Cotswold Outdoor Reviews - Best Place To Buy Outdoor Gears Or Not?

We had a great experience with Cotswold. We would also recommend you visit the store and let your outdoor be more than just an adventure. To know about the brand, dig into our detailed review.

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Cotswold Outdoor Reviews - Best Place To Buy Outdoor Gears Or Not?

We all have heard about the outstanding Cotswold`s outdoor gears. They offer a range of essentials for your adventure trip. Wherever you want to go, you can find every supporting accessory here.

But, the weird part of them is that they are just perfect for everything. How can a brand offer items with that high perfection level? Or are they a scam? Which average person can`t figure out?

Don`t hurry!

We are here to provide you the accurate details about Cotswold`s offerings with our Cotswold Outdoor Australia review.

So without further suspense, let`s move ahead into the reading of Cotswold`s outdoor review.

We reviewed that Cotswold Outdoor has a strong commitment to providing customers with the top-quality gear, accessories, tents, and equipment needed to lead an active life.

The brand also owns snow and rock, runners need, cycle surgery, and has vast expertise in providing the top branded products at the most affordable price points.

Cotswold`s Commitments To Your Outdoor Adventure

As per our Cotswold Outdoor reviews, by the end of 2022, the brand aims to fulfill the following obligations.

Prioritizing Sustainable Fashion

We reviewed that the brand will establish a repair & care service to make the products you already own last longer. They aim to recycle at least 80% of their products to close the loop of sustainable products.

Reducing Carbon Footprints

The brand provides a sustainability rating for our Cotswold Outdoor reviews. It runs its business on 100% renewable energy and aims to reduce its customer`s carbon footprint when enjoying the outdoors.

Reducing Plastic Waste

The brand values to repurpose or recycle all aftersale stock, so zero stock goes to landfill by reducing their waste generation by 25%. Plus, they will eliminate single-use plastics in their business where better alternatives are feasible.

Keeping Things Wild

To help every employee dedicate one working day a year to an environmental project, we reviewed, they offer a greener pension fund to their employees. They have already planted 10,000 trees in partnership with the national trust.

Their Milestone

Being a more sustainable business doesn`t happen overnight, and the journey looks different for everyone. Though progress may be slow and victories small, we`re proud to say that Cotswold`s every step is towards a more sustainable business.

Best Outdoor Gears Available At Cotswold Outdoor

While doing our Cotswold Outdoor Australia review, we determined that the brand sources products from major manufacturers who seek to create functional and innovative products to meet outdoor needs.

Our research found that the brand`s core sustainable product range comprises males, females, and kids. They offer jackets, legwear, t-shirts & shirts, and clothing accessories. Plus, tents, sleeping accessories, camp kitchen, and furniture. Footwear is not neglected here in your ultimate traveling checklist. In the same way, you can find equipment which includes backpacks, luggage, hydration, lighting cycling, wayfarer camping meals, and necessary electronics.


The point is, are these products really worth your investment? Yes!

How? Here we have discussed a few of its offerings as per our experience with them. Have a look!


Making Camping Experiences Better!

We discovered the perfect tent for our next outdoor adventure. You can also find the ideal tent; whether you need a family tent for car camping to a lightweight tent for longer adventures, there is a range of robust, durable, and waterproof tents. 

Here is what we reviewed: 

Vango Beta 450xl Tent


    Price: $220.00

  • Capacity: 4 person
  • Pitching structure: Tunnel
  • Pitching time: 15 minutes

The beta 450xl tent from Vango is a 3-pole tunnel tent that offers generous sleeping space combined with a large, functional porch area for storing your camping essentials.

Blue Mountain Tent Accessory Set


    Price: $16.00

  • Rubber mallet: Wooden handle
  • Pegs: 6 x 9inch ripples
  • Rope: 20m high-visibility

It combines a rubber mallet with a wooden handle to knock in pegs and windbreakers, along with six ripple pegs if you need any spare, a 20m high-visibility guy rope, and a peg extractor to make it easier when packing away.

Blue Mountain Shock Cord Repair Kit For Tent Poles


    Price: $10.00

  • Shock cord: 45 inches
  • Material: Wire to thread 
  • Washers: 6 washers

If the shock cord in your tent poles fails, it doesn`t necessarily mean a new tent. Do some DIY and fix it yourself with this shock cord repair kit from blue mountain.

