Best Luggage Stores In Australia To Start Holiday Journey 2023

Here are some best luggage brands in Australia to help you evaluate your new luggage for yourself. Make sure that the bag you buy is not only of the quality guaranteed by the manufacturer but that it has been checked for quality by you as the owner of the luggage.

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Published On: February 14, 2023

Best Luggage Stores In Australia To Start Holiday Journey 2023

When buying luggage, it's essential to ensure the items you invest in are high quality. Maybe you're at the store trying to choose from several luggage options, or you've already bought online but want to go home to see if the luggage will last. Finding the perfect luggage that fits your needs can be challenging at times. There are many aspects to consider. First and foremost, you need a suitcase that will last. It doesn't matter if it's a long trip, a short trip, or a vacation in between. Here are some references to help you choose the ideal luggage that offers excellent value for money.

best luggage stores in australia

Some Tips and Tricks to Take Care of Your Luggage.

Product Care

To stand for quality, style, reliability and innovation in luggage and travel accessories. Extend the life of your product by following these simple guidelines.

Hard Side Care

We recommend using mild soap and lukewarm water to clean hard suitcases and rinsing thoroughly. If you choose to wax the case after cleaning, if you have a silicone-based car or furniture polish, it will maintain its luster and make the coating more durable. However, we do not recommend using a combination of cleaner and polish to clean your luggage.

Soft Side Care

Spot cleaning with mild detergents such as water is recommended for soft-side luggage. If this does not work, try a product that removes stains from clothes, such as B. Spray and wash or use a foam cleaner used to clean car mats and carpets available at auto parts stores. We also recommend keeping the charcoal in a bag for at least one day and, depending on the intensity of the smell and closing the bag. Charcoal absorbs odors.

Product Storage

Extreme temperatures and extreme humidity will age your luggage. It is because of opened and aired regularly. Prevents mould from growing due to moisture. It also helps maintain the everyday resilience of the case itself. We recommend cleaning your luggage after storage in extreme temperatures.
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Founded in Australia in 1927, Strandbags proudly evolves and celebrates its rich Australian heritage while becoming a household name in the destination bag business. Combining the go-anywhere concept with a sense of adventure has created a brand with the perfect companion for luggage and other travel accessories, always by your side.
best luggage stores - strandbags

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Whether in Australia or anywhere, having a trusted travel companion will always make your adventures more enjoyable. Our luggage is practical and sleek on the outside and functional on the inside. Pockets, dividers and combination locks provide secure storage, while elastic Y-straps and expander zippers keep clothes neatly organized and create space for extra items. Find hard and soft cases in popular colors, specially designed for easy portability.

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Strandbags offers various deals and discounts on multiple brands to minimize travel expenses. So grab your luggage at super discounted prices and enjoy the beauty of nature.
best luggage stores strandbags australia


Whether it's an overland adventure, an international flight, or even a short trip, luggage can be a big deal. Tumi is known as the best luggage brand in Australia. From their vast collection, you can buy carry-ons, suitcases, trolleys and other accessories that accompany you every mile of every journey.
best luggage stores - tumi

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Their multifaceted collection offers contemporary pieces with an almost sculptural sensibility, rugged luggage to complement any expedition, and elegant and versatile products for timeless use. So what do you have? Superior standard quality, innovation, design, and top-notch functionality make every item a great travel companion. Browse their offers to find the things that accompany you on all your trips, whether for an overnight or more extended stay.

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Make your luggage unique or personalize it for others with the option to personalize it. Monograms, luggage tags and zipper pulls add color and character to Tumi pieces. Hurry Up! Avail of the outstanding sale going on.
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American Tourister 

They offer a wide range of quality, youthful, vibrant and reliable luggage at affordable prices. High in quality features, the American Tourister collection combines style and practicality, offering a wide range of luggage perfect for your next vacation.
best luggage stores - american tourister

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American Tourister is the best luggage brand in Australia and is experimenting with new materials to create the world's first moulded luggage.

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A durable case that can withstand the toughest of quality critics, the gorilla, while meeting changing demands on the soft side. Now you can easily purchase at a discounted price at their online store. Browse the link and order yours.


ebags was founded in 1998 to create a better travel experience, no matter the journey. They strive to improve the lives of people on the move by creating durable, functional, adaptable and cost-effective products. And we do this by developing products together with you.
best luggage stores - ebags

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A good luggage brand in Australia, the ebags brand is recognized globally and is synonymous with quality, style, reliability and innovation in luggage and travel products. Ensuring the longevity of ebags products.

This is good, solid for the price, and in general. I think once you find a brand you like, keep with it unless you need something new, like a new element your favourite brand can't give you. Bags seems to have been listening to the market for years and always strives to create the kind of luggage and bags people want and need to travel these days.

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You must give them a check because they have many unique options to fill your travel journey with fantastic stuff. Furthermore, the prices are pocket-friendly and offer deals and discount coupons.
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Samsonite is a global leader in quality travel bags, luggage and accessories, combining superior style with the latest design techniques and meticulous attention to quality and durability. Samsonite leverages its rich design heritage to create unparalleled products that meet the business professional's mobile lifestyle demands.
best luggage stores - samsonite

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The Samsonite brand is recognized worldwide and stands for quality, style, reliability and innovation in luggage and travel accessories. Samsonite gives journey suitcases appropriate for all kinds of journeys. Find the suitcase ideal for you and trip with the guarantee that your luggage is secure.

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There is a premium range above $400, but Samsonite has many budget options. Given the company's reputation for providing durable and stylish products, this budget-friendly luggage is a good investment for you at an affordable price. Use the link below and order yours.
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Crumpler is driven by new ideas and unique ways to make things better. Bright colours of their bags, luggage and travel essentials. All that remains is their pioneering spirit. They are a team that is always looking for inspiration. They research customer needs and listen to the Crumpler community work hard, play hard, and stay immersed in the joy of creating great carrying solutions for travelers.
best luggage stores - crumpler

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Crumpler luggage includes a lifetime guarantee which suggests the brand's self-belief in its products. Furthermore, since client delight is a primary priority, Crumpler guarantees to restore any production defects or faults within side the luggage freed from cost. Use the link to avail their deals and discount offers.

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Make Sure Your Bag Has a Warranty

You should consider this before buying luggage, especially if you buy online. However, we recommend that you always check the terms of your purchase. If the luggage doesn't come with a warranty, it's probably due to the average quality. On the other hand, if you think your luggage should be related to the time, you plan to use the travel luggage. It's probably a good buy. A quality bag has a warranty of 2-5 years—high-end luggage. If the manufacturer or store has the option to extend the warranty, it could also indicate that they pride themselves on the quality of their product.

Best Ways to Pack Your Luggage

So tired of carrying multiple bags at the airport, checking bag fees, and waiting to pick up your bags. How can you pack all your travel needs into one suitcase?

Here are some points you follow to avoid the mismanagement of the luggage

  • Place heavy items in the bottom of the main compartment
  • Arrange your clothes on top
  • Always secure the garment with the inner attachment straps to prevent it from shifting or wrinkling during transport.
  • Use the inner pocket to store small items such as belts and portable electronics.

Bottom Line

Buying luggage is always a tricky process. There are many factors to consider and compare, but these are great brands. But it's a lot of fun, so enjoy the process and don't rush to buy. Luggage is integral to your travel experience, and we hope you find the perfect one here. Anyone who says money can't buy happiness doesn't have a piece of nice luggage.

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