for kids sets. This track can be built in a circular, square, or rectangle tracks even. The designs of this Vtech Toot Drivers Deluxe Track set are safe and are created, keeping the little ones in mind. Besides, it has three smart points on the track trigger for fun phase and makes a sound when the vehicle passes over a sharp point.  

8. Deluxe Toy Kitchen Cookware Set with Pretend Food

toy kitchen cookware

Deluxe Toy Kitchen Cookware Set with Pretend Food is available on Toy Universe. It’s a cheap educational toy for kids, where you can find many more toys like these. This Deluxe Toy Kitchen Cookware Set is a lovely steel kitchen set with colorful cooking accessories. Moreover, this set includes a pretend hot plate, mini-oven, and oven glove. Along with four pieces saucepan with lids, pretend to play food with Velcro for cutting. It also has a utensil rack for six cooking utensils that include a blunt knife for cutting food. So, enhance your mini chef’s culinary skills

9. Hot Wheels Maker Kitz Mini Blind Bag D32

Looking for cheap toys, online australia, nothing can be better than this Hot Wheels Maker Kitz Mini Blind Bag D32 available on Buy My Thing store. It’s a beautiful cheap kids toys that are super affordable. Its kits include one car body panel, two-wheel, and motor modules and one trading card. And it measures 13cm. Besides, it has a mini blind bag that features pop-out plastic parts to build your very own hot wheels. And, you little one quickly assemble the car without any glue or scissors. This Hot Wheels Maker Kitz also has a speedy pull-back motor.

10. Magformers Princess Set 

Another fantastic online toy store australia is Buy My Things, where you can find this Magformers Princess Set. This set consists of bright, colorful, and fun educational shapes that are easy to assemble and disassemble. With these shapes, your child can create various shapes and designs while bringing their imagination to life. Moreover, it has 56 pieces, including 16 triangles, 13 squares, six isosceles triangles, two hexagons, six diamonds, seven mini rectangles, four mini sectors, a triangle pyramid, and an LED light box. And, all these shapes are made from BPA-free and HQABS plastic. And it’s for ages three and above.

11.  Paint Your Unicorn 

Aren’t able to find the best cheap toys online, then let you guide you instead. You can find this fantastic Paint your own Unicorn set and many more beautiful toys at Target store. This Paint your own Unicorn set has two plaster unicorn statues, along with 1, 6 color Acrylic Paint Strip, 1-5 color metallic paint strips, Iridescent Glitter, 2 Paintbrushes, one foam Paint Brush, Glue, 7 Acrylic Gemstones, 1 Glitter Sticker sheet, Mini Sequins. And, easy to follow instructions paper. All these items are safe for your little ones. So, increase your kid’s creativity and artistic skills with this Paint your own Unicorn set.

12. Barbie Chelsea Camper Playset

Barbie Chelsea Camper Playset is the best budget toys online that you can shop for your little angel. This Playset consists of a bunk bed, a kitchen, a stove, a fridge, a fire pit, a guitar, and a little puppy. It has almost 15 pieces and only weights 2.27pounds, which means that your little angel can carry it anywhere she likes. Besides, it has a sticker sheet that your baby girl can use to decorate her car or camper. Since it contains choking hazard- small parts. Therefore, this toy is not suitable for baby under the age of 3 years. So, hunt down your Playset at Target and buy it for your angel. 

13. Classic World Wooden Mandala Block Puzzle

Get discount toys online from purple turtle toys. It has the best collection of educational toys. One of the best gadgets that you can shop from its comprehensive collection is the Classic World Wooden Mandala Block Puzzle. It’s amongst the best toys on sale. This spectacular colorful set of Mandala blocks consists of 72 pieces in a circular wooden frame. Its symmetrical pattern helps create fantastic combinations or different designs, enhancing your kid’s skills and imagination. Models on this Mandala Block Puzzle are super calming ad relaxing to make. Moreover, it’s suitable for 18 months of kids onwards. 

14. Picasso Tiles 82 Pieces Set Magnet Building Tiles

Picasso Tiles 82 Pieces Set is a fantastic learning toy for kids. It’s unlike any other construction toy. This Picasso offers an open-ended play, and each piece can be replaced, and more tiles can always be added to build. In its box, you can find 7(letter N shapes), 7(letter l shape), 7(large window shape), 7(Arched window shape), 7(Double Door shape), 7(letter H shape). Besides, it the best educational game that can quickly help your kids learn geometrical shapes. Moreover, it’s BPA-FREE and non-toxic, so basically its child safe. This cheap toys for kids are suitable for all ages (3+ and up). And, can find this incredible Picasso Tiles 82 Pieces Set at purple turtle toys.