You can also get the guide of lightweight tent designs from Cotswold Outdoor experts. 


With A Bit Of A Special Soul, You Need Special Apparel!

Hillwalking doesn`t have to be an uphill struggle when we have Cotswold Outdoor. With our Cotswold Outdoor reviews of the best kit for hillwalking from the best brands, your most challenging days will feel like a walk in the park. Here`s what we discovered from Cotswold Outdoor. 

Hanwag Tatra Ll Lady Gtx


    Price: $370.00

  • Materials: Nubuck
  • Sole: Vibram aw integral
  • Quality: Extra soft, low cuff

Their Hanwag Tatra boots are incredibly comfortable trekking boots with enhanced details and a lightweight; plus point is that they have stable designs.

Osprey Hikelite 26 Rucksack


    Price: $130.00

  • Capacity: 26l
  • Fabric: 100d nylon mini diamond shadow
  • Frame: Lightweight peripheral

The Hikelite 26 rucksack from osprey is a lightweight, well-ventilated hiking backpack that is ideal for day trips. If you get caught in the rain, we assure you won`t suffer from this pick. 

Rab Phantom Contact Grip Glove


    Price: $15.00

  • Print: Grippy Silicon palm print
  • Conductive print: On smartphones
  • Weight: 60g

The phantom contact grip glove from Rab is lightweight. You can use it in wind-resistant Polartec fabric with a sticky grip palm for all-around use in variable conditions.


Don`t Be Afraid To Fail. Be Afraid Not To Try.

Have you already conquered the gym and all the hot climbing spots in your area? Ready to take your next climbing to the extreme? Luckily you can find the shop at Cotswold Outdoor by climbing type. There has never been a better opportunity to get into rock climbing, more specifically with Cotswold Outdoor.

Alpine Climbing With Grivel G10 New Classic Crampon


    Price: $180.00

  • Weight: 822g
  • Material: Chromoly steel
  • Crampon rating: C:1

The new classic binding system is simple, reliable, quick, and comfortable, making it ideal for first-time users. We think this will be best for you if you are new to climbing.

Climbing Harnesses With Edelrid Kids Finn III Climbing Harness


    Price: $75.00

  • Safety: Strong gear loops
  • Leg loops: Adjustable
  • Padding: Moveable

This climbing harness from Edelrid is a fully-adjustable children`s harness for the climbing stars of the future. It is produced sustainably and in a resource-conserving manner for our safety.

Bouldering Scarpa Velocity V Climbing Shoe


    Price: $140.00

  • Upper fabric: Microfibre
  • Sole: 4mm vision
  • Strap: Velcro and vegan friendly

This velocity v from Scarpa is an indoor climbing shoe built for performance, using a full microfibre upper to comfort and make these vegans. The shoe features a revised strap to ensure you can strap them up quickly.

Camp Rock Star Helmet


    Price: $70.00

  • Type: Adjustable
  • Construction: Solid
  • Size: One size fits all

The product features classic head protection through a high-density polythene shell. The admired thing is its inside is lined with soft velvet to make head protection a comfortable experience.

Trail Running And Cycling

Gives you the legs of steel!

Our Cotswold Outdoor review discovered an extensive selection of men`s and women`s trail running shoes and clothing. Whether you`re an experienced runner or your first time, you can have the right running equipment for you from high-quality brands. A few of them are:

Jack Wolfskin Men`s Crosstrail Graphic T-Shirt


    Price: $47.00

  • Fabric: Single jersey
  • Weight: Light
  • Active: Moisture management

We discovered that you can take either a trail or steeper graphics in your stride in jack wolfskins made of a soft, light, fast-wicking fabric and feel relaxed from you.

Casio Pro Trek Smart Watch Wsd-F21hr


    Price: $500.00

  • Compatibility: Android and ios 10
  • Dimensions: 61.7 x 57.7 x 16.8 mm
  • Weight: 81g

Casio has combined smartwatch functionalities with heart rate measurement, maps, and GPS capabilities. It perfect for runners, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Other Equipment For Late Summer Sun

Kit Yourself Out For Warmer Weather!

