7 Best Watch Brands in Australia - Take Your Fashion To The Next Level With Luxury Watches

Here we are discussing best watches brands in Australia where you can easily buy luxuries hand wrist. If you want to enhance your appearance and personality you should buy elegant and luxuries watches from top brands.
Angela Jones
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Angela Jones

Published On: November 29, 2022

7 Best Watch Brands in Australia - Take Your Fashion To The Next Level With Luxury Watches

Even though we are firmly in the smartphone era, there is still no reason to give up a practical, effective, and mechanical time-telling device, no matter how essential mobile devices are to our daily lives. We are discussing best watches brands in Australia where you can easily buy luxuries hand wrist. You know that certain items are necessary for us daily, such as food and clothing (clothes, watches and shoes). If you want to enhance your appearance and personality you should buy elegant and luxuries watches from top brands.

You must keep track of time because life is moving faster than ever. Yes, you can do it with your phone, but why not do it in elegance while wearing one of the finest luxury watches available? These fashionable items are more than just accessories; they also serve as status symbols and a covert means of expressing who we are. We all depend on wristwatches as critical everyday items. If so, what is the significance of wristwatches, and how do they improve our daily lives? I will help you to find out the best watch brands in Australia.


Watches2u is the top online retailer of fashion watches in Australia, offering their customers top-tier international brands. Australia's leading online watch retailer, Watches2u, provides clients with a wide selection of trendy watches from top international watch brands at affordable costs. Their committed team is concentrated on providing outstanding service and tremendous value to their clients.

All of the brands they sell are authorized retailers of theirs. Their products are 100 per cent real, and they only buy from authorized Australian distributors. As a result, watches2u offers affordable versions of well-known worldwide brands in Australia.

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Bamboo Watches

At Bamboo Watches, you can purchase hardwood watches with creative designs for men and women. By adding personalized engravings and slogans, you can make your Bamboo unique.

Check out their variety of bamboo watches for the greatest in one-of-a-kind, handmade items from renowned wristwatch shops. Bamboo Watches brand was established in 2015 in Australia. They are now happy to serve clients worldwide but have a company presence in Australia and the US. A straightforward goal brings together their crew: making the world a better place one watch at a time while producing stunning, long-lasting timepieces—every hand watch in their collection results from many hours of careful design work. Send us a message if there is anything you would like to see in their upcoming timepiece, as they love to iterate with consumer feedback!

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MVMT Watches

Do you want to buy luxury and best handwatch brands? Then MVMT brand is the fantastic option for you. The brand MVMT was founded in LA by two friends, Jake and Kramer LaPlant, in 2013. They both wanted to create luxurious hand watches at an affordable price. Therefore their products are high cost-effective than any other most expensive watch brand.

Their watch designs are modern, versatile and light in weight. They used social platforms to start and grow their brand. They started their brand by only manufacturing luxury watches, but after some time, they also worked on other luxury items. Most people complimented this brand by saying that their products are soft, smooth and very lightweight, which may help make them easier to wear all day long. You may get 10% off your first order by signing up on their site. Good handwatch brands may usually give special discounts on special occasions. MVMT also give special discounts on holidays such as Christmas, new year, good Friday etc. Go and shop their incredible luxury brand by signing up to their site and get 10% off on your first order.
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Jura Watches

Whatever you put on, especially the Men's and Women's luxury watches in your wardrobe, speaks up about you and your personality. Jura is the best UK brand where you can easily purchase high-quality watches at your doorstep. It comes in good handwatch brands list and it is oldest brand, started forty-three years ago in 1979. They manufacture elegant luxuries hand-watched for all sexes.

As technology is growing so fast, Jura Brand is also utilising it in its products. They are also providing high-end and long-lasting smartwatches from their authentic site. The most important thing is that they are offering black Friday as well. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab their unique products from their site.

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The Watch Hut

Watch hut is an online retailer brand where you can buy the best and most luxurious ladies' and gents' handwatches. It is the most popular fashion, luxury and classy brand, established in 2005 to sell branded watches at fantastic discounts. They provide ladies' gents and kids' looks from top brands such as Louis, Erard, Victorino, Mont Balc etc. check their new arrival from their site. Their FESTINA TIMELESS CHRONOGRAPH WATCH is an amazing Gents watch. Its case material is stainless steel with a Metal bracelet strap type. You can shop their exceptional watches at discounted prices.

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Erroryl is an Australian company where you can purchase elegant hand watches. They have high-ended collections of watches at affordable prices and were established in 2014 in Canberra, Australia. They aim to concentrate on manufacturing affordable luxury automatic timepieces. Their product, such as Regent Azure, is one of the most selling items. It has a leather strap and also has manual and automated features. The best thing about this brand is that you may return their products in 30 days if you prefer something else.

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Spacetalk Watches

Spacetalk is an Australian tech corporation, and its headquarter is in Adelaide, South Australia. They work hard to create advanced children's security systems by bringing software ecosystems worldwide. They altered their name from MGM wireless to Spacetalk in 2020 on 12 November. Spacetalk developed innovative wearable watches to keep toddlers safe and secure when they go to school.

If your children are in danger, the situation SOS alert function calls you or another family member. These wearable watches are all-in-one mobile phones, GPS, and innovative looks which are secure for your child.

spacetalk watches
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Final thoughts

As the world is evolving, people have phones in their hands. Of course, you can check the time on your cell phones but wearing classical and luxurious hand watches may enhance your personality and appearance. But the most disturbing thing is finding best watches brands. This blog has discussed top Australian brands where you can easily shop your favourite hand wrist.


Watches are a style statement that adds sophistication and elegance to your overall look. This blog has all the top brand watches that you can wear to formal occasions and serve as the ultimate luxury item preferred all across Australia. So hop on and read through the entire blog to find the best watches that you can add to complete your outfit.

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