Best Coupon Extensions For Google Chrome

Experience the most fun and exciting online shopping with some best coupon extensions for google chrome. These extensions will save you money and precious time. Just install them on your chrome and enjoy all the features for life.

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Published On: July 29, 2022

Best Coupon Extensions For Google Chrome

Are you even fond of shopping at 2 am in your pajamas at home? The collection of the best coupon extension will help you save precious time and valuable money during your shopping.

Isn't it is incredible, how your browser can help you save lots of money on online shopping? Almost everyone loves online shopping, and mega sales and attractive coupons make it more exciting and fun. These unique chrome extensions have the best deals and coupons for you to shop in a better way. You can save your money while only shopping in two ways:

The first way is to compare each product's prices on many shopping sites to select the best price for you.

The second way is to go for some websites that offer coupons and deals to save a significant amount of money on your shopping.

Both of the ways are meant to help you save your money, but this can consume extra time while accessing multiple websites. However, People refer to saving their time instead of cash and ended up shopping at actual prices. But these extensions will make it easy for everyone. They save lots of time and money on your purchases by automatically applying the best coupons and deals available at that time. Just simply add the extension to your Chrome and there you go.

Best Coupon Extension for Google Chrome

Here we are listing down some of the best chrome coupon extension with the best features, deals, and coupons for your shopping.


Revounts is another best browser extension for coupons that works with many famous brands to facilitate users with the best deals and discounts. Revounts has millions of users’ available and aim to provide them valid deals of different brands at incredible prices. You can shop your favorite brand at great discounts using the best coupon extension offered by them regularly.

Revounts Extension

Add to Chrome

Eye Attracting Features of Revounts

  • You can shop from different brands at shocking prices
  • Allows you to avail of any coupon or deal from your favorite brand.
  • Protects your data with their privacy policy
  • Regularly updates all the coupons and deals offered by each brand.

Significant Flaws of Revounts

Well, Revounts don't have any major flaws, but there are few features they need to consider for their users.

Amazon Assistant

Amazon Assistant is one of the best coupon code extension from which you can get a thousand deals and offers. They offer huge discounts on their extensions by Amazon to find specific products on online stores and compare the prices across the world. You get tremendous benefits by shopping from their extensions, and it's the best choice for Amazon lovers.

Amazon Assistant

Eye Attracting Features of Amazon Assistant

  • It helps you to find all the best products available across the world on Amazon.
  • They update the latest deals and discounts of Amazon regularly.
  • You receive some real-time notifications.
  • You can satisfy your shopping by seeing many reviews, ratings, and recommendations available on the websites.
  • You can save your favorite products at one place to shop them later.

Significant Flaws of Amazon Assistant

This chrome discount code extension records some of your information on websites that can harm your privacy.


If you are addicted to online shopping, honey can be the best coupon finder extension for you. Honey is offering discounts on 30,000 plus online shopping websites. This is the best money saving chrome extension that makes your shopping more exciting with some incredible deals and coupons. Honey automatically applies the best coupons and discounts on shopping before checkout. This extension helps its users to save valuable time and money by their incredible deals and discounts.


Eye Attracting Features of Honey

  • They are offering a free reward program with the name Honey Gold with some advanced features.
  • It helps you to find the exclusive prices on Amazon
  • It filters the best deals that fit your requirements.
  • It also provides you instant notifications of all the deals and discounts

Significant Flaws of Honey

This extension may track your shopping behavior which may harm your security. So using this extension has some risks to your safety.

The Camelizer

Choose the best chrome extension for coupons for your shopping by giving a chance to The Camelizer. It is the best price tracking tool for both buyers and sellers. This chrome shopping extensions provide you all the data and pricing history of the market you are idealizing for. Also, the site shows you the reasons for price comparisons on different online shopping websites.

the camelizer

Eye Attracting Features of The camelizer

  • The camelizer is the best coupon extension that is available as free
  • It is easy to use and understand.
  • It provides you with the complete history of specific products and their price comparisons.
  • It helps you to find the best time to purchase the products.
  • It has access to many popular shopping websites to provide the best deals.
  • It is mainly integrated with Amazon Assistant.

Significant Flaws of The Camelizer

  • They are only focused on the price.
  • They need to add more features to make it practical for both sellers and buyers.