With Cotswold summer essentials, from swimwear to shorts, tees, and summer sandals, everything you need, we have reviewed that you can find everything. A few of their collection are listed here.

Shark 11`0 All Round Isup Paddleboard Package


    Price: $860.00

  • Length: 11`
  • Width: 34”
  • Thickness: 6'

The All Round range is the best place to start your sup journey. Designed with a great balance of stability, straight-line tracking, and maneuverability, these boards make the perfect first-time paddleboard.

Ayacucho Women`s Malibu Dress


    Price: $24.00

  • Fabric: 70% tencel, 30% cotton
  • Drying: Quick
  • Resistant: UV

The women`s malibu dress from Ayacucho is a stylish and sassy summer dress for warm weather adventures. It boasts a quick-drying fabric soft to the touch and offers UV protection to keep your skin safe on long days in the outdoors.

Lifesystems Sport Sun Cream Spf50+ - 50ml


    Price: $11.00

  • Protection: 8 hour
  • Resistance: Highly water & sweat
  • Weight: 70g

If you want to protect exposed skin from the harmful rays of direct sunlight with this Lifesystems sun protection range. The active sun creams contain an anti-jellyfish formula so that you can stay safe in the sea.

If you are not sure how to save on these products, our shopping dos to save on cash will help you out.

Why Do We Recommend Shopping At Cotswold Outdoor?

Following are some of the reasons!

Video Appointments

We`re excited to tell you that you can book a free and convenient video appointment with one of their experts to talk to them.

They will ensure you about your adventures and personalized kit recommendations tailored to however you get out there.

Delivery And Collections

We were pleased after reading several positive Cotswold Outdoor reviews.

Cotswold provides fast and affordable delivery in the UK and internationally comprehensive so that customers can easily save their money on products. 

Payment Methods

They accept visas, MasterCard, Amex, maestro, delta, and PayPal.

It would be safe to say that you can enjoy the payments here and save a lot from transaction charges.

Return & Refunds

In case if you have encountered any damaged item, you can return it.

They allow you 30 days return policy for your ease. Plus, if you are an Explore More Member, you have 100 days.


Click & Collect

Fortunate us! With the gap of 3 hours we reviewed, we can collect our order from Cotswold in-store.

But remember, to click on the item if and only if it available in-store.

The Website

Many people would like to know the answer to ' Is Cotswold Outdoor legit or not? ' well, our reviews cover it positively.

You can easily find legit and genuine products on the site. All the categories are well-defined at Cotswold Outdoor.

Gift Cards

You can purchase their gift cards and e-vouchers and enjoy budgeting for travel.

Besides, you can get their coupons from online budgeting sites such as

Corporate Discounts

We reviewed that they offer competitive bulk order prices for corporate services, charities, groups, clubs, expedition groups, public sector, emergency services, and educational groups.

So, if you are one of them, lucky you!

Promotional Codes

Do you know few exclusions such as gift cards and vouchers, postage, rock bottom items, can be applied to your order?

When placing an order at Cotswold, fortunately, you can use our Cotswold Outdoor discount code to save money on your favorite product.

Has Cotswold Outdoor Accomplished To Serve People`s Expeditions In The Outdoors?

Well, after studying this brand and testing its products & services, we were completely satisfied, and we believe that many will agree with us on this, that Cotswold Outdoor did management to live up to the expectations of people.

Its cheap rates and quality products have proven to be their strengths. They even aim at making sure that they do not compromise on their product`s quality.

Cotswold Outdoor reviews from customers!


Furthermore, based on customer ratings and brand popularity, our overall rating and score shall be 4.7 out of 5 stars for Cotswold Outdoor.


Our Final Words

After exploring and analyzing all of this brand`s features, we can strongly articulate valuable facets to give our customers honest Cotswold Outdoor reviews.

We can also say that this outdoor store has mostly positive reviews. Cotswold Outdoor seems to be a properly managed and safe resource that is well-proved with such a considerable number of encouraging thoughts.

However, the product range is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. We hope this Cotswold Outdoor Australia review will help you to pick the right products for outdoor comfort.

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