15. Playgro Splash & Scoop Bath Set

The baby gift company is the best toy store to find this Playgro Splash & Scoop Bath Set for your teething baby. This five-piece bath toy set has four brightly colored floating creatures that can scoop up the water. And has an array of different holes for water to pour through. The bath set is perfect for the pool or beach fun. It made by Playgro and is super safe and has no toxic material, which means that it is 100% organic if your baby puts it in his or her mouth. Besides, it's suitable for babies of 6 months and up. 

16. In the Night Garden Baby Rattles

In the Night Garden, Baby Rattles is another most fantastic cheap toys for kids and can be found at the baby gift company. These baby rattles are just the exact right size for your baby, and they can comfortably hold and play. It’s super soft and squishy, and your baby can even cuddle with it while sleeping. Moreover, these cute pastel items are the perfect gift for a newborn baby. All these three Igglepiggle, Upsy daisy & Makka pakka, are approximately 3.2 * 13.5* 17cm. Besides, it’s made from super soft fabric and meets all toy safety regulations. And, these are washable too. 

17. John Deere Repair Station 

John Deere Repair Station toy set is perfect for your baby boy. If you wish to increase your babies, knowledge about mechanical part works, and its assembles. The workbench of this repair station is just the right size at 75cm tall and 53cm wide. Moreover, these cheap toys for kids have over 75 parts and include all bench parts, hammer, saw pliers, wrench, vice, screwdriver, nuts, bolts, etc. Since this set contains small parts and choking hazards. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it safe from children under the age of 3+. So, if you desire to shop, find this at that toy world. It’s a cheap online toy store. 

18. John Deere Push along with real sounds Lawn Mower

This mower is yet an incredibly tough toy available at that Amazon. And, if you want your kid to play out in the garden, then it’s probably is the best cheap toys for kids. Trust us; it’s a marvelous toy that will surely spark your child’s imagination. Its realistic sound is jaw-dropping; it even includes grass cutting features. Moreover, it is fuel-filled and oil. And, this mower is made of the green rugged plastic body. Besides, it has extendable hands that can easily be folded for storage. Its handle height is 45cm. Its rotating grass clippings dome is safe and works with an AAA 3 batteries.

19. Transformable Robot Optimus Prime MPP10 

This fantastic action figure, Transformable Robot Optimus Prime, is yet another great cheap toys for kids. It a 33 cm height mode robot. It comes with rubber wheels, perfect details, and flexible joints. And, you can easily find this at eBay store. Its transformable feature from a truck to a robot is something that your kid for sure will love. It’s unbreakable and safe to play with and is made of 100% pure plastic. Optimus Prime is the most iconic robot. So, gift this robot and make him watch its movie too. 

20. Barbie signature series – Hello Kitty Barbie Doll 

Hello, kitty and Barbie doll are the prefect friendship pairing Barbie. Its accessories include a hello kitty handbag and figurine. Barbie also celebrates the charm and sweetness of hello kitty and infuses the essences of these both beloved icons. This doll also comes with a doll stand and certificate of authenticity. You can find this Barbie signature series – Hello Kitty Barbie Doll eBay toys for girls section. Trust us, and it’s a perfect toy for your little girl to develop her unique dress up skills. 

21. Little Genius starter kit for iPad

This Little Genius starter kit for iPad is an excellent addition to your kid’s iPad. It helps to combine fun and education for your kid. It has four games in total ABC’s and Squiggle Magic. It will teach your kid valuable skills and help them learn and form letters and shapes. Moreover, this set comes with Osmo Base, 19 cardboard costume pieces, 38 silicon pieces, a play mat, and also a storage container. And these cheap toys for kids can be found at Amazon. 


We are hoping that is blog will help you in making the right choice for selecting the best cheap toys for kids. Although, there many more amazing toys and store out there. But, to help you have a smooth online search, we have also mentioned the stores' names where you can find these listed toys. 

Wait no more, bring in some fantastic toys, and make your baby jump in excitement. But, while purchasing, keep this in mind that your kid can adore and play with toy for a long time, otherwise you will again have to search online to find a new one. So, hurry up! Find the best online toy store and start shopping. 

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