Effective Tips for Traveling Cheaply: Australia to United States of America in 2020

Travelling is a therapy every single one of us deserves without paying a hefty amount of money! Let Revounts be your therapist and guide by gifting effective tips to travel cheaply from Australia to the USA this 2020.

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Published On: May 2, 2023

Effective Tips for Traveling Cheaply:  Australia to United States of America in 2020

It`s more likely to find oneself scrolling through the social feed, daydreaming about traveling to faraway lands and looking at the inspiring photography and life-changing adventure. But, when you wake up from this dream and check on your bank balance….dammit. As we all know travel requires a lot of money and budgeting for travel can be a pretty daunting thing to many of the peoples, therefore the reason why many of us back down the plan of traveling. 

Thus, if you are planning to travel yet still hesitating then worry no more. Luckily, we have gathered all the possible tips that you can practice if you want to travel cheaply from Australia to the United States of America. 

Thus, if you have made traveling as one of your priorities, we`ll walk you through the best tips and strategies for saving money on your trip. Perhaps with a bit of creativity, practice, and patience. You can easily travel free to many places only if you plan to follow these easy tips. As it`s very well quoted by Chief Seattle “Take only memories, leave only footprints”. 

So, try to make lots of memories and leave your footprints behind.

List of effective tips for traveling cheaply:

Here are some of the best traveling tips that you can consider if you`re planning to travel to the United States of America from Australia:

  1. Plan a budget
  2. Cheap Flights 
  3. Avoid fare mistakes and keep an eye on the rates
  4. Get you city Tourist card
  5. Rent a sharing home of apartment
  6. Walk confidently
  7. Save money on clothes and other accessories  
  8. Food 
  9. Earn while you travel 

Although, there are many other tips that you can practice if you`re planning to travel on a budget. Perhaps, we have gathered some of the most effective tips for traveling cheaply that you can read from the information gathered below. 

Plan a budget:

Plan a budget

Before you head to the United States of America from Australia, list down all the important key points on a paper or on your smartphone. Plan out everything, all your expenses whether, it`s your flight tickets, accommodation, food, shopping or much more. Thus, if you`re planning to travel a tight budget then explore all the possibilities and look for ways that you can practice and utilize for saving money. 

Perhaps, when you plan to travel on a budget, it might not be possible that things might work out the way you have planned. As, bad things can happen from time to time, therefore you should be mentally prepared for such situations. Therefore, in case if such a situation arises at the time of traveling try not to freak out and embrace the change and try to adjust your plans accordingly. 

Cheap flights:

Cheap flights

Plan to visit the United States of America in off-seasons as the flight fares are quite low at this time. As people plan to go back to their homes after vacations are over. Whereas, in holiday seasons the flight fares are quite high as everyone plans to travel to the USA for holidays. Therefore, if you want to save money you can explore different Airlines and look at their flight rates.

Start off with Google flights because it helps you to show how much you could save on a flight ticket. If you plan to the itinerary by a few days. But, not every airline is listed here, so you will have to look around to find the best deals. 

Perhaps, if you only consider Qatar and Etihad airlines then you can make use of the Qatar Airways Discount code or Etihad coupons code for some extra discounts. These codes can also help you trim the extra money on flight tickets.

Avoid fare mistakes and keep an eye on the rates:

Avoid fare mistakes and keep an eye on the rates

Try to avoid all sorts of mistakes and stay active and act fast to book tickets that are available at low prices, because they are more likely to disappear. As everyone is always in the hunt of booking the tickets that are available at pocket-friendly prices. 

But, before you book to make sure that it is 100% available so do not want last-minute fare mistakes arising leading you to pay extra than what you have imagined.


Get your city tourist card: 

Get your city tourist card

If you`re planning to see a lot of sights in the city, try to get a tourist card for yourself. As these discount cards are very reliable and offer you fantastic discounts and/or free access to the major attractions and museums along with free transportation. As many people don`t avail of this, but it`s an amazing way to save many on attractions. 

If you want to get your hands on these cards all you have to do is head to the local tourism office to find out what cards are available and how can you redeem them. For sure, they will guide you with all the possible information for making it, which will help you to save as much money as possible. So, whenever heading anywhere can make that you make use of this card to save your hard-earned cash.

