Kathmandu Review - Safe To Buy Outdoor Gears Or Another Scam?

Are you planning for an adventurous camping or hiking trip and want to make it safer by perfect outdoor and travel gear? You are at the right place. Read below our complete and unbiased Kathmandu Review to decide whether to consider this brand or not.

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Kathmandu Review - Safe To Buy Outdoor Gears Or Another Scam?

Are you confused about choosing the perfect outdoor gear collection for your next camping trip? Have some doubts about the Kathmandu brand to choose from or not?

Then you are at the right place; we have gathered all the information about the Kathmandu brand review to help you choose the best store for your shopping and making your camping trip more enjoyable. We have collected all this information from our personal experiences, word of mouth, online reviews, ratings, and customer individual reviews.

About Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a famous brand of outdoor and travel gear with over 30 years of experience. As the largest Australian retailer company, they become Certified B Corporation with the sustainable creation of products. They are experts in designing the best outdoor and travel adventure in a small pack to decrease your burden and increasing fun and happiness. They have a huge product line that includes; clothing, footwear, jackets, tents, boots, packs and bags, ski & snow, camp & hike, accessories, and much more.

We will be listing down few outstanding categories and their products, which we find amazing during our Kathmandu review.

Incredible Collection Of `KATHMANDU`

When we searched about the best outdoor gears, we found many brands, then we compared them and decided to right Kathmandu review as they have the best travel adventures for everyone at affordable prices. We have listed few fantastic and most selling categories and made this Kathmandu review Australia for your perfect guidance.

kathmandu product line


Tents are the basic need for any camping and hiking trip, which helps you protect yourself from different weather conditions and give you a complete environment for a peaceful sleep to perform better in your adventuring trip. Kathmandu tent review is trending on the internet these days because of the classy design and lots of features include; lightweight, unique designs, excellent features. They have various tents for camping and hiking trips; we have listed a few best based on tent reviews.


Hiking Tents

Mono 1 Person Tent v2
Mono 1 Person Tent v2

Price: $249.98

Description: During the research, we found many positive Kathmandu Mono tent review, and we experience the fantastic feature of this tent that is designed for solo travelers for perfect safety by its flawless features.

Lansan ultralight tent
Lansan Ultralight Tent

Price: $599.98

Description: While researching for Lansan ultralight tent review, we find an ideal camp for two-person with huge safety by waterproof, lightweight, and highly specified features. It is designed for your fast hiking, cycle touring as it is easy to set up and carry.

Camping Tents Guide 

Retreat 40 2 person tent
Retreat 40 2 Person Tent

Price: $199.98

This tent provides peaceful rest to 2 people after your daily adventures with waterproof, easy to pitch, durable, easy to raise, and insect-proof screens. Kathmandu Retreat 40 review are mostly positive on the internet, and we experience this.

Retreat 80 3 person tent
Retreat 80 3 Person Tent

Price: $399.98

Our Kathmandu retreat 80 review are highly favorable because of the considerable space of an interior living room and head-room with its unique top-arching poles. Besides if you want this at a discounted price, you can redeem the Kathmandu promo code at the time of purchases

Retreat 280 5 person tent
Retreat 280 5 Person Tent

Price: $999.98

This tent has all your home features for your family, with two fully enclosed rooms and huge living space. Retreat 280 review are trending these days. These were a few Kathmandu tent review to help you choose your ideal one suitable for your trip.


Jackets are much needed while traveling, camping or hiking. Everyone loves to wear comfortable and stylish jackets to look modern on their vacations. We have done a Kathmandu jacket review from many types of research and ended up selecting some great jacket reviews mentioned below:

Andulo mns rain jacket
Andulo MNS Rain Jacket

Price: $100

Description: We are highly positive about the Kathmandu andulo jacket review as it`s windproof, waterproof with a high collar to save you from bad weather.

Benmore Men
Benmore Men`s 5 in 1 Jacket

Price: $649.98

Description: We are satisfied by doing the Kathmandu Benmore 5 in 1 jacket review; it has all the features you need on any trip with its five multiple ways of wearing.

Trailhead Women
Trailhead Women`s Rain Jacket

Price: $120

Description: This jacket has improved breathability, lightweight, easily packable. Our trailhead rain jacket review gives you an indeed relaxed hiking experience.

Winterburn Women
Winterburn Women`s 600 Fill Longline Down Coat

Price: $599.98

Description: This jacket has extra length and extra warmth to provide you comfort on winter days. We are much satisfied with our Kathmandu Winterburn jacket review because of its flawless features.

Heli thermore Kid
Heli Thermore Kid`s Jacket

Price: $159.98

Description: Our heli jacket review is also useful, as it has all the features to protect your children from cold waves without any heavy material to carry. Also, glam up your look with their beautiful Bealey jacket collection.

