Quay Australia Review - Is It a Good bargain? Our Perspective

Read our terrifying Quay Australia Review. It includes everything that you need to know about this brand in depth. Swipe up now. We assure you that its products and other remarkable features are going to blow your mind.

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Quay Australia Review - Is It a Good bargain? Our Perspective
Our Quay Australia Review will guide you with everything that you need to know about this brand.
   Of course - eye contact is not always exciting, and eyes are the first feature that we notice when interacting with a person for the first time. Though, we know that sunglasses are used to protect the eyes from the sun. Yet, people also prefer wearing sunglasses to avoid such meetings and awkward situations. However! With so many top-notch shades brand now available, it is hard to imagine oneself wearing an ordinary pair of glasses. 

We understand that choosing the right pair of sunglasses that fits both style and budget is like finding a diamond in a coal mine. Worry no more, after stalking several sites for weeks. We finally found one store namedQuay Australia '.Thus, we decided to do the Quay Australia Review for our beloved customers. Given below are the features, categories, things we liked and disliked, and much more. Then, keep scrolling and reading to get a complete insight into this brand.

How did Quay AU manage to hold a high reputation?

Quay’s motto, `Life is too short to fit in.`

While reviewing, we got to know that Quay AU came into existence on the Australian Festival circuit's roadside. It was the creation of Linda and Allen Hammond in 2004 in Melbourne, Australia, who wanted to create cool, unique, affordable sunglasses. That represented their freethinking spirit and helped its fellow beings stand out from the crowd.

Quay not only made sunglasses for men & women but also regular prescription glasses too. It never compromised its quality frames, lenses, accessories, and much more. The following are some of the few reasons that quay sunglasses took the one number position in the sunglasses market:

•  Quality Product

 When it comes to Quay Australia quality review, we won’t deny that Quay’s product's quality is 10/10. Whether these are frames, shaded, or accessories, everything in this store is magnificent.

Virtual Try-on Option

Its virtual try-on option helps you to find sunglasses that fit best to your face shape. Just scan and select. Trust us. It’s that simple.


Delivery of the purchased items can take up to 5-7 business days. Whereas, if the items are in stock, items can quickly be shipped within 24 hours of ordering.


For instance, if you’ve received a damaged item in the parcel, you can return it within 14 business days. Also, the refund shall be issued on the original form of payment.


Quay Australia’s sunglasses come with three months warranty. If they get damaged in this time frame, you can quickly get these replaced or exchanged.

What makes Quay so extraordinary from other brands? 

The most delighting feature that eventually captured our attention in a minute was its `FIND TO FIT` option. However, the market and brands have many features show-casing on the store, this Virtual-Try-On. Is it something that is mind glowingly marvellous? 

We genuinely believe that most of you will agree that not many stores offer such types of on-store features. But, Quay provides this option to its customers. In addition to this, we too managed to use its Virtual-Try-On features. 

It gives customers a broader range of options like `choose your sunglasses frame,` `map your face,` etc. Often, sunglasses purchased online do not fit best with the face shape, but with Quay, you can find frames that can fit easily. All it asks you to do is, scan your face and try on the different sunglasses options. Since the steps to use Virtual-Try-On are already mentioned on the site in brief, therefore we haven’t discussed them here.

Awe-striking product range

After giving a close look at all the options, we then decided to do a Quay sunglasses review. We explored each category and discovered the few best sunglasses styles.  Eventually, the one that grabbed our attention is given below. 

1.High key

When it comes to even more style, the high key is something that we would recommend. They are available in polarized, rimless, rivet, contract, mini, blue light. Moreover, in high key customizable, you can choose your frame, lenses, and size. Let be true. What else do you want? We believe these features are just spectacular. 
high key

2.Sunnies + Blue light

Another, most smashing pair of shades that we discovered was the blue light. These are specifically designed for those who need light vision correction + blue light filtering. Moreover, during the Quay Blue light glasses review, we also figured that these are prescription friendly frames. So, which means no need for a doctor, just buy and wear.  

3. Vivienne Mini

We assure you that after our Quay Australia Vivienne reviews, you are going to purchase this Vivienne Mini. Once, we were through with exploring the above two categories. We went over to review Vivienne Mini's sunglasses. As we had read about these glasses, so we found them the same. They were oversized, perfect, glamorous, aviator features, metal frame, double bridge, and much more. 

Sensational Accessories’ Collection


While reviewing frames, we also give a quick view of its accessories collection. We were stunned to see its collection that included:

1. Tri-Fold Cases 
2. Fold up Cases 
3. Headbands 
4. Masks 
5. Shield
6. Chains 

Though, Quay's accessories are also bestselling and high in quality. Since we're more interested in frames and sunglasses. So, we haven’t discussed accessories in detail. However, if you wish to explore more, you can visit its accessories page.

Is it worth purchasing Quay polarized sunglasses?

Yes, Quay polarized is amazing. They are comfortable, reduces glare + improves clarity, and fit best with every style.  

Which else platform you can use to shop Quay’s sunglasses?

Since we wanted to try another option, so we thought of checking its social media pages. We were stunned to see its Instagram and Facebook pages. Though the official site has everything you need, these social media pages are super active and provide you with the options to shop. So, if you like something on Instagram and plan to buy cheap sunglasses you can easily do that with a single click.

What deal & offers that we discovered on the site?

Although all the product prices are super reliable, they still offer discounts and other promotional sales. And, if you wish to get discounts on your purchases, you can easily grab the Quay Australia discount code. While Quay Australia Reviews, we found the following deals and discounts:
Free shipping on first order
Buy one and get one free
Sunglasses Sale! Up to 53% Off 
Get Gifts under $25
Redeem Blue light glasses! For $80

How efficient their customer service is?

We found that their customer service support team is super friendly. And it available from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 3 pm. Besides, if you have any queries, you can email that at their official site, and they’ll get back to you with 48 hours. Moreover, if your delivery is taking time or missed out, they will automatically compensate for the order and add additional goods and benefits to satisfy its customers. 
customer review

What features we liked about Quay?

Here are the following pros that we found during Quay Australia’s Review: 
Massive collection of sunglasses, frames, and accessories
Good quality frames and high resistances lenses 
virtual try-on 
Shop by the frame shape 
Shop by face shape 
Free shipping on orders over $60

 What specifications did we dislike?

Here are the following cons that we found during the Quay Review:
Oversized frames are hard to find 
If an order is shipped to a military base, then standard shipping has an estimated four-week delivery period.

How To Spot fake Quay Sunglasses? 


We’ve also listed a few best points to advise you on how you can stay safe from getting a hand on the fake frames. Check out the points given below and keep these in mind wherever you head to buy new shades:

1. `Quay` should be printed on the top of the left lens and not on the lens's right or bottom.
2. Look out for the box to figure out what casing your sunglasses should be arriving in. 
3. Check if the lenses are scratch-resistant. 
4. The durability of frames ( i.e., bend frames test)
5. Pay close attention to all its detailing. 
6. Double-check its pricing or compare prices with the site.

Hopefully, if you practice checking all these key points, we assure you that you’ll genuinely grab the best one for yourself. 

The bottom line
Quay's wide comprehensive collection is filled with a load of surprises in terms of fashionable and stylish sunglasses, frames, and accessories. It's all on your choice which ones you pick. Believe us, it’s a trustworthy brand, and we guarantee you won’t regret making purchases from this brand. So, if you’ve never shopped sunglasses from this brand, then hurry to grab your sunny shades now.

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