Rent a sharing home or apartment:

Rent a sharing home or apartment

If you want to save you hard earn cash and looking for ways how to save money on a hotel then, instead of paying for the room on rent in a hotel. It is better that you look for sharing homes or apartments for staying. It has been noticed that around 30% to 40% of people tend to save more money by staying in sharing apartments. 

Furthermore, in these sharing accommodation, you can also negotiate the price and tell them the length of your stay, your arrival, and departure dates. As people usually travel all day long and night is the only time when you need to have rest. Moreover, if you want to get that house kind of feel on vacations then these sharing apartments` are probably the best choice. Another most important thing is that when you start off with your search make sure that its nears to the city side and have a nearby bus or metro station, so that is convenient for while traveling.

Walk everywhere: 

Walk everywhere

Another, most effective way to save money while traveling cheaply is walking everywhere. Instead of taking cabs it better that you travel on local buses and the metro. You can buy cheap sunglasses online so that your walking don't be interfered by scorching sunlight. Greyhound is the largest nationals` bus transportation that serves around 3,700 destinations across North America, while the Amtrak offers a good value coast to coasts rail trips if you tend to book in advance. 

Moreover, you can even download apps that help you browse over 90,000 bus and train routes in the United States. Perhaps, you can even walk to a certain destination in order to explore the architectural buildings and much more. And, also you can prepare the list of all the places that you want to visit whether it is New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C, Grand Teton National Park, San Diego, Miami or any other place. Thus, look for all the things that you can do that required no money.




Skincare products, trendy fashionable clothes, apparel, jewelry, prominent women handbags, electronics, gadgets, running shoes and other luxuries item might quite be a bit expensive in the United States of America. So, instead of buying costly things from stores or shopping online, it`s better that you purchase all the necessary items by smart ways to get discounts in Australia. Make sure that you have kept all the necessary items whether, these are socks, boots, jackets, scarfs, traveling pants or much more. 

As there are many online shopping stores in Australia that offer items at a very pocket-friendly price that you can buy. Therefore, it`s more reliable, if you redeem all the necessary items from Australia that you think, that you might need in the United States of America. Thus, if you still want to buy the thing from the USA than look for stores where you can avail Coupon for extra savings. Furthermore, do not forget to carry your medical treatment kit for yourself, just to stay on the safe side, while in case of injury or sickness.




Perhaps, if you`re booking an apartment or sharing room make sure that it has a kitchen attached to it so that you can prepare food more often at your accommodation. But, still, if you want to enjoy the cuisine of the USA and want to try out different dishes along with saving than you can look for a food app that can help you redeem food`s Discount Coupon Code

As these are very convenient and come quite handy when you want to grab some good deals on your favorite food dishes from restaurants. Try to seek out happy hours when ordering food. Moreover, if you want to try out any restaurant, go there for breakfast or lunch and skip dinner. This is also an effective way to try the restaurant while planning to have a budget-friendly meal options for yourself. Because food is quite expensive in most of the areas of the USA.


Earn while you travel: 

Earn while you travel

Usually, we opt for Do's to save on cash and accumulating discounts. Perhaps, if you`re finding ways to earn money while traveling then there are countless opportunities that you can avail to earn money. All you need is a good working laptop and a stable internet connection. Thanks to the ever-increasing internet penetration, freelancers are earning a good amount of money in less time around the world as they travel. 

Moreover, if you consider yourself as a professional, you can even earn money without taking a long term job and going for teaching skiing on winter seasons or by teaching a language in another country. As these opportunities of earning money just requires your little time and effort. 


Despite the fact that food, activities, and drinks are much cheaper in Australia. But, in the end, it all depends on you how you tend to spend on your traveling. Moreover, there are many other ways that you can follow and make your trip more cost-effective. Hopefully, if you follow the above-mentioned guide you will eventually have a pocket-friendly trip to the United States of America. 

It doesn`t matter whether you`re planning to 15 days or 1 month or two. All you have to do is act smart with your money while traveling. As by using out of the box strategy and nontraditional ways to travel can lead you to big savings. Hence, make your life an exciting adventure for yourself and travel more effectively.

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