Pricescout is the best browser extension for chrome coupon that provides you all the latest deals from over 21,000 retailers. It helps you to find out the best lower price deals available for your shopping. It is one of the best chrome price comparison extension that scan prices from every retailer. This works automatically when you install the free version on your pc with its unique features.


Eye Attracting Features of the Pricescout

  • It shows an automatic scan price comparison of the product you are searching for and suggests the best prices for you.
  • The best coupon extension saves your time by giving you the latest notifications of coupons automatically.
  • It shows you the available, latest, and valid coupons to avoid inconvenience.
  • It gets hide automatically when you are not shopping.

Significant Flaws of Pricescout

They need to work on launching more features apart from price comparisons.

Price Blink

Price Blink is another best coupon extension for chrome to access the latest available coupons across thousands of websites. This extension compares the prices with each website and provides reviews to point out the best coupons for you. It helps to save your time by eliminating all the invalid and expired coupons from the list.

Price Blink

Eye Attracting Features of Price Blink

  • It provides you the shipping cost and tax charges to give the perfect total cost of your order.
  • You can create your wish list in this extension to buy them later.
  • It also shows the amount you are saving on your shopping.
  • It automatically detects the best money-saving coupons and deals available for your shopping.

Significant Flaws of Price Blink

  • They only work in specific shopping sites based in UK and US.
  • They are not offering their services to other countries.


RateX is one of the reliable google chrome coupon extensions that work for shoppers from Southeast Asian (SEA) countries and Singapore. This tool makes your shopping more exciting by showing some of the incredible deals. You don't need to apply the coupons and deals manually, and it applies automatically to your shopping.


Eye Attracting Features of RateX

  • It automatically inserts coupons at the time of checkout.
  • You can get the best exchange rates on Amazon.
  • They understand the behavior of their users by their past experiences to provide priority with personalized content.

Significant Flaws of Rates

You can see some inconvenience while shopping as the sites get a break from rendering correctly.


The best coupon chrome extension, Fakespot, is quite different from other extensions because it offers some latest features. It filters all the real users' products and reviews to help you find the best products. This extension has the power to analyze all the fake and honest reviews to give you the best and reliable one, which makes it the best coupon extension.


Eye Attracting Features of Fakespot

  • It analysis all the original and valid reviews for you while you go online shopping
  • It doesn't interfere anywhere when you are shopping
  • Shows you absolute time seller ratings and reviews.
  • It also helps you to buy your favorite products at the best prices and quality.

Significant Flaws of Fakespot

They don't have good customer service, as they are not responsive to their customers' queries.

Invisible Hand

Invisible hand helps the buyer by showing price comparisons of different websites during your shopping time. Make your traveling more exciting and money-saving by using the best available deals. This extension has the best deals for airfare, hotels, rental cars, and also other things.

Invisible hand

Eye Attracting Features of Invisible hand

  • It provides you the latest and best deals.
  • It notifies you of the best deal and price for the product you have chosen to buy.
  • It accesses all the coupon codes in an instant.
  • Create price comparisons in real-time

Significant Flaws of Invisible Hand

  • The latest and updated version of invisible hand has some bugs that create issues.
  • It doesn't cover all the websites and retailers' sites.

Gum Drop by Goodshop

Gumdrop by the good shop is also the best promo code extension for online shopping lovers. This is the part of Good shop, which is one of the best coupon browser extensions. Good shop donates a portion of each transaction to charity. You can also choose the school of your choice to present your part of the transaction.

Gum Drop by Goodshop

Eye Attracting Features of Gum Drop by GoodShop

  • Coupons get automatically applied to your shopping
  • It shows the actual amount that will be donated to charity.
  • They have thousands of instant deals from over 45,000 stores.
  • The coupons will pop up in real-time of shopping.

Significant Flaws of Gumdrop by Good shop

Well, this extension does not have any notable drawbacks, but you lose a small percentage of profit. But we can't call it to loss as it is donating to some needy peoples.

Final Verdict

Get ready to shop more within your budget using the chrome extension promo code which are mentioned above. Online shopping any time with lots of savings and deals is the best thing everyone considers and searches for. These chrome extensions will help you in finding the best deals and coupons for your shopping. You need to install these extensions on your pc, and the rest of the work will be done automatically. We have experienced using all these extensions and are satisfied with their deals and coupons. We hope this guide helps you get the most memorable and exciting shopping experience.

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