When we were doing the Kathmandu rain jacket review, we also found some great ratings of incredible products, which are listed below:

Kathmandu Products

Also, you can see Puffer jacket and monorvia jacket reviews, as they are out of stock but have amazing features to fall in love with.


A perfect pair of shoes makes your journey comfortable and long-lasting and helps you perform much better. We have gone through Kathmandu`s review of boots and other branded boots and shoe collection and made a Kathmandu boot review for sharing with everyone. Our team has spent a couple of years making sure about all the thoughts we are writing. So here are few shoes which we have experienced.

Kathmandu Shoe review
Kathmandu Shoe Review

Kathmandu has different shoes for your comfort. Starting from $169.98

Rating: 4.2

Kathmandu Hiking Boots Review
Kathmandu Hiking Boots Review

Their hiking shoes are the perfect combo of style and comfort, which help you perform better.

Starting from $249.98

Rating: 4.6

Kathmandu waterproof boots Review
Kathmandu Waterproof Boots Review

Their waterproof collection is what everyone desires. Starting from $279.98

Rating: 4.5

Kathmandu Tiber NGX Boot Review
Kathmandu Tiber NGX Boot Review

These are more technical boots with excellent grip and stability.

Starting from $339.98

Rating: 4.7

We found that Kathmandu thermal fabric is a must in many products, which gives more positive vibes.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are the alternative to tents when you are traveling solo. We have gone through mang Kathmandu sleeping bag review to check out whether they worth it or not. We have experienced some best bags which they have in their collection are listed below:

Comet Water repellent down sleeping bag
Comet Water Repellent Down Sleeping Bag

Price: $299.98

Description: If you are looking for the perfect and safe sleeping bag for your journey, we recommend you this outstanding bag with a water repellent feature. As our team has experienced this to write the honest Kathmandu comet sleeping bag review.

Pathfinder Water Repellent Drifill Down Sleeping Bag
Pathfinder Water Repellent Drifill Down Sleeping Bag

Price: $499.98

Description: We were surprised after the Kathmandu pathfinder sleeping bag review by its inspiring features include; water resistance, super warm, and breathable suitable for cool climates.


 We have an honest Kathmandu pant review through which we have collected some great pants for your trips, mentioned below.

Flight Pant
Flight Pant

Price: $139.98

Description: After doing the Kathmandu flight pant review, we must say these pants have more durability and stretch to make you feel comfortable in your journey.

Hiking Pants
Hiking Pants

Price: $179.98

Description: When we were doing Kathmandu review, we find some fantastic hiking pants review with excellent two-way wearing option. Wear it like shorts or full-length pants depends on you and the situation.

If we talk about the overall clothing line, Kathmandu clothing review by customers are given below:

kathmandu reviews

What services do they offer?

When we searched for Kathmandu reviews, we found terrific services they are offering to facilitate their customers. Some of the fantastic services are listed below:

Return Policy 1. Return Policy

We must say they have the best policies after done with the Kathmandu return policy review. As we have seen many customer reviews who are satisfied with their return policy, which includes;

  • They offer two options to return the order, whether you return to the store or post it back online.
  • If your item reached being damaged or have a fault, return it easily
  • They also offer international returns so that every customer can avail of these services.
  • They also offer Gift card returns.
  • More straightforward return policies, especially for Christmas.

You can place returning application if you have received the wrong parcel or missed something.

Click & Collect 2. Click & Collect

While doing the Kathmandu review, we found this fantastic feature that allows you to take your orders home on the same day by just clicking and collecting.

Size, Fit, and warmth Guide3. Size, Fit, &  Warmth Guide

Kathmandu sizing reviews are just excellent. They have given all the updated size and gear guides to deliver the perfect fit clothing to you. Their sizing guides include; updated fit clothing & footwear size chart for men, women, kids, and waterproof and warmth guides to pick the suitable one for your activity. Must check out more Kathmandu sizing reviews to satisfy yourself and choosing the right and fit thing for you.

E-Gift Cards 4. E-Gift Cards

They have various unique E-gift cards for their customers to let them have more fun in less. It is the best part of our Kathmandu review as they have exciting deals on gift cards for their customers.

Kathmandu Customer Reviews On Services

 Kathmandu Customer Reviews On Services

Pros & Cons 

Pros & Cons Kathmandu

Final Verdict

We hope that our honest Kathmandu review will help you choose the best options for your camping and hiking trips to make them more comfortable and enjoyable. After reading the full review, you will conclude by yourself what to buy from Kathmandu and what to not. We have tried to clear everything in our study so that you can make better decisions. Your trust in us matters a lot. That`s why we always come up with unbiased reviews. Do visit Kathmandu.com.au Reviews to satisfy yourself with the brand and its products.

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